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Hey guys. Just finished my first project. Had limited tools but turned out much cheaper than buying a bed.

Waiting on the new mattress to be delivered to fit the space.

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Very cool OP. What was the total? I night do something like this sometime.

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All in all the timber cost around £100-120.

Wasn't able to fit a king size bed due to the width of the room. so made a frame to fit 2 single mattress. Gained around 2 foot in width.

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Don't like the shelves and on the first pic the wood looks kinda cheap (oak?) but on the second one, its looks cool af.
But overall it looks really sweet.

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Good looking, what type of varnish did you use? I'd go for honey color varnish if you want a 2nd coat.

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Cheers guys.

Used cheap soft wood with a walnut stain.

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cheap soft wood

Should of used hardwood for mattress frame but well done lad

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Hardwood would only add a visual benefit, and I doubt op had the budget to justify that alone.

If your referring to the mattress support, my own bed has a lattice grid of 2x5 pine and is bulletproof.

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What I presume is a Brit, with what looks like MAGA hats. I like it!

Props on the bed as well.

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