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easiest/cheapest way to install lock on bedroom door?

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with a simple and cheap lock.

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It's free to stop fapping

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Deadbolt if you have to lock something up. Requires a drill and the lock which is like 10 bucks at Wal-Mart.

If it is for keeping your mom out during penis inspection day, but a interior lock which screws into the door and frame for like 5.

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Fork hack.

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padlock + small length of chain attached to frame of door

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New doornobs are what? 4 Screws and some instructions written for housewive? Just go spend 12$ at a hardware store.

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Most bedroom doors have knobs with "privacy" locks on them that can be opened fromt he outside with a "key" that is really a small screwdriver. Is this what you seek? What do you have now? non-locking doorknob? no knob? no door? Do you want a keyed lock? Replace bedroom doorknob with exterior locking knob. At this point your lock is far stronger than your bedroom door, which is probably hollow. If you want good security from druggie housemates, replace door with steel-sheathed exterior door. Replace the frame with the one that came with the door. It should have steel reinforcement too. This is a lot of work from a first time DIYer. Put quality deadbolt on door, and suddenly you are the least desireable person to steal from, as long as the window isn't too easy to bash in.

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>If you want good security from druggie housemates
bingo. I almost got stabbed to death. guy had me cornered in my room.

3rd story so no worries about window.

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Get a bigger knife than he had. Bonus: if you kill him in self defense you get all his belongings because I doubt anyone will come clean out his shit after he dies.

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Something like this.

Should be cheap because locks like this are quite shit really.

Should be easy because really, all you need to do is screw the parts onto the door/frame. Might want to pre drill for the screws if you want to be really clever.

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if you lock your bedroom door, your mother will know what you're doing in there.

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>Most bedroom doors have knobs with "privacy" locks on them
well sorry guys that it took so long but i have been busy fact checking this for everyone here at /diy/ and unfortunately it is with deep regret i have to tell you that this is not, in fact, true.

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This is what I have lol

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A locking door knob with key costs 5 dollars, and it's two screws. Fuck off nigger.

I just put one on my shed door, took 10 minutes. If it doesn't fit right, hit it with a hammer till it does.


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Guys, op here. The whole reason I need the lock is because I've been watching tons of tranny porn and beating off with my ankles above my head so I can blow loads on my own face. Last time I was doing it while fingering my butt and my mom opened the door really quickly and the shitty hinge lock I had popped off.

Come on guys I need your help. I can't buy a locking door knob from wal-mart or where ever since I spend all my money on thigh high socks, plus my mom doesn't have any tools. FUCK.

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Just remove the door so no one can open it

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Especially if she's still inside when you lock it.

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Use rope.

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nigger/10 amazing
how nig can we nig this lock situation?

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For the outside, use a bigger one you can put a padlock in

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