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A renter left this when they bailed on the house this month and I doubt there's anything of value in there, but is there a way to open it and keep the locking mechanisms intact? It's in relatively good condition as is and a lockbox is a lockbox

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If it's an El cheapo Chinese safe, that key is essentially universal. But be warned, even my Chinese garbage safe has a self destruct controller, too many wrong entries and last password is forgotten.

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Look for wear on four of the digits of the keypad. Use those to guess the combo.
My math may be wrong, but that may give 16 guesses needed.

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I've had that exact safe before, on the back are four? or two holes, stick a long rod through one and shine a light through the other, there's a red button you need to hit, it's a password reset.

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look up make/model and find the manual, see what the default is, in addition to >>1645333

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Give the box back Jamal.

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If >>1645345 doesn't work, I'd be willing to bet the bypass lock is pretty weak. You could just buy a cheapie lockpick set and try raking the lock.

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Use a strong magnet to push down the solenoid?
It should be right under the turn wheel

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German video. At 2:20 he opens a similar safe using only his hands.
Good luck, OP.

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100 burgers says its human shit or stolen.

...possibly both

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give it back, jamal

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>a lockbox is a lockbox
Except that one is a terrible lockbox. You could probably rake that wafer lock open in a few seconds.

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Serial number? I've got the locksmith software to hook you up

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try 1234

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Give it back, Jamal

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I've got the same combination on my luggage!

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>but is there a way to open it and keep the locking mechanisms intact?
Cut it open on the backside

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>he doesn't know about relockers

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You're right, what's a relocker? How does it generally work?

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Give it back Tyrone

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Bang in the top with your fist, while turning the handle in the open direction.
It will take a few tries but it will open.

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Im curious, whats your plan when it turns out your tennant was in the hospital or had some legitimate reason to be gone and didnt actually bail, and you are cutting open his safes and shit

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Even if you have a key that'll just slide in, you can probably just jiggle it while keeping tension on the tumblers (turn to one side as you rock the key up and down) and itll pop open if it's a shit lock

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Don't those safes usually have a jack on them to plug a override/unlocker into?
They look like pic related.

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