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Sup /diy/

Just bought my first house. Any tips?

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>asking for tips AFTER buying the house

whoo boy.

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Look at the report that your home inspector prepared for you. It should have a list of things to fix.

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Next time it rains get up in the attic and look for leaks. Take pictures, even if you don't think you need them because 7 months from now your gonna be like ,hmmmm I need to look at this again but I would rather not climb back in there. Take pictures of every God dam thing. Take pictures of the fucking living room, the kitchen even the shitter. You never know when you need to compare something. "Hm that looks a little bit different I think but I don't know wish I had a picture"

Do not buy anything from Sherwin Williams. Fucking triple priced fucks

Your renovations should only consist of installing items,. "I could make that myself cheaper,". No you fucking can't, not without a god damn factory. You can only save money on installation labor.

Oversize all your electric shit.

Only hire a plumber for drain issues. And only if the drain is unaccessible (burried in dirt or concrete) otherwise plumbing is retard easy.

Use only water based paint. Fuck oil. It expensive,smelly,hard to clean and yellows.

Alex painters caulk.

Get a miter saw.

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Fuckn fuck your inspection report, I know you had to get one to qualify for a loan, but unless he has x Ray vision he can't tell you anything that you need. If shit looks fucked then it's fucked. He's only in it for the quick money.

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You may as well use the report as a punch list for a few things to get started on. Op had to pay for it anyway.

Not everyone can recognize out of the ordinary shit, or why would Op need to ask you for advice. In other words, eat a bag of dicks.

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Op has eyes and can in fact see if there is a moldy spot on the ceiling. If you blindly accept an inspection without thoroughly going through the house yourself you will be fucked. It's fine if you don't like me or my opinion, I'm not here to help you, I'm here to offer op advice.

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I agree with you that op should have done a thorough job looking over the house before putting in an offer, and should already have an idea of what needs addressing. Using the report he had to pay for anyhow is all I was saying. What outlets are wired wrong, which beams have dry rot, where the ice dams are, and such. Why ignore it just cause the inspector made a quick 300 bucks? You use the damn report as a bargaining chip during negotiations anyway.

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Dont believe the jew and his lies.

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Because if fucko the inspector showed up in a bad mood with somewhere better to be and pencil whipped a bunch of boxes for a check, then his inspection is useless.

Because if fucko the inspector is a fucking idiot and doesn't know how to read a moisture reader correctly than his inspection is useless

Because if fucko the inspector doesn't work exclusively in your town then he's not up to current codes and his inspection is fucking useless.

There is a reason these fucking faggots don't stay in business for long. Can't come back and say "well fucko the clown LLC said it wad goodbye go" sure fucko is still doing business but maybe this year it's fucko with a capital o. Technically a different business.

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I'm just telling you from a lifetime of experience. I have bought many houses and you clearly have not. Fucko the clown is a legal requirement. I understand why he does it. I don't blame him for doing it. He may even be a cool person. But he does not give a shit about your house

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That's a lot of ifs. But you are right. Burn the report in the front yard! Every single inspector is a useless twat hell bent on fucking you over and cashing the check. The sellers realtor bought him off anyway. The game was rigged from the start! The roof is gonna fucking cave in tomorrow!

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Not a requirement where I am at. But OK, it is a useless scam. Everyone is Bob fucking Vila, and has seen every God damn episode of this old house.

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It's a requirement unless your paying cash. Banks will not issue credit unless it's been inspected. You can do whatever u want. OP. Get an inspection. But look at the house yourself. The inspector is going to half ass it so disregard his report. Why do you think he issues the bank a copy? Have you ever looked at becoming an inspector. It's like a 45 minute online course it requires zero field experience. A 12 year old could do it.

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Jesus the realator can not have a relationship with the inspector, not on paper anyways but yes it does happen under the table.

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The people selling the house or building know the condition of it and usually will not be suaded by an inspection report.

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Appraisal is not inspection. Inspection is not required, at least never by my lenders. I find your assertion that inspection being required by the mortgage lender to be spurious. My inspector has never given a copy to the bank unless they paid him too. I Have used the inspection reports to chisel some consessions out of the sellers. If you chose to ignore the opportunity, that is on you.

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Yes, I was being sarcastic.

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Na you have never bought a building. You are wrong and I'm going to bed. I have 2 apartment complexes and 3 empty lots to look at tommorow.

Why are you trying to fuck OP?

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Inspection is not required by the lender as a norm. USDA loans aside. You are wrong. Goodnight sweet prince, you are a wonderful real estate mogal and I bow to your landlording prowess.

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>Just bought my first house.
post details
>Any tips?
I bet so. We will judge you after you post some fucking pics.

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I hope you spent only 50-75% of your total house budget on the purchase, because you'll gonna need that in the next couple years.

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Sell it. Hope you are prepared to handyman. Lol. Fix it up and sell it. If you live there you can get an fha loan at 3.5% down and then rent or sell it in 2 years after your fix it up

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All solid advice. If i had a dime for every time i had to crawl under a house to look at some shit id already seen 3 times id have 3 million dollars.

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Some of us have tho...

