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hello you fucking normies I have some light skin problems and cant shave

unfortunally I was born in a body with a ridiculous amount of hair

do you guys know any way to take out the body hair without hurting my fucking sensitive skin? I was thinking about burning it slowly like using a lighter but it can be an horrendous idea

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Snipping scissors and patience.

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Grow a thicker skin. Who are you trying to look less hairy for?

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for you baby

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not OP but does anyone know a good way for DIY home laser hair removal? I only want to to my ass for hygiene reasons (cysts)

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yeh I'm the same. I got me a Wahl Balder which has fine enough blades to cut close to the skin, but not too close. They also got a 0.5mm comb that comes with it which gives you that stubbly look. I haven't had an ingrown hair since I switched from shaving to using it ~9 or 10 years ago.

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Nair my dude. Works great on pubes too. Just don't leave it on too long, trust me on that one. Once the hair starts wiping off, it's time to wash it off, wait a bit and reapply.

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How should one care for their skin afterwards? I've used Nair but the next few days are a hell of itching.

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ITT: tranny thread

I shave my butthole with a razor because I'm not gay.

Inb4 too fat to shave butthole

who cares.

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>posts ITT

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Just trim your a$$ hair, rest can be ignored

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Needs to go get get ass/crack and sack wax

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