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Heya, found this old 4 stroke engine that has me confused on this small tank with sponges just above the fueltank, theres 2 "oil fill" plugs below so its doesnt seem to be the oil for it which i first thought since the sponges leak oil when pushed. Anyone know what it is?

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That's the air filter. Oil in the sponge aids in removing dirt from the air.

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Ah, the more you know. Thank you

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some air filters use oil. (yes, AIR filter)

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a reusable k&n filter also needs a light spray of oil to work

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Well with that solved, have fun with your engine OP.

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Thanks, this has got to be the nicest board i've ever visited. See ya

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for you op!

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Well, since a thread already died for this one, I figured I'd ask here.
Are there any cheap ways to "mod" an old Briggs flathead? Not talking about performance cams and billeted flywheels, I want to nigger rig my shit up.
I know about porting/polishing and flattening the "eyebrows" near the valve seats, but do those actually make a considerable difference in power?
Here's my '86 3 horse, minus the shroud. Guvna is gonna come off too.

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Any eliminations of venturi in the intake is a performance enhancement.

Wanna chimp out your toy? YouTube. Lots of ideas.

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Supercharge it with brake clean and an air compressor.

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