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I have like 7 fucking mowers and i cannot keep one running to save my fucking life. I decided to find a zero turn and sell the piece of shit gas motor and use an electric motor with a custom 18650 battery pack. Im not using junk ass used laptop cells and trading one piece of shit with another. But at 4 or 5 bucks a cell it's going to cost around 3k for me to Frankenstein it together. For $4,000 i can just buy the Ryobi with a 75ah battery and upgrade to the 100ah after it's paid for.

What the fuck do i do?

I dont really have 3k-4k just laying around so it will be closer to 5 or 6 k after i get cucked with all of the interest.

Should i just go with deep cycle lead batts and call it good for now? Im ~260lb amerifat and lead is heavy. Would it be a problem?

Do i just tough it out and buy a used electric motor and build a pack from used 18650?

How big of an electric motor would i even need to match, say, a 20hp briggs anand stratton?

Wtf do i do. Because this piece of shit is getting drug out to pasture for parts. Im 38 and not one time in my life have i ever just started my mower and mowed. I put a tire on list time i mowed and the week before that i bough mt the first working mower battery i have ever had. I've had enough of this shit. It's always 2 fucking hours of jerking off the fucking mower just for it to quit an hour later.

For whatever reason i cannot keep a gasser running to save my fucking life but i can build a remote control car. Like a real car. Like mythbusters did. Yet i can't tune my own fucking carburetor.


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>Im 38 and not one time in my life have i ever just started my mower and mowed.

You are one incredibly incompetent moron.

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Honestly? If you can't keep a lawnmower running, you should sell your lawn to some less fortunate people with no lawn.

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Goodbye newfriend!

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Im making the entire fucking thing a giant garden eventually. I wanted to spray it but they wont let me.

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>wanted to spray it but they wont let me
HOA? You poor bastard.
Just go with the lead acid batteries. Get a decent electric motor and the weight won't matter. Install a voltmeter to make sure you don't murder your batteries by discharging them too far. How many acres you gotta cut?

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Roughly 5.

I meant my wife and her family would get pissy i am sure.


Ill be homeless before i ever live or invest in anywhere with an HOA.

4 cucks dictate everythibg you can do on your own jome that you paid for while also charging rediculous fees.


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>wife and her family would get pissy
Fuck that noise. If your wife isn't on the same page as you and wants to keep the yard, make her mow the shit. Also fuck spray, just lay out some black plastic for a couple weeks and then take the plastic up and till the dead lawn into the earth for added nutrients. At least you're not HOAcucked. HOA=aids+cancer+prions.

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Just put a lawn mower deck on a golf cart if you want an electric mower

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Lol, i could but i chose battles. She's suffered for 8 years while i was crippled up and we living in this absolute shithole that should have been bulldozed before we move in. I got the 2 acre pasture to fuckoff to. Building a MASSIVE outdoor bar and deck. My buddy has a cement truck and there is a rock mine half a mile down the dirt road. Going to try and talk them into bringing 20 ton boukders and shit. It's going to be wild.

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Buy a european scythe
Or learn how to clean a carb and evacuate and replace your bad gas. Then learn how to properly ration the gas to keep it fresh.

Batteries are also a pain in the ass and much more expensive to maintain. It sounds like a good idea until you have gained experience in batteries.

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Wow man. I hadn't thought of this for some reason. Fucking genious. Thank you

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I've done my homework. Ill foot the bill for gels.

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gel lead plates still crack and go bad and must be maintained to proper state of charge. You`re looking at replacing batteries every 2 years for cost.

Honestly if you cant ration the gas or clean a carb correctly...Much less the pain in the ass to make your own tesla powered lawn mower. Sounds easier as far as man power and brain power to keep a gas power in order. If this is obviously beyond you creating and maintaining an electric lawn mower is probably above that in your capability level. I would accept this limitation.

With this said I would say electric chainsaw over gas. Since I barely use one and how often I have to pull one out and the light duty I need it for. Who actually has time to go get marine grade gas to keep shit like this in proper order? etc. Sounds like a bigger pain in the ass vs. electric.

BUT gas mower over electric any day. ESPECIALLY on 5 acres where you need the power and range of gas without running an extension cord or fucking with shit battery tech.

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Just flush the tank and clean the carb. out. then ration to 1/2 a gallon jug and fill the tank to 1/8 capacity and constantly run out of gas to ensure you're out of gas when you're finished mowing. Then burn the rest of the 1/2 gallon to ensure you live in a state of fresh gas.

Although constantly fetching gas is an added PITA try this on for size to see if it works for you before unleashing that frustration onto a battery bank that will also piss you off and cost out the ass. Thats my take on this.

