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Hey guys. I've built a deck and pic related is exactly how the railing looks. I haven't put the top 2x4 horizontal piece on yet but I want to maybe put a 1x6 deck board on it or maybe a 2x4 but how do I prevent it from warping? I've done several of these with friends and it seems they always seem to wrap to all hell once they dry out. Would a deck board warp less than a 2x4? Warp more? What about a 2x6? All of the ones I've helped on looked great when first installed then a month later are twisted all to hell.

Thanks for any advice

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Post a picture of one of the "several" that you have done that warped "all to hell". You clearly are doing something wrong.

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I'm not there right now. Basically once the wet 2x4 dried, it twisted. Maybe it was hyperbole but I don't want the tops to warp. Twisted like as if you were to twist your arm sideways.

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Like a quarter or an eighth of a corkscrew

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Also I just screwed them in the the ventricle 2x4. Hence why I'm asking. What can I do to avoid the 2x? From corkscrewing?

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Pic related on the far right

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Use pvc railings, it's been the norm in my area (new england) alongside composite decking for years. East coast wet pt sucks.

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I toenail screw the handrail into the posts on both ends. You can hide these underneath beside the baluster rail.

You could add black angle iron to the handrail/baluster rail joint.

If you have these capabilities, just accept that it's wood. Keep it sealed and taken care of. If it goes to shit with semi-annual maintenance, come up with a new plan or replace.

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> once the wet 2x4 dried
Are you using pressure treated wood for the rail?

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Yes. It's a temporary deck to get me through the next 5 years. It's in a walkout basement house so the deck is basically a second story deck and it was not built properly at all and is a death trap. Just making this in the meantime until I can afford to make it how I really want to make it down the road.

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Don't let it dry out and turn to shit? Needs oil based sealer. Wood gets beat the fuck up with all the UV and wet dry cycles

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Use pressure treated elsewhere but use kiln dried straight grain lumber for the top of the rail.
You'll have to seal it in some manner from the weather.
Thompson's Waterseal, stain followed by a polyurethane topcoat, paint, whatever you want to use.
I have fir handrails that have been exposed for five years with no problems.
They are needing a fresh coat of paint but none have warped.

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this anon Gets it , They need prope upkeep , not fit forget .

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