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How do you wire LEDs like this, together? Say if you wanted around 24 of them in a line. Will also accept sauce on how to do it.

The only guides I can find online involve those old busted ass rinky dink Operation board game style LEDs with 2 wires.

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open your eyes and look at the image
the two pins on the left are the same piece of metal. the two pins on the right are the same piece of metal.
if you look at the datasheet it will tell you, two are anode two are cathode.
you can connect one pin, the other pin, or both pins of the anode and the same with the cathode. whatever is easiest for you.
why are they like that then? fuck if i know.

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yeah my vision blows ass, thanks though

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do you know how to wire LEDs, electrically speaking? parallel vs. serial, etc?

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I'm not using that kind, just regular.

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>Say if you wanted around 24 of them in a line.
Make a PCB, or if you're broke, use protoboard.
If you don't know how to wire them check this site http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz

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You can't solder LEDs in parallel without a resistor. If one of the LEDs has a slightly lower junction
forward voltage drop, all the other ones will not light up, or will light up very dimly.

LEDs in series will require you to calculate the total voltage drop for your desired current, then you
will have to spec a resistor to "make up" for the rest of the voltage that your supply provides.

If you were to make them all parallel with resistors, beware of overcurrent on the line. If you have for
instance two bare wires running in parallel and you hook up your LEDs each with a resistor, the
beginning of the power line will have the current of all the leds passing through it. If you're using any
form of thick wire that should not be a problem, but if you are using tiny wire like 28ga, you might burn it.

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>spec a resistor to "make up" for the rest of the voltage that your supply provides.

Unless you're using a current source, instead.

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>just regular
i think you should make it easy on yourself and buy an LED driver. sparkfun has some that can be daisy-chained to support 24 altogether, and some easy-to-follow hookup guides.

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Fuck off shill

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Likely more robist shit like blietooth speakers and machinery that get beat all to shit

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pins want to go through a board

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