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How do I attach a wooden dowel to the end of a plank? The plank weighs 2.5 kg and needs to be thrown. I tried pic related but the dowel cracks. I don't have a drillbit wide enough to make a hole for the dowel. Please help

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>needs to be thrown.


oh and by the way, your first attempt was awesome.

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It's a reenactment anti tank grenade

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what's the diameter of the dowel?

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3 cm, pine

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Just buy the right sized forstner bit?

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You can drill smaller hole and shape the dowel tip with knife. Maybe upto 50%, too small and the end snaps. And use wood glue.

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Square the end of the dowel, say an inch from the end. Cut a channel into the board to that same depth. Install dowel, drill hole through board with installed dowel, install screw

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Ok /diy/udes I came up with this. (With screws in place of nails ofc)

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>how to split wood.jpg

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>Ok /diy/udes I came up with this. (With screws in place of nails ofc)


instead of buying a lot of crap, can you add a smaller board on either side to reinforce the joint? something narrow enough to strap to the dowel with cord or whatever, that is wider up on the board so you can screw or nail to the board? butting it like your two pics is just not the best approach.

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Bad idea/10

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make the "plank" bit out of expanded poly foam.

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>drill out the appropriate diameter hole in the plank
>put dowel in
>drill small cross-hole
>remove dowel
>apply glue
>re-insert dowel
>insert smaller dowel into cross-hole

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Lap joint with grove into the plank. Insert the dowel. Glue. Drill pilot holes, install screws.

>I don't have a drillbit wide enough
Make one.

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Hole saw?

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He'd be better with a forstner bit

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its essential a wooden hammer, just drill a damn hole and glue it in

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Not heavy enough to be realistic

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Drill a hole in the plank, put some glue in the hole, insert dowel into hole, let set.

If you look at how similar joints are made (eg, a mallet or shaker-style chair) you'll see that that this method works great.

Or, drill a hole in the end of the dowel, and one in the plank, and insert/glue a smaller metal dowel in between them.

The first option is better but requires a larger drill bit. A cheap spade bit from the hardware store would work fine.

Either of these methods will look much better and be much stronger than a pile of janky screws or brackets.

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drill a hole into the block to fit the handle
depth of hole should be 1-1/2 to 2 times the diameter of the handle
check for proper fit
use thin kerf saw to split the end of the handle to 90% of the depth of the hole
insert wedge 'just barely into split'
insert handle -wedge first- into hole
drive handle fully into hole
the bottom of the hole will drive wedge into split
use glue with the wedge for extra secure hold

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>that pic

thanks I was wondering how I could make my own drill bits

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If you replaced the screwed on straps with pipe clamps it would probably work assuming the screws in the bracket going into the plank are sturdy enough. Buying a 3cm drill bit so you can just glue it in would be best though.

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Bingo. Close the thread.

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