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My friend had built me one of the shitty china girl bikes which broke in a few months of riding, being unreliable and all, so I decided to build one from the frame up. Tried to go for a cafe racer style, but I realized I was in over my head and prioritized functionality and reliability. Any suggestions?

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>Uhh ohh I made a reliable vehicle

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Suggestions for what? That your bike in the pic? I'll buy it and you can build another.

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How much

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Don't waste your time on an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) bike. Go electric!

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Get a real moped and not this cobbled together meme mobile.

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Bout tree fiddy. F'real though, What you lookin to get out of it?

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Idk, I put alot of time and money into it, fixing all the fuck ups, if were talking about just breaking even its probably around 1k at this point.

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And considering Im by no expert mechanic, even though I used the best parts I could find, it still has problems. Those being that the kickstand is unreliable, the pedals dont actually propel the bike. Everything works as intended, but you just need to take the time out of your day to keep it maintained. Basically thats what youre gonna be dealing with, and I dont wanna make any bullshit up about the bike. If you still wanna buy it after all that, then be my guest.

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dude, 1k is not expanisve at all.

make a 2.0 version and sell that shit.
better yet, make a 2.0 electro version and sell lots of that shit.

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Where you located, anon?

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Build a better housing for the chain and fear assembly. Don’t want to get your pants stuck in that thing

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Cupertino, California

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Alright im gonna sell this one for 1.4k and im going to reinvest it into the 2.0 model where its gonna have a 212cc instead of a 79cc, perhaps a gear shifter, hydraulic brakes and better suspension.

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Im probably gonna be selling it for around 1.3 to 2k I just want to calculate every penny that ive put into the bike so far and make sure im gonna be able to afford building another one with a new motor

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That's not a kickstand anon, it's a centerstand.

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>Im probably gonna be selling it for around 1.3 to 2k

Notice how the greed kicked in...
Doubled the price after he dissed the bike with all it's problems.

Gotta love that capitalism!

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>the best parts you could find
My dude that is a 60$ fork on the front. I know it's a 60$ fork because I have one that looks nearly the same on my fatbike with just minor differences. I'm pretty sure those handlebars are from the same place. A 40$ aukmont chinese saddle off amazon. Plastic 6$ pedals and a cheapy 12$-20$ center stand... And the frame is a 200$ imperial cycles frame.
That's not "the best you could find" that's "budget options without going full unreliable chink bike or converting an old hardtail off craigslist."

It's probably in the range of 1k correctly because of the fancy wheels and mechanical parts and work OP put into it, but you can buy a better bike for that if you just "want a bike."

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Nice try pal, just 40 dollars off https://www.bicycledesigner.com/bike-parts/bicycle-forks/42-chopper-fork-1-1-8-threadless.html
Pedals wide crank set, which i dont really think affect performance or reliability all too much

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Kek, im broke and just want the shekels, but we both know that there wont be any actual transaction especially in 4chan of all places, most likely just gonna shit it out to craigslist and pray nobody dies on the bike

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Where would I start in building an electric bike?

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So what fucking motor is it? No one has talked about the most important part?

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eBay for a kit, instructables for a custom idea. There's a guy who built a "DeWalt bike" and used drill batteries that turned out sick as hell. Probably a good reference.

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Im currenty building one. Check out the Bafang BBSHD. Lots of info on Bafang mid drive builds. Aliexpress and em3ed sell kits. Also Luna in USA. I would stay away from chinese battery packs and buy the battery from a reputable seller if you dont want to build it yourself.

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Why chink electric motors are good, but fucking batteries always suck ass?

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Dammit. I'm in Indiana and have no intentions of going to Cali in the near future. Good luck anon, i hope it sells well for you. When you figure out what you've got invested in it, post a parts list and I'll build one.

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I must see this. Thanks for the pointer, anon. I've been pondering on gutting a drill and mounting the motor+chuck on a bike frame.

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Oh is that the extra long version? The normal length one is cheaper. https://www.ebay.com/itm/26x4-Triple-Tree-FAT-TIRE-Disc-Tab-BICYCLE-Bike-Fork-1-1-8-Threadless-Chrome/252300055816

Plastic pedals are fine, like I said it's not unreliable chink bike tier, but it's more that you didn't cheap out too much rather than the best you could find. Unless you didn't look very hard.

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not sure you can call them good, after a quick google some shop reported like 20% fail rate on the motor (controller)

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Steal a couple of those shitty rental scooters for the batteries. That'll cover half the cost.

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Motors themselves are pretty good, despite being hand wound. I never had issues with them.
But ECUs are mixed bag. Some keep breaking, while others (which use PCB from XCMMCU for example) are fucking bullet-proof. I accidentally 42V on 5V, shit survived.

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I tried my best to look for quality parts, If you could link me to where I can find top of the line shit, for my 2nd bike it would be much

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Thinly veiled bragging thread.
I do think its in the top 10% of these things in the looks category. Good job OP.

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How do you even go about building something like the OP?

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>this would need to be registered in Australia

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There's entire forums dedicated to moped builds that have more information. But to start with, "high quality" for a moped outside of dedicated moped components is mostly shit for downhill mountain bikes, which you can obtain from either a local bike shop or ebay, sometimes amazon or dedicated bike part websites. But manufacturers are still pretty crap on average and most will force you to buy through the supply chain rather than direct. There's some that do go for direct sales but they're in the minority - Vee rubber (tires) is one of them.

Downhill MTBs are somewhat of a specialty and they absolutely suck for climbing mountains (hence the name) so you may be able to find a used one for much less than retail which you can strip the parts off. It's still fucking expensive but you can resell the parts you don't need.

I do agree with >>1648065
it looks nice. I just know roughly what I'm looking at because I go for the opposite end - I am cheap as shit. Part of the nice look is because it's built off a cruiser style frame. There's nothing wrong with using a cruiser frame, it's just got no suspension and will suck to pedal unpowered.

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There are engine kits online that you just strap onto your pre existing bike, unfortunately these kits are unreliable garbage and require alot of fabrication and modification to become reliable.

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I built the bike without an actual pedal chain because I didnt think pedaling would be necessary, but you are correct, theoretically it would be near impossible to bike a single speed with all that weight

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If it's under 90lbs it's not impossible, it will just suck and that will be more due to the geometry and fit than anything.
Also you usually need it to be pedal driven not just "has pedals" to get it classed as a moped. It doesn't have to be single speed. I don't know if the rear wheel you used is the kind that incorporates a special rear hub with a left-side coaster as well as the normal right side sprockets. Those let you can operate both under power and without having to either run the engine's chain backwards or incorporate that into the jackshaft.
But I'm not a moped guy, I just come across this shit in my search for cheap parts for my fatbike.

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>pre existing bike
how can i strap it to my bike before it existed?

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My apologies, anon. I am referring to a bicycle already in your possession, that you will be converting into a moped.

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Not sure about you, but in Cali, these things dont have to be registered and dont exactly have to adhere to regulations as most cops dont even know their own laws. I talked to a few of them and they are completely oblivious to the speed limit and engine displacement limits, most of them will just tell you to "drive safe and you'll be alright." As far as the rear wheel goes, there is a sprocket on the left side as well as a shimano gear freewheel where the pedal chain should theoretically go. the chain goes from the transmission directly to the left side sprocket.

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