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A renter left this when they bailed on the house this month and I doubt there's anything of value in there, but is there a way to open it and keep the locking mechanisms intact? It's in relatively good condition as is and a lockbox is a lockbox

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If it's an El cheapo Chinese safe, that key is essentially universal. But be warned, even my Chinese garbage safe has a self destruct controller, too many wrong entries and last password is forgotten.

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Look for wear on four of the digits of the keypad. Use those to guess the combo.
My math may be wrong, but that may give 16 guesses needed.

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I've had that exact safe before, on the back are four? or two holes, stick a long rod through one and shine a light through the other, there's a red button you need to hit, it's a password reset.

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look up make/model and find the manual, see what the default is, in addition to >>1645333

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Give the box back Jamal.

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If >>1645345 doesn't work, I'd be willing to bet the bypass lock is pretty weak. You could just buy a cheapie lockpick set and try raking the lock.

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Use a strong magnet to push down the solenoid?
It should be right under the turn wheel

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German video. At 2:20 he opens a similar safe using only his hands.
Good luck, OP.

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100 burgers says its human shit or stolen.

...possibly both

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give it back, jamal

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>a lockbox is a lockbox
Except that one is a terrible lockbox. You could probably rake that wafer lock open in a few seconds.

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Serial number? I've got the locksmith software to hook you up

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try 1234

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Give it back, Jamal

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I've got the same combination on my luggage!

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>but is there a way to open it and keep the locking mechanisms intact?
Cut it open on the backside

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>he doesn't know about relockers

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You're right, what's a relocker? How does it generally work?

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Give it back Tyrone

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