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What type of security bit is this?

Will this security bit set work with it?


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Security Torx

As long as it’s not stupid big or tiny, thay set should work. The cheaper 100pc one everybody sells (HF has it on sale for like $7 a lot, Advance Auto sells it under the Toolworks name for <$10) will also work as long as you have the screwdriver to put the bit in.

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Thanks anon

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Official name of the profile is "Torx TR" (TR = Temper Resistant)
The proper screwdriver or bit is mostly called "Torx BO".

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just wedge a flat head into it. fuck nigger torx

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You gotta drill out the peg first though

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Nah sometimes you can get a small flathead in there.

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This, Torx should be banned.

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Seriously? Think hard about this, because the nigger is you.

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>pull a cable box out of the trash for the hard drive
>uses security torx
>get one out with a flathead, they're actually decent quality and the center pin doesn't just break off
>just pop off the plastic cover instead

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