I got my mower slightly used for $40 retailing like $300. Needed the gas changed and carb cleaned.

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Seriously? $4K for a mower and then "upgrade" it? I bought a $100 redneck special 20 year old Murray, used it a couple of times, Invested another $130 in parts, did some repairs, now it starts like a champ, drives like a champ, cuts like a champ. Learn to wrench. Lawnmower carbs aren't that hard to figure out, keep 'em clean, don't let 'em sit with obama shit gas in them, they will be fine. Install a shutoff in the gas line so they don't constantly evap gas when sitting and let more feed in, eventually building up a coating of pure nigger shit (thanks again, obama). Other than that keep debris off the governer arm and spring, keep the oil changed, and it should run for a long time. unless its that damn aluminum jug engine with no steel liner, that is gonna wear out and be a smoking turd.

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I like gas rationing better than a shut off. This eliminates the possibility the lawnmower is non functioning because of bad gas..90% of the time this is you're problem and there's no mistaking bad gas for dirty carb if you`ve eliminated the potential for this by rationing.

inline gas shut off does not eliminate this potential of gas in your tank being bad. Turn on the shut off with bad gas in the tank and you at least have to drain the bowl. If not diagnose dirty carb vs bad gas.

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>OP keeps pulling mowers out of junkyards and expects them to work like brand new

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just use a fuel stabilizer you fucking boomers, it's not 1964 anymore. Regular gas + stabilizer for 4-stroke mower engines, ethanol-free gas for 2-stroke string trimmers and shit. I fucking hate boomers.

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>ration the gas
>then ration to 1/2 a gallon jug
>sit with obama shit gas in them
>I like gas rationing better than a shut off.

I buy 92 octane REAL gasoline and never have a problem.
I do have a shutoff in the line because the carb float valve failed one time and filled the crankcase with gasoline.
I buy non-ethanol gasoline five gallons at a time and use it for chainsaw, trimmer, and mower.
Non of these give me any problems.

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I bought a Kubota for my parents way back in 1989. It still runs and normally starts on the first pull. Getting some blowby which is likely piston rings or valves being shot, but no shits given. Can't get a new motor or parts so it will run till it dies.
Only non-routine maintenance was having to clean the carb and replace gaskets.

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Glad I don't have to worry about that shit in my country. Just use the same shit you put in your car

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Nah, fuel stabilizer you have find, pay for and add when you can just figure out how much gas you really need and use the rest for setting fire to shit.

Unless you`re storing 50 gallons of fuel for a gas spike fuel stabilizer is a meme. Knew a guy who stored fuel stabilized fuel in an old cars tank to tap into when a spike occurred. He thought someone stole his gas but it probably just evaporated. Also can possibly contaminate with water depending on how you`re storing your gas surplus.

as far as non ethanol gas goes the only sources for it in my area are at the marina and an hour south and you`re paying extra as "marine grade" Seems like more of a PITA then just rationing the stuff easily available to keep it fresh and storing your equipment dry.

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>Nah, fuel stabilizer you have find, pay for and add
>carried in every hardware store right next to the gas cans and mowers
>costs $4 for a container that will last you like 5 years
>all you do is pour a very small amount of it into the gas can and swish it around, you don't even need to add it to the mower itself

>instead of engaging in this very extremely minor amount of effort, less than I was already expending by running my mower dry, I'm just going to burn fossil fuels for no reason and waste my own time and money

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Kek. Tha ks for the advice. I'm bull headed though and draying up plans for a climate controlled workshop anyway. I'll keep it parked in there so weather isn't an issue. I'll run trojan T105s or gels and start saving to build a pack from 18650s. Just wish i could find a tab welder that isnt chineesium

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Its funny you should say that also. Harbor Freight has an electric chainsaw on sale for $70

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Im starting to think the gas station got bad fuel. Both of my pickups cut out the other day when i ragged on them. It's pretty uncommon for either one to do this. I know the owner. Ill ask him if anyone else has reeed at him about it. Pisses me off ive already bought like 30 gallons of gas and had the carb apart twice. I had a mechanic do it. The mutherfucker is nikel and diming me to death and I'm over it. If i blow 5k building a golf cart mower idgaf. I still have parts and no payments.

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Well its a john deer. I figured if it wasnt lined it would have shit out already anyway.

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I guess ill give it one more shot and do this. Ive got a 2 gallon gas can and can see how full it is in the sun. I'll just run 1 gallon at a time through it.

