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So, I have a stupid request. I have recently as in 5 minutes ago learned that the best work pants I have ever owned were discontinued. I am looking for something similar and all of my online searches lead to dead ends. These pants are perfect loose relaxed fit, DOUBLE I MEAN DOUBLE POCKETS... Literally the front and rear pockets are over sized and there is two of them. The were made by cabelas and are cotton, kind of a canvas material. Over sized belt loops. The main attraction is having 2 full sized pockets on top of each other for all 4 of the main pockets apparently when cabelas merged with bass pro shops they were discontinued. I don't honestly know what they would be classified as work wear, hunting, or what have you.

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Tac pants. They're cheap as dirt and quality ones hold up well.

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Dickie's at Walmart. Unironically amazing pants.

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naw. real dickies, not those walmart ones. walmart dickies are made to a price point and arent the same. i have a ton of dickies and speak from experience as thats all i used to wear. dakota has some good offerings but that might only be a canadian thing, not sure.

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These dickies with the phone pocket are all i wear. I don't trust having your phone next to your ball. plus they are twill and polyester so they aren't stiff like most dickie pants.

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i found these they are a bit closer to what i want but at 100 buck shipped a bit much

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get tin pants

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I wait for em' to go on sale but 5.11 apex is my favorite. Made for gun people so plenty of pockets that can hold ar15 mags. Ripstop and 4way flex.

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go to ebay..they will be there

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Buy a sewing machine, take apart one of the worn pairs for patterns and make any number your fabric budget will allow.

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>Watching wranglerstar

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Used to watch him until he sold out and made a book and then his quality went way down. Dudes a religious nut job.

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Always this. Learn how to sew, get a decent machine and a grommet tool.

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duluth trading firehose work pants

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Is the hype real with their stuff then?

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my favorite were like those those Dickies dungaree Carpenter pants, but the ones without the hammer loop
Sadly I cant find them anywhere anymore

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For $85 a pair it better be

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You don't buy them at full price, you get them on sale. The hype is close: they last, they're comfortable, there's a shit ton of pockets; but they're thick and heavy, and if you're the kind of guy that can't deal with heat they aren't for you. They seem to honor their guarantee, too.

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Actually, there's a Father's day sale going on right now, most of their pants are less than $50.

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