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So I've just got a job managing a bar in Myanmar, but the whole place is a mess and I wondered if anyone could weigh in on a few things.

A. it's a rooftop bar on the seventh floor exposed to the wind from 3 sides and monsoon season is almost here. torrential rain and high winds. We have a sturdy metal awning but it doesn't extend far enough out from the building. we put a plastic cover on it- but the wind just picked it up line a sail and it's on the neighbors roof

B. all our electricals have Asian domestic grade INTERNAL fittings. live wires everywhere, light-bulbs that get full of water.

C. we get daily power outages that cause my ice to melt into a solid half ton block we can't even get out of the freezer. could I partition it in some was so that when it melts we can at least take it out in pieces to smash?

D. decoration ideas? we might go with old nets and ships lights/ buoy lights for the roof because they are all waterproof.
We might clad our uprights in bamboo, but I'm not sure what to weatherproof it with since the grain of split bamboo will be exposed. we've got great woven bamboo mats that we can use as table covers or even to hide the underside of the plastic cover for the roof. hardwoods here arent cheap but they are a fraction of the cost of elsewhere

Free beer for anyone who drops into Yangon when we're up and running

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>decides to move to asian third-world jungle shithole
>picks the ONE country where they won't sell their daughter's maidenhead for a bag of cheetos
what did he mean by this

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Jesus Christ what's wrong with you

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I recommend moving to a country that isn't a military dictatorship in a godforsaken jungle with little or no economic development.

If thats not an option, look around at how others (locals) do it, especially for the weather proofing. And heres some general pointers:
Buy better electrics asap, just buy at least Chinese dor Euro/US export but preferably top tier. A few bucks isnt worth losing your life over in a fire.
Get a diesel generator and hook it up to the essentials (I'd guess ice machine and a fridge, a tv if you have it.)
Forget about decoration. Formica tables and corrugated metal is all those people know and it's all you can afford on the little money you can make off of them.

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Use a giant spire coveres in gold leaf
Who cares
>ice partition
In other words, cube trays
Burmese teak (buy from China)

Daily reminder Burma belongs to the Burmese
Daily reminder there is no such thing as a "rohingya"
Daily reminder the Bengalis all need to go back
Daily reminder having a kalar as your neighbor is like sleeping next to a mad dog
969 gang throw em up, free my nigga Wirathu

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What's the outside structure made from?

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>daughter's maidenhead

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You're fucked up. You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

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Real talk, you wanna marry an authentic virgin tradwife, you move to Burma. Sure she'll bear you brown sons, and she'll have an IQ in the low 80s, and she'll feed you catfish for breakfast, but that cherry is the real deal my friend, accept no substitutes. You can always abandon her later but her family WILL come after you

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bro you run nice hotel bars in shithole countries, not shitty standalone ones owned by a general's shithead nephew. a leave while you still can and get a 5 star hotel bar consultancy in India or China

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Gut the metal awning. Replace it with laminated glass panels that are layered in such a way that water drains down, but there's enough space between them that there's airflow. Will also give a "modern" appearance, while allowing sunlight in.
>wind exposure
Keeping with the theme of laminated glass, I would put a railing up about halfway up the top. This will allow some airflow, but limit it to a comfortable amount.
Gonna want to call an electrician worth their salt to look through this one.
Could look into a secondary power supply, potentially a big ass battery pack
What's the general theme, and what's the local market interest? I referred to the whole "bus stop" kinda theme because that, mixed with metallic colors and minimalism, is what rich folks in the US think is in vogue, but I don't know diddly about fashions in Myanmar.

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Architectfag here.

A) Pot plants lots of them with big fuckoff leaves and really thick. Tall - like 6 foot at least. Canopy needs to be robust and able to ithstand high winds so heavy waterproof canvas and steel cable stays. Under tensile canopy build small huts for protction everywhere - cheap as. Artificial grass on ground to soften roofscape. See this link for reference. Look at facebook Hole in the Wall Bar Armagh

B) All electrical external cabling and fittings (lights/power outlets etc) need to outdoor grade/heavy duty/waterproof.

C) Get dieself generator for backup power coverage or solar panels with battery storage. Re ice chest. buy stainless stel mesh cut to suit size of freezer and and just plot them on top of each other like this. See image

D) Pick 2 colours. Have one area green for chillz and one area red for fun and action. TImber in green area, metal and stone in red area.

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Monsoon means winds of generally 80mph occasionally every year.
Potted fucking plants will be blown all over the place and any fabric based canopy is going to be instakill.

My honest non-shitpost, use whatever you can get ahold of that will stay in place and shield the inside from wind as much as possible.
all electrics should be disabled and instead, find a suitable singular point of distribution that is in the most ideal place for weather resistance, throw up a nema4 or equivalent box, power goes in, tons of individual water resistant SO cords come out.
Run a cord as best you can to each location you absolutely need power, plan for the cords to be attempted vandalized or struck so add in lots of expansion loops as you run them and keep them up high.
Lights, just use marine grade off a boat.
power outages can be mitigated by some kinda backup power source.
Actually if done rght, solar panels can make for great wind protection and also provide a functional look and actually give you an alternate power source. They just dont take to flying objects very well.

Go with a bunch of these >>1628439

where the steel awning ends, I would see if you can install vertical panels, maybe out of reinforced glass or something, but at an angle. it would still be mostly open and help prevent direct rain access.

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>YFW Chang doesn’t tip
I would consider purchasing a backup generator for power loss. No more melted ice. Eventually it will pay for itself with time saved?

What these guys said. Also I’d consider tie-down straps for the roof to anchors in the floor, in case of extreme winds.

Put rocks in the bottom of the pots for stability. Also you can tie them down.


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>C - What is an ice pick?
Just hire some local brown kid and hand him a pick or a hatchet and pay him $1 a day.

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If we use an ice pick we're going to end up damaging the freezer

I pay my boys double the minimum wage here and they keep the tips.

I also started paying weekly and in a week if I can get a second bartender we will start a five day week.

to do this I've been pulling 14 hour days and haven't had a day off this month

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are you a nigger ?

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