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So I got this coaxial cable running through my walls already, and I want to replace it with cat5e cable

Is it possible to attach some cat5e cable to the coaxial cable in my room, and then pull the coaxial cable out from the other room?

Pic related are the coaxial cables running through my walls

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Tape the cables together very well before pulling

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cool thanks

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Is it just one cable? You can try pulling on it but chances are it's not going to budge. The cable probably makes 20 turns.

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Probably not mate. For the reasons that >>1610842

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Was the coax cable ran when the house was built?

If so, it is probably tacked down by romex staples. You will never get that cable to budge if so.

If it was ran later on, there is a good chance you can pull it through provided there are not too many friction points.

Good luck

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There is some sort of adapter plug that lets you do cat 5 stuff with coax cables. I think it even does it while you continue to use the coax as coax.

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No. This is only true if "cat5 stuff" and "use the coax as coax" both mean something like "connect the doorbell switch" in OP's case.

Cat5 transmits data and sometimes electrical power to remote devices using twisted differential pairs. They're twisted at different numbers of turns per unit length to minimize crosstalk between them, but 4 pairs means 4 signals, each made up of a simultaneous positive on one wire and negative on another.

Coax is used for minimizing loss and interference for radio frequency signals carried on the center conductor by shielding it within the surrounding braided ground. They do fundamentally different things, and any device/devices which could conceivably multiplex more things into modulated RF for the coax would either destroy whatever other signals were there, be too expensive and complex to call "an adapter plug," or both.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you a beachfront house in Siberia.

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Check in attic. It may route easily. Most data cables are installed by lazy asses.

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Well they sell them. From what I read they work. I'm definitely not a tech guy though. What was that about doorbells?

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Not trying to start a pointless argument. I really don't know shit about this but that link does seem like this is what u want.

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I've pulled new coax under a house with a tiny crawlspace with the "tape the ends together and pull" method. Worked like a charm. Will it work for you in the wall? Only way to find out is to try. Be bold, OP. Worst you can end up with is a cable you can't use anyway no longer in your wall, or, find out you can't budge it because some autistic ass cable stapled it every 3 inches.

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Just buy a MoCA adapter. Actiontec makes an entire line of them.

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