I swear to fuck though if i cant get it runing by monday I'm flipping it over and lighting it on fire. That or 20 pounds of tannerite. Fuck this

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Every redneck i know besides myself is fully capable of piecing on together to at least half ass work

>> No.1637430

Its got stabil in it tho

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Best i can do is 87 witwithout fucking corn juice here. I guess i could figure out how much octane boost would make it 92?

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I do tho

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My buddy that runs a mud run said to just jave his motor guy build it and run racing fuel. Lol, god only knows what that would cost

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Ive done a lot of work in the oil field. I feel like ive earned the right to firbomb my own stuff from time to time or mop acar trailer deck with bs.

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I thought about electric. I have free natural gas so electric is the easiest way to leverage that fuel.
Batteries are always the issue. Down the road I plan on making some DIY plante plate battery cells from reclaimed bullet lead. I feel that what you buy in the stores, lithium or lead are made far to cheaply. Biggest issue is chinese quality. Thin lead plates or poor lithium chemistry mixed with bad bms. Pick your poison. In the short run I plan on buying honda american made lawn equipment and switching over to propane. No fuel issues, no carb issues, the engines last a lot longer and the fuel averages 1.70 a gallon when bought in bulk.

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oh i can top HOA, an HOA your not a member of but votes and says your all members and charges you all kinds of fees. Its 100% illegal but the local court and prosecuting attorney is a joke and poor as hell. They get away with it because everyone is to poor to afford a lawyer. We are selling the property.

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>i have an issue with the quality of the lead used in commercial batteries
>i'm going to make my own batteries with bullet lead
you can't be serious

>> No.1637522

Anon you do realise all the oil sheik inhabited places are fillefilled with cars running on natural gas right?
My buddy had a small block chevy on natural gas when he had a gas well. I cent remember how to do it but its not hard

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Man i hadn't even considered propane.

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FUCK THAT SHIT. Dont bow down to those cucks.

Get on bigger pockets dot com and ask for a real estate lawyer in your area that will work pro bono and sue the fuck out of all those mutherfuckers. It may go to state and get that fucking faggot disbarred as well as paying yall back and maybe extra.

That's straight up horse shit. I'd find that prosecuter and beat his fucking ass

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I think new bullet lead is pure aint it?

>> No.1637535

maybe when it's poured, but it sure the fuck isn't after it's been shot. You can get 99.9% pure casting lead off of mcmaster-carr and when you get it you know it's ASTM B29 certified pure.

>> No.1637538

Regular bullets usually aren't pure, they have a hardening agent added. The lead cores of FMJ bullets are pure though.

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>the only sources for it in my area are at the marina and an hour south
>Best i can do is 87 witwithout fucking corn juice here

I guess I should feel lucky for having regular and premium pure gasoline close by in several locations.
I didn't realize it wasn't easily available to everyone.
Go to link related, you may be surprised.

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Bullet lead is 6% antimony and 2% tin, if the antimony will still allow (but likely slow down) the plante process it would make for a very long and durable battery that is 100% recyclable as in i melt the plates down into a form and start over. The plante process was the first lead acid battery process and superior in nearly every way to pasted cells. We use pasted cells because its cheap and fast. Plante plates last longer, use less water (might use more with antimony though), can be charged at a c/5 rate and hold 100% capacity until the battery plates fall apart. Unlike a pasted cell that constantly loses capacity from shedding pasted material, the plante plate creates new active material. Downside is no indication of when it will fail. Even a pure lead standard plante of the same thickness is known to last 3-4 times as long as a standard lead acid. You could use pure lead, score it with a flea comb in sheets and roll it into a pvc pipe with a small cork. Mix fumed silica to the acid and you have a gel battery. You can get separators from mcmaster carr. After that you charge and discharge for capacity. Its very straight forward and easy for diy. Hawker D cells are good examples of small cylinder batteries that last. 1500 cycles (although pasted). Biggest downside is the time to form and it takes more lead. Typically 2-3 times as much. Making them very heavy.
Every lawyer we talked to says we have a slam dunk case but still wants 25k up front.
Right now the best hope of it being resolved is the state police, they submitted it to the attorney general to see if they committed any fraud or wrong doing. They even voted to roll it all into a private company run by one guy and his wife, voted without everyone present and said they own all the assets they seized or came along with it and rolled it into the new company/corporation.

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Thought about it but CNG is kind of dangerous and expensive to convert. High pressure containers, high pressure everything. Done wrong it means kaboom. 1500 psi+ is no joke.

>> No.1637553

Stabil is hard on seals. Nasty shit. Use Pri-G.

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It was Bush that put the corn in our gas.

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If it’s not a covenant of your deed to the land, then you are under no obligation to oblige. There is no way to put a lien on property for “fees owed” otherwise.

