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My area doesn't recycle glass. I got like a dozen 2L pickle jars and it seems a tragedy to just toss them. I need ideas, men.

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small batch meads and ales

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Make some pickles.

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Sort screws, nails, small bolts etc.

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Get your area to start recycling glass. Go to town hall.

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I think that recycling glass is not as profitable as recycling plastics.

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Do not try to fit them in your butt. That can end... badly.

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Or at the very least, fill them with water first, so the external pressure has less effect.

t. Expert.

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>that webm
oh dear god...

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Start saving your urine

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1 man 1 jar. another legend

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I'm in the same boat. I go through a fifth every two days so I got tons of bottles laying around. I was thinking of making a forge and melting them down. But I just bought a car that I need to do some work on so those are on the back burner

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I don't think the back burner will be hot enough to melt glass, Anon. You should stick with the forge idea.

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It was a figure of speech. Meaning I'm going to wait to melt them until I got my car where I want it.

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Kek, gotem.

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What would I do with glass bricks? Learn to blow glass? And make jars? Out of the jars I don't need already?

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put water and electrodes in and make yourself some oxyhydrogen

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Shatter them and cement the shards on your border wall

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Get a scrap microwave and fill them with water and microwave them for 10 hours

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Learn knapping. The bottoms on big jars like that can make for obsidian-grade knapping practice for spearpoints and arrowheads.

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Mini Hydrogen generators
Free mason jars
Diy Knife with the glass
Storing loose nuts and washers

How do you not see any possible creation with, these things?

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Rip electricity bill

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>no name brand


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Redneck Pinterest oil lamps.

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Grow weed. Fill jars with weed. Enjoy having jars filled with weed untill empty. Repeat.

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slow down on the pickles bud

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It is more profitable than recycling plastic, especially unsorted plastic.

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Take it back to the Real Canadian Stupor Store, anon. Just leave it all in one of their shopping carts.

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put pickles in'm

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Fill it with various grains, cereals, or sauces. Hell you could use it for seed storage. Come on OP you can think of something.

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Newer microwaves don't use much electricity. Unlike the old microwave oven which actually just had heating rods. Microwaves work through thermal induction i.e they only heat the water molucles in said object and that heat dissipation from the thermal inductor unit doesn't really use that much electricity maybe only a couple omhs per hour. The automatic lazy suzan that spins.

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You know what to do, OP

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>old microwaves which had heating rods
What the fuck? Are you retarded?

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>ohm as a measure for electricity

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Look up "deli style fermented/sour pickled cucumbers" it is fucking delicious, especially in the summer
Also clean off the labels, put a rope handle on the neck and place cylinder candles inside, light and enjoy your candle lit summer evenings with your pickled cucumbers. Goes well with sausage, steak and anything cooked in the backyard.

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This is the dumbest thing I've read all day.

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He obviously wants anon to make a pipe bomb

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Nobody posted it yet?

Anyway, anon, I would recommend making your own homemade pickles and preserves. When cucumbers/tomatoes/whatever else you fancy come into season, you can get them dirt cheap at most roadside produce stands. Then, just do some home cooking to make some damn good pickled foods.

Also if you're an /out/ist you could try catching some whitefish and pickling that. Pickled herring is 10/10.

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pakleds should be the mascot of /diy/

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Start up a fake charity and put them up as donation jars in local businesses.

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I've waited for you all thread. No diy thread is complete without a half ass explanation of electricity.

>ohms as unit of measurement of power
>heating rods in old microwaves (I think ur thinking of old microwave induction oven combos)
>new ones don't take alot of power
But my fave
>microwaves work on thermal induction

A+ little niglet, at launching my sides into orbit.

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Build a glass house.

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Is this from that new translator meme?...

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Sell them to women for their wedding

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Ecosphere? Or a teranium

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Lel, top banter

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I can just imagine an anon sitting in a lemonade like stand, handing out used pickle jars.

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>old microwave oven which actually just had heating rods
Are you thinking of a toaster oven, anon? Microwaves from the 60's I can assure you had magnetrons that generated microwave energy, and they used mechanical timers with knobs to turn them on an off: the original "radar range". Small tabletop ovens with a glass door and heating elements are called toaster ovens, and are still made. Handy for both a quick hot ham 'n cheese sandwich, or can be pressed into service as a reflow oven.

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Magnatrons are in tube type TV's. I believe you are referring to a refractometer.

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Clean em out, sterilise them
Brew beer

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Depending on where you live, you can put them upside down over young plants in the early spring to make a free mini greenhouse and start your garden extra early. Drill drain holes and make it a pot (inb4 sunlight bad for roots, just use short growth plants or indoor plants or spray paint) use it to cultivate cutting of other plants.

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Brine stuff.
Melt them for reasons.
Yell at your city to start recycling glass.

Anytime I pickle, brew or jelly stuff I have to scramble for jars, I never have enough of them at hand.

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Sell them on etsy to some retard hipsters.

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Build a dividing wall in your house or build a fake cave with these in the walls

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>1 guy
>1 jar

Google at your own risk.

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You want borasilicate glass. Broken bongs, glass oven pans, random 10 cent glass birds and shit from yardsales, chemestry labs. Not sure where else. Glass is a shit insulator and energy intensive as hell to do anything with

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This is actually a good idea.

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>a couple of ohms an hour

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I doscovered clausen pickles while drunk after hours at a resturaunt with the owner and just added 4 jars to my tab and sat there and ate them.

Dont overpickle bros

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That's interesting, yet glass melts at ~1600°C (softening point is way lower, around ~600°C) and you will need quite the furnace to do anything useful.

As long as glass bricks come up solid enough and quite similarly shaped, enough of them could be useful for some interesting projects (mostly walls and fences). And you may save $20k in buying a laser cutter.

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>original microwaves had heating rods
>microwaves heat by induction
>couple of ohms per hour

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Put them up on freecycle. I use mine for dry food storage. Like rice, beans, dried herbs, cookies, etc.

You are confusing microwave ovens with toaster ovens. Also, older microwaves were just more robust with gargantuan transformers. They were for the most part the same power usage.

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