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wtf i love craftsman now


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They have been doing that since the day SB&D bought them. I’m happy to see it too. I remember getting FB suggestions for the new Craftsman page when SB&D took over and I started reading the comments and it was nothing but people saying “They were good before China!” and the profile was responding to everybody individually talking about how they have big plans and more and more will be US made.


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But also it’s 2019 and the plant is in Texas so it will probably only have 30 employees. 26 Mexicans and 4 white supervisors. At least we have new jobs for 4 Americans.

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It says it will employ 500 people, and will be done next year.

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>“They were good before China!"

They were, and their chinese stuff truly wasnt good. A clear downgrade in quality.

I will admit that I like their Stanley rebooted tools, china or not. Its a big step up from the chinese sears tools.

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Yeah a lot of it is a bit better. Craftsman didn’t improve anything over the past 10yrs, they were sort of letting it die. Sears is still selling the old 19.2V power tools.

The Craftsman Professional stuff was pretty cool too and I think that may have helped them if they put more effort into it a few years back. A lot of that stuff was tool truck quality without as much markup. Pic related is my Swedish made Craftsman Pro-Snap On-Bahco hacksaw. They had some nice tool boxes too.

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Sorry, 480 Mexicans and 20 white people.


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The best pair of wire strippers I've used so far have been a pair of Stanleys I got from walmart for $6. Even better than my buddy's kleins

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Also I have a Stanley hacksaw thats held up pretty good. Cuts conduit even better with a Lenox blade though

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Stanley has never been bad tools. They make real solid DIY stuff and the Stanley Fatmax tools are more like contractor grade and will actually hold up on a jobsite. They just get a bad name because they’re sold at Walmart, but it is Walmart’s better brand offering over HyperTough, and the tools are cheap because Walmart is cheap and doesn’t have to mark them up to the sky like Lowe’s.

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>Stanley has never been bad tools.

aka, Im a 16 year old.

Yes Fatmax stuff is pretty good, yes some of their normal stanley stuff is ok.
When they outsourced their tools in the mid 80s, they went bottom of the barrel and were producing literal garbage.
At the time, there was a stark contrast between old domestic stanley and the new import stuff.
Only within the last 10-15 years or so have they even tried to produce good tools, and even then they are very very hit and miss.

Its a good thing they have distanced Dewalt/Bostich/Craftsman away from the stanley name. I dont know why they dont distance Fatmax too.

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Also, dont take for granted how well China and Taiwan has become at producing tools in this modern age.

If it says HongKong/China/Japan and is from the 80s, you stay away

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They should just kill off the Fatmax brand and market the stuff as DeWalt. That’s pretty much what the DeWalt hand tools are, Taiwanesium closer to pro grade stuff which is a step above Stanley.

I like my Taiwan stuff. There is a pretty clear distinction between the Taiwan stamped stuff and the China tools.

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Oof, I just checked Ebay. Found 3 different NOS stanley adjustable wrenches.
>one made in Taiwan, one in South Korea, one in Japan
Same packaging and everything. That sort of discrepancy between OEMs is very telling.

Also look at these, even if they were made in the USA these look really shitty.


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Harbor Freight is horrible with the OEMs. Some of the popular stuff has had so many different manufacturers in the past couple years.

The little blue free flashlights are my favorite to take apart because within less than a year, I managed to get 3 different ones and each newer one has one or two parts missing compared to the one before it.

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The draw to Craftsman was that they were solid, mid-tier tools with a rock solid warranty. There was a Sears in every town and they'd never give you any shit. HD's Husky line seems to have taken over that niche. I think Lowe's sells Craftsman, now, too. Maybe they can salvage the name, but they're going to have to honor the warranty and be pretty lax about it. J

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Even if the new tools are slightly better than Husky and they’re just as good with the warranty, I would still choose Home Depot I think because Lowe’s is for people with vaginas. If you need help in the electrical section of my local Lowe’s, you will be referred to this fat butch dyke in her 40s who doesn’t know shit about electrical stuff.

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Needing help in a Lowe's is for people with vaginas. Check yourself, son.

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They won’t let me climb on the 3rd shelf to get a product or measure and cut my own wire.

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I'm a 26 year old elechicken and my Stanley wire strippers outperform my buddy's Kleins on the job (when i'm not just using my heavies to strip wires). Please have sex.

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Any "electrician" goes to walmart to buy the cheapest version of an essential tool for his career is suspect. Regardless, the best wire strippers are Ideal T strippers and only cost like $10 anyways. They arent hard to make

And im not sure exactly how that refutes how shitty Stanley has historically been anyways

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Does he have a disease or is that what happens after 5 years of being vegan?

Also what is he doing with that eggplant? I already know that pussy can’t make a good eggplant parm.

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>I already know that pussy can’t make a good eggplant parm.

