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How do you get this screw out? Videos and Google aren't helping. It's the dash screw on my 2006 corolla. Already raped it and need some help unraping. I'm really sorry about the piss poor photo I took the pic with a tablet.

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Either you take a screw, gently hammer it inside, and unscrew
Either you drill through the screw

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Do you not have hex wrenches?

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Wtf? Is that plastic?

If it’s metal and just fucked, maybe you should invest in pic related. Handheld impact driver. Hammer it down into the screw and it should budge it loose. Not sure if Lowe’s still has the Kobalt brand since Craftsman took over, but I believe there’s a Craftsman one for like $20. Otherwise the auto parts stores often sell them.

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press down in the middle and it should pop up a bit then pull it out

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It's no.1 phillips

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Weld another screw to it.

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torch it out ..... re tap

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dremmel a new trench into the head.
unscrew it.

and by dremmel, I mean use a cutting disc, not a drillbit.

you're welcome.

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screw extractor (e.g ez-out)

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Heat the tip of a flathead screwdriver, stick it the plastic screw, remove and use another screwdriver to remove it using the slid you made

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