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So I'm moving into my sisters old room. And I have a computer with 3 monitors. The table is too small for them and I need to get a new one. The monitors are all 24". I need to get them all on the table with some speakers plus a 20cm wide computer case need to fit on it. I had a plan to make it 200x70cm but the probem is that there isn't enough space for it. I can only fit a 160x70cm table in there. Now I would like to see if any of you can come up with a good design to also hide some cables. Pic of what I want to roughly achieve

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/diy/ stands for do it yourself, not hey I really like penis and I am un-willing to put effort into my life's problems!

Design your own fucking table dude.

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This, desu.
It's a fucking table/desk. Figure out what you want to do. Do you weld? Woodwork? Just start drawing it out and building it in your head until you know what you're doing

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Back story on this BS? My first thought is his and her, but it looks too aesthetic. Maybe a couple of 'lesbian' MTFs?

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That pic in the OP doesn't look too hard. A solid chunk of wood on top of two filing cabinets, and some extra legs drilled in for support.

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I want to throw up looking at all those lights to be honest.
>gamer chair

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>extra legs drilled in for support
You can't see in the pic whether there's a support leg behind the white chair or not but the impression is that there isn't.
I believe OP was asking how to make pic related specifically without support legs.

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Could use a bracket or two underneath the table to secure it to the wall.

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