Obviously not, it has animal products in it.

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You can make it vegan. Instead of real parm, you take sandpaper to the callous spots of the bottom of a hobo’s feet and use those in the mix. Smells just like real Kraft shredded parm.

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>Any "electrician" goes to walmart to buy the cheapest version of an essential tool for his career is suspect.
I use my kleins for stripping #12 wire more than my strippers. Only soibois and kalemales seethingly obsess over brands. Please have sex with a woman.

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>. Only soibois and kalemales seethingly obsess over brands.

Hmm, and what do we call those who seethingly obsess about others having sex?
Usually it would be a virgin, but at 26 years old youve obviously had sex. At this point its a fetish thing right?
The one with the bull and all that jazz?

>Please have sex with a woman.
> Please have sex.
>Have sex

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>implying I said anything about the fetish you obsess over
>implying everyone who posts "Have sex" is the same poster
You've clearly never worked in construction or any kind of jobsite before if sex banter makes you this defensive. A real man doesn't give a shit what ~*brand*~ a tool is as long as it can aid you in doing quality work to make money. Please have job.

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>You've clearly never worked in construction or any kind of jobsite before if sex banter makes you this defensive.

Im not being defensive, im just kind of baffled.
Telling someone to "have sex" is not jobsite sex banter. Its something 14 year olds tell other 14 year olds who are self conscious about being virgins, or you know, cuckolds.

You just project "larper" through and through.

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I like to have sex with pretty girl

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"Hey joe, why dont you go home and have sex, you know with your wife!"
>the whole crew laughs uncontrollably

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Whatever you gotta tell yourself to justify your seething obsession over muh brandz. I used cheap walmart tier Brahma boots and harbor freight linemans pliers my first year of my apprenticeship and they served me just fine. Maybe you're just projecting and you really dont know shit about working in the field.

More like
>Hey joe, why dont you get laid
>>whole crew laughs because the super said it and everyone pretends all his banter is funny, even when its not

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Why are you obsessed with cuckoldry bro

Anon didnt bring it up so i'm wondering why you continue to

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>Whatever you gotta tell yourself to justify your seething obsession over muh brandz

This thread is literally about quality not brands, which again is another baffling thing. Your reading comprehension is awful

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Im a gigantic cuck and can sense when others around me are too. You are sending all the right signals

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And I originally claimed that Stanley had some decent quality hand tools. Then you started seething and cuckposting.

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Not that anon. Seek help.

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>Seek help.

I am trying to. This dude is going to be in our bedroom before you know it.

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>And I originally claimed that Stanley had some decent quality hand tools

Yep, you did. I agree, they did ~50 years ago.

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The thing people don't understand is Craftsman has never made tools. It has always been just a brand. They are owned by SB&D now and they were owned by Sears then. All that happened over the years is either they changed OEMs or the OEMs lowered quality to hit a price point. Stanley has been making most of their non-mechanics hand tools for decades. Ryobi has been making most of their power tools since they bought Diehl in 1988. Ever find a power tool with a model number of 315.##### on it? Diehl or Ryobi after '88. 113.#####? Emerson. 900.#####? Black and Decker. Etc., etc.

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This means literally nothing.
Companies design tools, spec them out and create their own tooling.
At that point
>contract it to an OEM to make the tools
>make the tools in their own factory

Which is pretty much the same thing.
If craftsman wanted tools to be the same quality and same price as tool truck brands, they could have. Stanley could have easily done it. But they didnt because Craftsman didnt want it.

Muh parent companies dont tangibly mean anything.

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praise jeebus hallelujah brothers
this is the best news in a long time

I have always loved Craftsman. especially Craftsman USA.

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why dont you knock it off with those negative waves man?

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Yup, that’s how companies work.

I guess Williams used to manufacture most of Kobalt’s tools. That sounds like a good time to be alive.

For real though it is a good thing. I’m half boomer so even if the tool is pretty much Chinese quality, I’m down to pay the extra $5 for the USA stamp. But I won’t pay 3x the price for tool truck bullshit that is only marginally better than the Taiwan version, and when I could get a good industrial US made version of the same thing for significantly less than the tool truck. But rape vans are another topic entirely.

He never said to have sex with a woman. You have a cat, right? Like my Uncle Steve always says, “Pussy is pussy, amirite?”

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That is the thing though, Sears hasn't actually specced tools in decades. Back in the day, they did with mechanics tools and such but for most things, they would take an off the shelf tool and have the OEM put their name on it. This is very easy to track with tools that have patents. Do you know how many patents Sears owns on tools? By the 1970s they had abandoned speccing their own tools because of the costs. The used to play it up in their literature, how all of their tools were built to exacting specifications from engineers and mechanics at Sears. Right as the import shit started to take a bite of their sales that department went away and they just bought COTS exclusively.

Picture related. Its 25 years old.

