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I’ve never built anything before or used a tool and I don’t know any of the names. Where do I start?

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Fischer Price playset for 3 year olds.

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Think what you can do, what tools you have access to, how much money, you can spend? What materials can you use.
Do you know a welder/carpetener?
Search for ideas online and try make it on your own.
Personally i think that's pretty easy and can be done.

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Get a saw and a drill wood and a bar, then youre good

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What's a drill wood?

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Drill, wood

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can i get stuff threaded at like home depot?

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Idk, go ask and see yourself. Im sure you find stuff online or shop, its just concrete, paint and pipes

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why not ask your moms bf Tyrone .

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youre the biggest fucking loser on this board. Neck yourself

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>youre the biggest fucking loser on this board.

pls, anon, Beptard has worked hard to earn that label.

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