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Hey /DIY/, looking for advice on what to do to best preserve this piece of furniture my dad gave to me. He has had it since the 70's. It has some sort of glue with glitter on it from my sister.... looking to stain it or something but not sure what my best approach is here since I have no experience with this sort of thing. >>pic heavily related

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Close up of the glitter.

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U could sand it and stain it. I mean what r ur intended results.

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jizz on it

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>some sort of glue
What solvents have you tried?
>no experience
See if it disassembles (most things I've got that are from the 70s screw together). If it does, that'll make the rest of this easier. You should do that first.
Start with a piece of board and a medium-fine variety pack of sandpaper. Put a piece of the coarsest paper in the pack, grit side down, on a flat surface to be refinished.. Place the board on the sandpaper. This is a sanding block. Use it to remove the finish until it's all raw wood, then move on to the curved edges. For these, just use sandpaper without the block. After all the finish is gone, move through the grits of paper from coarse to fine on every surface to remove the scratches left by the coarser grits. Once all the scratches are gone (may require a fine-extrafine sandpaper multipack), wipe with a damp cloth to remove all dust then stain and clearcoat (avoid bubbles, apply thin coats not thick, let dry thoroughly between coats).

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why do you have 4 gamecubes?

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Why wouldn't he have four gamecubes?

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sand 200-400 grit
apply polyurtethane or do nothing. shit is indestructible solid wood unless you're a complete degenerate

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good looking piece there anon...on glue/glitter...start with light solvents like alcohol, naptha to see if it loosens mess, keep solvent local to mess to keep from affecting other finish areas.. if no result work up to heavier solvents like lacquer thinner which will cut the glue. other anon has it right, light sand and coat 2 x's with polyurethane, let dry for days and your done..

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Once you have sanded it all down and wiped off the dust, apply stain/finish to the underside of the table where no-one will see your fuckups. If/when you fuck up, sand it back down to the bare wood and try again. Practice makes better.

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I have nearly the exact same table, only longer. My mother in law had it when my wife was a child. The top is showing nearly the exact same patina as yours, it's eerie.

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