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Taiwan is an American vassal state. Really good shit comes from there.

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Nah man the B&D has an orange trigger while the Craftsman is signature red. Battery pack too. You think those are the same tools? You’re blind!

I’m curious about how many OE’s or US owned tool factories are over there. There’s like 3 different main ratchet models that are used by all the different companies and they’re all Taiwan made. I thought I read somewhere that Williams-Snappy own their own factory in Taiwan where the Blue Point stuff is made, wouldn’t surprise me if they’re putting out some other name brands. And then Apex-Gearwrench might own one too, I think they bought up Danaher and kept making that same style ratchet. Some Klutch stuff from Northern Tool definitely came out of the Taiwan Apex factory, and AutoZone’s wrenches are coming from somewhere over there too. HF-Tekton-Kobalt 72T ratchets were all from the same Taiwan line.

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What do you mean? I thought China owned Taiwan, who just wants to be free.

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It’s like how the US owns Detroit, but the things living in Detroit aren’t really Americans.

From what I hear, Taiwanese people tend to have self respect and take a little pride in their craftsmanship. Much different than mainland China which is run by people with an Old Testament style of business.

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They still do. The strippers are good for tiny ass 14-18AWG stuff, like what's on the new Nicor LED ceiling fixtures.

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Just fyi folks itsthe EXACT same box. I even

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Not pretty much dewalt. Exactly dewalt

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People only work hard enough to not get fired from a job and paid enough to keep it. She dont give a fuck if you burn your house down or wire a cathedral

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Meh. I dont use much tools in my job. Dad is a craftsman fan so i am to now. S-k master race but unless i am trusting my knuckles to a tool i really give 0 fucks about quality unless its 4.99 hardware store bargin bin quality

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>made me laugh. Have a (You)

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I'm glad i didnt jump the bandwagon when they sold. I swear if i see a craftsman set at cuckmart I'll screech.

Do factories like that typically have a storefront?

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Same. Although i will forever shill the fuck out of the 3/8 drive matco 144 tooth ratchet for over 100 bucks. After swaping 20 fucking 7.3s around I'd happily pay $1,000 and bring my own vaseline.

You never realize just how handy 1 extr tooth can be until you're balls deao in a ford

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Thanks Trump

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See >>1611395
Sometimes I need to shop at Lowe’s and they told me next time I climb 20ft up to get the wire I want, they’re going to ban me for life.

I think the extra teeth really shine on the long handle ratchets. Also people don’t mention that the build quality and tolerances of the ratchets matter. There are some sloppy 60T and 72T ratchets out there. The Williams snappy 36T doesn’t have much more play than some of those because it’s built well, and there’s a world of difference comparing it to a Chinese 36T.

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I jumped the bandwagon 10 years before they sold.
The storefront is literally Lowes, now that Sears is dead.

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>factory storefront
I doubt it, especially if it’s going to be a big operation. Like anon said, go to Lowe’s instead. You would have a better chance if they built a Craftsman museum with a gift shop or some shit, or Lowe’s corporate HQ with a model store nearby that has the biggest and newest collection. This isn’t like a bakery that has a storefront to sell their extra bread.

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Any port in a storm my man.
Profesional mechanic here. Most of my tools are craftsman and gear wrench. Been using a matco ratchet for a while but it got soaked in the back of my truck. Took it apart and wire wheeled the parts but it's not the same.
When it comes to a ratchet, way I see it is you'll be using it for half or more of your work, get the best.
Torque wrench? Do you want to think or know it's torqued properly when it'll take you 5 hours to rip the heads back off if they're not? Get it off a truck

Certain tools just should be the best you can get. Others? Fuck it it'll work

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He definitely can't make eggplant parm with that, because that's not an eggplant. It's an avocado.

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>Johnny Righini, a Northern California resident who is 5-foot-7 and is trying to add weight in hopes of reaching 115 pounds, describes himself as a sufferer of orthorexia. Starting in his early 20s, Righini dedicated himself to vegan and raw food diets, thinking they offered a healthy way to recover from years of anorexia and bulimia. But he took those restrictive diets to extremes.

5' 7" - wants to get to 115 pounds...

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was born a female that cut her tits off and jewed a skin roll for between her legs from her insurance company. Now she calls herself a "man" yet she just can't shake the female narcissism to constantly post herself

>> No.1612968

See, this is what they mean when they say “Snowflake”, motherfucker can’t even be a regular anorexia sufferer, has to be more rare and special and get offended if you mention those other words.

He should just kill himself already. He will never be a man. He will never have children. Even if he did find a blue haired feminist pussy to cum in, his shaft is too short to really get inside the landwhale’s vagina and the sperm are too weak to swim. If by some miracle a single sperm did make it to the egg, the bitch would abort the thing at 9mos just to prove to everybody that she has control over her body.

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