>> No.1637837

Amazon has it about $2.50 a pound shipped. I guess you want to find a reputable dealer.

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I love in "your got a purdy mouth" nowhere. I'm 30 miles from another town with a gas station

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Interesting. Please make a thread if you have success on eaither of these. Fuckers. This is why im glad im a fucking hillbilly. It is VERY well known around here that if you do some dumb shit like this not long after you'll get an ass beating. It's $1,000 and a night in county jail where everyone in the damned county is a freind or acquaintance.

Fuck, when i dispatched a buddy had to do 5 days for his second dui. Small enough i was also a jailer. He told me to break into his house and get some money and a few decks of cards and we all played poker through the bars for 12 hours. Lol, one of them snuck an 8ball in, in the frount part of his underwear and has a horse dick so nobody noticed. They sat there and did coke while we played poker and rocked oit a little boombox i brought. Was a good time. Kek

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Noooooope. Im out also.

>> No.1637844

Well fuck them both the . With a 90s model Buick. Those 2 faggots piss me off

>> No.1637926

are you a nigger or something?
I have used a cub push for 10 years and literally never had a problem even only changing the oil maybe a handful of times. Just run it dry before you store it a long time.

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Thats one big lawn anon

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>What the fuck do i do?

Just use this

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>I live in "your got a purdy mouth" nowhere.
Ha, "you shure du tak funy"

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Fair enough, thanks for the backstory, anon. I retract my previous dickishness. Sounds like you got a keeper, stuck by you for eight years of shit. Congrats.
>just scythe a 5-acre yard
That's terrible. But something like https://youtu.be/CJRJPX_p1cs might work.

>> No.1638079

oh, I know. No deed or covenant. They just did it anyways. Its a poor community, they know no one can fight it. The local court house all know about it but because its so poor and weak they won't do anything about illegal leans. So far its been settled out of court. Instead of 5000, they get 500 for a 200 dollar "debt." Eventually someone will be able to afford to sue them but we out. Closing is two weeks from now. Took a 30k loss on the sale to get out. It hurts.

>> No.1638081

Believe me, I've been tempted and for so much more...
Can't though, I take care of family even though it doesn't feel like it since i got layed off. Part of the reason they started doing it to us. As soon as they see signs of money problems they pounce.

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Anon posts on diy but cant even get a simple gas lawnmower to run

>> No.1638300

>5 acres

That's nothing. My grandmother used to scythe 10 acres of wheat back in 38.

Grow a pair

>> No.1638304

>OP so dumb his mower needs to be battery or windup. Too dumb to get a push blade mower. Needs 4chan to fix his life cause he can't YouTube the 10 billion lawnmower videos.

Not surprised but stopped reading there. Yet another quality thread.

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get a push mower

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Man, I don't even know what to tell you. I've used about 5 different mowers in my entire life and still haven't even approached amassing the same number of issues between all of them that you're talking about.

My current mower is like 5 years old, and was one of the cheapest ones on the shelf. I beat the living hell out of it, and it still runs fine, even when I use year old gas in it, because I at least take care of it at the end of every season (sometimes even every other). The biggest issue I ever ran into with a mower was having to remove the spark plug and spray starter fluid into the cylinder to get it to go if it sat for a while.

What are you even doing to them?
Are you changing oil?
Are you using the right gas?
Have you ever cleaned/replaced an air filter?
How are you even storing these things?
Are you buying these things all used?

It seems like if you were having this many issues this fast on new mowers, SOMETHING would have to be under warranty, and maybe you could get some answers as to what is going wrong and what to avoid.

What you're talking about sounds like you're going to over-complicate a situation that is already not fully under your grasp, and you're going to lose a lot of money in the process.

Also, I wanted to let you know that your mower looks like a reject Constructicon. That is all.

>> No.1639788


>financing a lawn mower

>> No.1639803

I've got a Snapper push mower that is about 30 years old I picked up at a yard sale for $40. It had sat for 7 years without being used. I put gas it in and it fired up on the third pull. The previous owner had drained the gas in it at the end of the season. 3 years of use later and it still starts easy and cuts well. Care for your tools and they will last.

>> No.1639921

>4 deep cycle batteries

Too bad that alone is like $500-$600 now. I'd rather just use a push-power reel mower.

>> No.1639922

Mine cost $12k.

>> No.1639972

The window washer fluid that is good to -20° below zero is used as octane booster (it says right on the container "caution, flammable").
It's like 1/30th the price of "real" octane booster.
You can search random car forums to verify I'm not a troll.

