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Can you help me find meaning in this?
A grinder grinds, a screw driver drives screws, a computer computes, pliers apply force, and a welder welds, but why doesn't a hammer, hamm?

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That's because a hammer hammers.

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dont call me hamm and a hammer cant weld because its not a welder

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A hammer hums. Hamm, hammer, hum.

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The fault is not with the hammer, but with the English language, losing that word, hamm.
Take this question to /lit and let us know what happened to hamm over the ages.

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Looks like one of the mongoloids escaped from another board.

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From Old Norse: Stone, made of stone. Also, in Britain still occasionally, a turnscrew turns screws.

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A hammer hits?

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i call em slammers.

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It hammers dumbfuck
And stop posting my baby

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Why do you have a huge cleaver

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>the absolute state of those tools

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That's what tools look like after they have made you rich.

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For when faggots talk shit.

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I dunno. How come I can tune a piano, I can tune a guitar, but all of my efforts, I can't tuna fish?

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a computer doesn't compute.

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"Hammer" is Latin for "bash it, you cunt"

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>pliers apply force
You're okay with this one, but not with hammers?

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