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>be me
>around Christmas 2018
>overload both my washer and dryer
>dryer doesn't work anymore
>washer barely works
>mother gets used washer and dryer from estate sale for $75 last weekend
>have some hope that they'll work well
>round up all of my dirty clothes into bags in the hopes that I'll be able to get them cleaned faster with used washer and dryer
>wind up being about as shitty as the ones I broke
I guess I'll have to wash my clothes by hand then.

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I got something to show you that'll blow your mind, anon.

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All I need is more change and someone to give me a ride.

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instead of being that guy, why not try and figure why they dont work well. probably an easy fix

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>post on board called D(o)I(t)Y(ourself)
>don't do it yourself
Is bait?

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Fix both, sell one set for profit, now you're smarter, richer and not smelly.

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>be anon
>have problem
>mom tries to fix problem for me
>didn't work out so well
>whine on imageboard
>another anon offers a solution to get you by
>whine that you need more help to do even this
If this is your standard operating procedure you're setting yourself up to fail in life.

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>>dryer doesn't work anymore
>>washer barely works

I'm calling bullshit on this.

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