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>rent shitty mud hut from faggot boomer landlord
>faggot boomer landlord receives my $60 power bill due to a billing error at the electric company
>texts me at night threatening legal action, despite receiving a very generous $500 security deposit the previous month
>let him know that I will get it fixed tomorrow
Tired of this rent cuckery and boomer faggots. Can't diy a final solution to the boomer problem, but I can diy my own house. Have any anons successfully built their own homes?

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Why yes, a lot of us here have built our own houses. Of course, just about all of us are boomers, and the houses that we built we're currently renting out to lazy, dumbass millennials. What do you need to know?

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What can I legally build/leave out to endanger as many boomers as possible? No handrails, obviously. I'm thinking really tall and narrow stairs, too. Maybe a shoddy ramp for their fatty-go-faster scooters.

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But it's not like I'll be renting to boomers, anyway. You poor old boys are checking into nursing homes these days.

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why is there so much art of anne frank with a confederate soldier?

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>either rent or build
why not just buy a house like a normal person

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Ann Kike disnt die of typhus as originally not reported by sholom. shes in Argentina with Hitler where the nazinregime invented a time machine. Uncle adolph and Ann travelled through time while he perfected his artistic abilities. Over 90 percent of all arr was actually done by uncle adolph at various points in history.

This is the final redpill.

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I bought a house. It was old. I got very lucky that it is in excellent shape. I would know what to look for now, but you do not.

I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm trying to save you a lot of heart ache. If you don't have the knowledge to frame a wall Do not try to build a house. You will hate it

That being said you shouldn't buy a house without some basic knowledge,

Realtors don't know houses, they know selling. Do not trust them.

No the osb memes are not true, but there is a good chance the flashing wasn't detailed right.

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/diy/ how reasonable is building your own home on a concrete slab and using a prefab metal structure kit?
my main reasons would be picking a nice plot of land somewhere and laying out the interior to my taste.

I'm decent at construction but is there something obvious I'm missing? would it be a real challenge to get it permitted and insured?

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If youre not a NEET, get a builders loan.

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If you can get the land with all the planning permissions (if required) and stuff, pop down a big thick concrete foundation, and get a prefab log cabin. Couple of log burners, an agr oven, and a couple of solar panels and a generator, collect rain water, stick it through a ceramic filter.

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Try not renting from a faggot slumlord.

My guess is you are full of shot or not telling the whole story with all this boomer hate.

Or troll.

Absolutely faggot tho

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Does your landlord have the place paid off?

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Nope. My buddy had a bunch of amish bros come throw up a shop. Ive passed out in it more than once. Comfy af

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>. Can't diy a final solution to the boomer problem
You don't have to. Literally just sit around for 40 years and it will completely solve it self.

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If he's such a faggot maybe you can suck his dick for free rent

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t. boomer

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>why buy something

Do you have any idea what board you're on?

The regulars on this board would rather spend weeks and hundreds/thousands of extra dollars to do something themselves instead of just buying a product or paying for a service

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There's a plausible science scenario where life expectancy goes to 200 years in the next 30 years.

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The audacity.

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> Boomer :1 ( You ):0
Why do you even post a shameful thing like that?

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Oh yeah, that's how we old people roll! You know what else? In the 60's and 70's everyone built their own houses. It was really easy and ultra cheap, then we all got together and changed the building codes so no other generation could ever build their own houses again! Just to screw everyone but us! Bwa ha ha!

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Poor persons mentality, really. You see it all the time in blue collar jobs.

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Nah man. Just not some entitled neet and ive seen what tenants do to shit.

Try not being a neet and working for something

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And this is why i love it. Found the long lost title to my scooter lads. The street legal moped 4x4 on 33x12.50 R 15 tires is good to roll!

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Would be pretty sweet but i dont want to be a potato. Im sure it'll hit a point where we reverse aging or even ascend past our bodies like on stargate.

We will definitely be taken out or annihilate savage selves first tho

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Nice. Buying a plot I really like is important, and it seems a lot cheaper that way.
Being able to leave some of it unfinished as a shop / garage area will be real simple too.
I also really like the 2nd floor open loft type of setup, seems comfy.

Depending on how much you value your time (and how many bros you can recruit to help) it does really seem like the best move

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I really, really, really like this image.

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>We will definitely be taken out or annihilate savage selves first tho
I hope we do.
I don't want some future cunts flying around in space ships with replicators and holodecks, while being literally immortal while all i can do is waste my 60 good years in a cubicle doing a shit job i hate, with a flat computer screen at home being my only form of entertainment in life.

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