>> No.1640035

My dad once bought a used riding mower for cheap that was returned to the store as non-functional. They had it out on the floor as a display unit. Got it home and started tearing the mower deck apart to pull out all the shit that was jammed in there from the previous owner. They basically bought a yard mower and used it to clear an overgrown field, so it was clogged with mud, branches, and the neon tape from property markers wrapped around components. Once it was cleared out, shit ran just fine, and still does. That was like 25 years ago.

This story and your story are what blows me away about OP. How he's having such severe issues does not register.

>> No.1641657

Look into Halbach Array motors. They're high-torque brushless DC motors.

>> No.1641800

>cannot keep a Briggs and Stratton 4 hp motor alive

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>I have like 7 fucking mowers

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>electric mower
>closer to 5 or 6k
Just get a fucking used grasshopper for 1.2k, Jesus.

>> No.1644806

Seemed like a good idea at the time. I need goats

>> No.1644817

Uh... how about don't pay. Do you just pay every retard that comes up to you saying you owe them money?

>> No.1644841


>> No.1644987

They use the court. Leans etc. Most pay just to avoid the hassle or legal costs.
An update on that, a neighbor got tired of it, cashed his 401k and challenged it in court and had it struck down. Is now sueing.

>> No.1645098

Not OP but where does one learn about small engine repair and cleaning carbs/changing spark plugs? Youtube can be a crap shoot.

>> No.1645104


it has methyl hydrate in it (wood alcohol). confirmed not trolling but i picture someone literally dumping wisher washer in their gas tank and kinda giggle

>> No.1645111

get the repair manual for whatever small engine you are working on

>> No.1645311

Join his suit. Get your other neighbors to do the same. Y'all chip in and get a class action lawyer. Fukkemup.

>> No.1645327

bitch small engines are some of the simplest shit to work on. man the fuck up and fix your shit

>> No.1645487

>20 hp electric motor
>15 kw
This is dumb, expensive, and will get you killed. If you use li-ions, your gonna need a bms, a fancy charger, and you still should only mow with a spotter and a fire extinguisher. If you use lead acid, your mower is going to be prohibitively heavy. Not to mention the motor, controller, gearbox, and other necessary components. Electronic drivetrains are non-trivial past about 3 kw, and if you don't know what you are doing, I suggest trying to learn how to use a gas mower. Start with some good ole RTFM.

>> No.1645521

small BS engines are super easy to keep running, but maybe just pony up some money and buy something with a diesel. Gas won't go bad in that.

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>mower thread
My lawn mower spread forty ton of gravel today.

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File: 2.45 MB, 2560x1440, 20190713_132535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grows a lot slower than grass

>> No.1646814

came here to post this

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your problem (aside from being a moron) is most likely the new gas we have been forced to use. I'm not wasting my time on telling you all the reasons why, but if you are going to store a small gasoline engine for longer than a couple weeks during the winter or cooler months you MUST drain all the gas from it, or find ethanol free gasoline. google it.

>> No.1647493

Draining the gas is actually what causes the fuel to leave that gook that clogs everything.

Beyond that, there has to be something OP is doing. 1 motor can be fucked. 7 motors is absolutely, 100% operator error.

>> No.1647638

I just put some Sta-bil mix into it then run the mower dry until it shuts off. Once I started doing that, I never had another fuel related issue from overwintering. I also take the battery inside for the winter so it doesn't develop problems in winter (it can get -40 here in winter), jack it up to take weight off the tires, and give the deck a good scrubbing then lightly grease it under neath.

>> No.1647699

Running dry is fine. Usually people just drain the tank and put it away. Then the gas dries out in the bowl, clogs up the injector/needle valve and you get a pain the ass come spring.

I've never had any issue just leaving gas in the tank. Always fires up in the spring. If I were leaving it in storage for years, that would be a different story.

>> No.1648100

Define "spray". It could be a damn good thing someone is keeping your inclinations in check.

>> No.1648622

leaving the fuel in over the winter results in water in the fuel. drain it.

>> No.1648623

enjoy water in your fuel.

>> No.1648634

No, it doesn't.

>> No.1648649

you won't get enough over a single season to be an issue. if you're really that worried about it water will settle on the bottom so just pop the fuel line off for a few seconds.

i have at least 20 small engines around and i NEVER do shit to prepare them for the off season. every single one of them fires right up whenever i need it. usually if someone is having issues it's because they used shit fuel in the first place or allowed dirt into the tank being a careless fuck

diesel is also an option if you don't wanna fuck with gas. sure it does have a shelf life too but you'd be surprised how long that shit can sit and still fire up just fine. i started a 1950s tractor that had been sitting for at least 30 years and it fired right up on the same fuel it was parked with.

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