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I messed up, /diy/

Forgot to turn the water pump on while using my laser.

You guys break any tools lately? Tell me about your fuckups.

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Most of the lasers that come with those cheap chinese units are under spec and over driven, all least this gives you the opportunity to fix that.

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Do you know of any non-chinese sources of CO2 laser tubes?

Any American laser supply doesn't even seem to offer tubes. Just materials and enclosure goodies.

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Wut? Enlighten me. Engraving or something?

Oh and I broke a HF 1/2” wobble extension. To be fair I probably shouldn’t have been using an impact wobble extension on a breaker bar. Was going to exchange it but I have a feeling they might expect me to bring in the whole set, and I kind of just want to upgrade them to Gearwrench since they aren’t too expensive.

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>Engraving or something?
Exactly. A 30w CO2 laser is pretty weak but works for cutting and marking lightweight materials.

I've been using it to ablate paint and make dataplates, tags, and placards for stuff.

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Marco, is that you?

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> To be fair I probably shouldn’t have been using an impact wobble extension on a breaker bar.

An impact extension should be more than stout enough for normal torque on a breaker bar.
Its just garbage harbor freight shit.

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Nah, they dont need the whole set. Go in the store, pick up the set and bring it to the counter, pull the busted one out of your pocket, and they will break off the one you need off the tray and damage out the rest of the set for their taxes or whatever. I do it on the regular.

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That’s what I thought at first because I always see discounted sets of stuff missing one item, but then I was reading online with lots of people saying “I broke this one bit and they wanted me to bring the whole set but I lost one a year ago so the warranty was worthless!”

Maybe I will replace it but I should order the Gearwrench set. I have grabbed a few of their extensions in recent months and they seem like a huge step up in quality and a 4pc set is only like $20-$25. I got a 20” long 1/2” drive and 18” 3/8” drive for like $20 from Advance a couple weeks ago when I was doing my steering shaft u-joint thingy.

Probably half true, but it was also a 1/2” wobble extension so it’s really only like a 3/8” or less piece of steel that I broke through. I think a non-wobble would have held up much better, even a HF one.

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I had a 1200 dollar drum pump seized up on me recently. I was lucky I was able to unfuck it with
A drill
All thread
A sock
And Jewelers polish

That was a close one

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I stripped a brass screw

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I stripped one of the 8 bolts that clamp the triple tree onto the shocks. I think it'll be fine (it's got another bolt under it) but when I felt it strip my stomach sank.. It's internal threading in the triple tree. Basically fucked it. Serves me right for avoiding my torque wrench.

Also stripped the head of my choke cable bolts, the ones on the carb. They're made of the softest cheese.

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