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My bank gave me a mortgage with no inspection. Just an appraisal. But their same branch office 20 miles down the road did when i used a house for the down payment because of equity loans

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FUCK YEAH ME TOO. Gonna be some sweet deals when anon fucks himself on the incoming crash

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Huh, this is pretty great. Any place where I could read more stuff like this? Like a DIY homeowners site / book or something? I'd love to get a bit into it.

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Literally your entire argument can be said for any service you can hire someone for. Of course if the guy is a dumbass he's going to do a bad job. That's why you don't hire a dumbass to do the inspection, you hire someone who actually knows their shit.

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If your sewer lines are old cast iron just get them replaced now. Same with water and gas mains. Also live in the house for a while before you start making changes. Helps you prioritize.

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Yeah but with inspectors in particular they are all morons, if they had any other skills they would not be inspectors.

Ask one someday. They will tell you how dumb they are.

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If it ain't broke don't fuck with it. If the decor looks dated repaint it. If you find yourself somewhere in the house with a need - say for example nowhere to put your bathroom shit, then put up a bathroom cabinet. If something in your house shits you over and over, then do something. Get 3 quotes always. Use tradesmen with references. Learn about colour coordination - the wrong coloured couch in the perfect room will ruin it. If work needs to be done - assess if you can do some of it. The more you can do, the less someone else has to do and the more money you save.

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Grats OP, I just put an offer on my first place. I fortunately am the son of a GC and we renovated my childhood home so I know what fuckery to look for. Got my inspection and basically just confirmed what I thought myself, but to the advice in this thread "if it looks fucked it is" and "take pics" I can vouch for these. Also don't spend fuck tons of money out the gate on the place, take care of things needed to make livable, then get you a shop or garage going so you can tend the other projects. Don't buy expensive designer shit, there are plenty of mid priced materials and fixtures that you can update with and be just fine. Hire out shit you don't have any clue about, or study the shit and the code and proceed with caution.

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This, bargain that shit.

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How old of a house?

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If you have a basement and think you got alot of mositure, get a fucking dehumidfier thats rated the space you're putting it in. Buy a couple if you have a big basement.

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Water is the enemy of every house.
Look everywhere regularly for leaks.

Know where your main water shutoff valve is and
make sure you can open and close it quickly and easily.

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Get Insurance

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Call your insurance company for recommendations on contractors. They know people who will do the job, and for a decent price.

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home inspectors are useless species. you only hire them for a peace of mind (but you are fooling yourself) in case there is something obvious like a missing roof. they usually notice and make a huge deal out of cosmetic issues (to justify their fee) but they can't really notice any hidden issues that you will uncover later.

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It's all rolled in. Pull out your pathetic excuse of a child's school binder worth of book keeping and read your original mortgage,credit,or buyers guide. It will have an inspection.

Or you could be correct "all it had was an appraisal" done by who. Some retarded bitch with an LMS home inspection cert.

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don't eat the forbidden cotton candy

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Yes. tip your inspector and appraiser and real estate agent.

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Netter yet route on inside the house.

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This!!! I tipped my inspector 25% he stayed an extra hour and found a bunch more things wrong he missed on the first pass. I used those things as leverage against the seller and they ended up lowering the price by $1000

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>everyone is Bob fucking Vila
>hires Mexicans for %99 of the job and comes in at the last minute to brush on some paint or do a bit of sanding

Checks out.

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Sure you did

Get Proper Trades in to do Gas and Electric work

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>Get a miter saw.
why just make own mitre form

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Based and homepilled

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Build a finished shed or workshop for yourself as practice before you start in the home itself.

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nope I was also able to get a mortgage without an inspection. The inspection is just for the buyer to be able to request repairs to be done before the sale. The bank requires an appraisal, that is all.

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FHA mortgages and other low down payment (gov't backed) mortgages require an inspection, but traditional mortgages with 20% down are appraisal only.
As for this guy>>1628043
>Do not buy anything from Sherwin Williams. Fucking triple priced fucks
Sherwin Williams is second only to Benjamin Moore for exterior latex paint, and it's a close second. Get a 'commercial' account with them by going in one day in paint clothes and buying 10 gallons at once and you'll get 50% discount coupons every few months.
>Use only water based paint. Fuck oil.
If you're painting metal, or especially wood, oil is a must. Wood needs a 'long oil primer' to soak into the wood grain, best is Muralo X200. This sticks to the wood better than any latex and it's made for the latex to stick to it. Painting metal, Rustoleum oil all the way. Interior paint Behr is best bang for your buck.
>"I could make that myself cheaper,"
You can absolutely make things like trim molding and if you're so inclined, shutters, doors
(especially doors) much cheaper than what you'd pay with only a router and a table saw. If the designs are simple enough a table saw and a sander.
>Oversize all your electric shit.
Really no benefit to this, heavier cable, more expensive outlets, etc... virtually nothing in your home is drawing close to 15 amps. If you have a bunch of high amp stuff on one breaker, oversize that run as needed. Save your money and oversize the electric in your shop so it doesn't limit the tools you can buy.
>Only hire a plumber for drain issues.
Even then you can rent a power snake for a fraction of the price (not from home depot, from a proper rental place).
Agree with you about the miter saw and alex fast-dry though ;)

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