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Any tips for using varnish stripping gel?

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Don't let that shit touch your skin.

Don't splash it around while applying or cleaning it off.

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Hey yall. My mower has rusted in two, are the engines and holes on the mower decks universal? I was hoping I could find a donor mower to steal the deck from...will I have to find the same brand that I currently have now?

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Magistrip and Cirtistrip are safe to touch and breath. They are much safer than normal strippers.

I use Magistrip, will never buy normal stripper again.

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That stuffs not really worth it in my opinion. I just scrape and sand. You'll be sanding anyways.

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anybody recognize this automotive power connector?

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I got one of these - will this work with all sizes NPTs? It has 3 washers - maybe for different hose sizes? I don't know shit about pneumatic tools.

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I need to put a shutoff valve on a pipe on the lowest floor of a 5 story apartment building. I need to drain the water from 5 apartments. Does anyone have any experience with this? I drained the water for an hour today but had to stop because of timing. Is there something I am missing? I have two faucets and a shower I was using to drain the place.

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Ive got the exact same piece of shit. Bought it and a weedeater new at lows and BOTH blew the fuck up the first time i used them

>no im not an idiot im a grown ass man and didn't make some noob ass mistake.

I love in northeast oklahoma. I'll drag it out beside the garage. Come get the mutherfucker

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No. The threads in your picture look to be 1/4 NPT and would work best with 1/4 ID hose. You'll need a 1/4 female connector as well.

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>would work best with 1/4 ID hose.

I was under the impression that most air tools and equipment have the same size connectors (with some different profiles for auto vs. industrial, etc.), but that for something like an impact wrench, a larger hose (like 3/8) hose would work better than a 1/4 hose due to less restriction, but for something like a nail gun where you drag the hose all over a construction site it's easier to use the smaller 1/4 hose since the gun still works ok being as how it just fires a quick blast.

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I'm building a fence. I want to use 2 by 4's for the rails but the short side (1.5") facing the boards. My posts are 6.5ft max apart. About 15 pickets between posts. 3.5 inch width pickets with 1 inch air gap, pickets only on one side. 5ft fence height, 2 rails between posts.

Should I be worried about it sagging or will it be strong enough? Brown Pressure treated pine is the wood. I'm doing this because I think it looks nicer and the screws I bought are too long if I orientate the 2 by 4's the other way. I think it would be OK, but I can't find the numbers to do the math.

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The hole is like 11/16 wide on the aluminum. why are the washers all different sizes holes in the middle?

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how come when I try to unscrew some phillips screws it doesn't work
when I turn the screwdriver I just feel a bump then the screw doesn't get turned at all
the screws are inside a hole so I can't tell if the screwdriver is actually in the screw or not but I think it is

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This is absolute bullshit. Citristrip will eat through your gloves and numb your fingers so you don't notice, then you'll have dead leather hands for weeks afterwards. I used it a year ago and three of my fingers are still weird. At least normal paint stripper burns like shit so you know if it gets on you.

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I'm restoring an old Rockwell drill that I found at a thrift store. I've gotten it taken apart except the main housing that holds the motor, the rotor looks like it was pressed into the rear of the housing. pic related, I circled a small hole beside the bearing where a rubber plug was in place. I have a feeling that hole is meant to be used to pry the bearing out but I can't fit anything in there.

There are no drawings online that I know of and with every other drill restoration I've read/watched, the rotor just falls out with a bit of wiggling or there's a hole on the back where it can be tapped out using a hammer and punch.

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Well this is the exact opposite of me.
I used several containers of it to strip paint off of bike frames. AKA, cover the bike in goop and throw saran wrap on it and wait.

Its gotten on my bare skin and I havent had an issue with it. It discolored my gloves but didnt eat through it or anything.

The fact that just being near regular stripper is like breathing fire is enough for me to never use it.

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Question about bearings:

I'm replacing two bearings on a pool pump, 6203DW and 6203DG. My limited understanding is that the suffix pertains to the seal and/or lubricant used in the bearing.

Is there a more common equivalent that I could use? I'm having some difficulty sourcing them from somewhere with fast shipping to or from within Canada.

Maybe my googlefu is shit, either way any help would be appreciated.

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What vehicle is it for and what is it connected to? How many pins are inside?

It’s stripped. Or maybe it’s JIS or Pozi so it doesn’t fit perfectly. Or it is Phillips and you’re using the wrong size driver.

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>What vehicle is it for and what is it connected to? How many pins are inside?
thanks, but i've since found it

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You should be fine as long as the lumber is treated well. I did a 6' privacy fence with (2) 6'x2"x4" rails and 3.5" x .75" x 6' pickets. No air gap. No sag.

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Just curious, what CNC based cutting/machining process provides the thinnest kerf?

Fiber lasers get about .005", EDM is good down to .002 with the right wire on thin materials. Are there more precise EDM machines capable of thinner kerf? Is there another machining process I am unaware of that is capable of thinner kerf?

I am aware shearing provides virtually no kerf, but I'm disregarding it due to the deformation of material.

Pic kind of related. The little stars are ~.040" dia out of 11ga stainless, cut with a 10kw fiber laser.

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Lol that's not my mower, I just Googled one. Would've been an expensive used mower as I live in the south

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Any sheetrock workers present? How much will this repair cost roughly, labor and all? The stick of deoderant is all I had for scale. Is it too big to cut out a piece and replace it or would a contractor only replace the whole sheet?

Before anyone asks, I have a kidney stone and was running to the bathroom and stubbed my toe on the floor, pretty sure I broke it (my toe) cause I can't walk at all basically.

Thanks in advance contractor-kun.

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>are the engines and holes on the mower decks universal?
They're not completely 'universal' but most of similar size have the same hole pattern.

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>but the short side (1.5") facing the boards
it will sag
a 2x4 will barely support itself at that span for any length of time
>the screws I bought are too long
return them and get the correct screws

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>The hole is like 11/16 wide on the aluminum
That sounds like a 3/8" NPT - use the large washer
Are you sure you're assembling it correctly?

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>when I turn the screwdriver I just feel a bump then the screw doesn't get turned at all
press harder

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each side will be at a stud inside the wall
I would cut down the center of each stud and up and down past where the paper is broken.
(nails or screws will make it a PITA but it's doable.
A rectangular hole 14-1/2" x ~3'
Then attach a strip inside to the top and bottom to force the insert to align with the original drywall.
Tape it and mud it two or three times then texture to match.
Paint with matching paint and you're done.

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This is my first time here and I'm taking a shit

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>A rectangular hole 14-1/2" x ~3'
*A rectangular hole 16" x ~3'
sorry - was thinking about the first cut between the studs before widening it to the centers.

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I'm a tenant, unfortunately I have to get it done by someone who is licensed and bonded. Just was hoping some really nice anon would keep me from getting ripped the fuck off.

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A drywall guy can do it like I described.
He should NOT suggest replacing the whole sheet.
How much depends on your location.

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Mobile County, AL, down south.

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>how come when I try to unscrew some phillips screws it doesn't work
Because there's like 50 fucking different things that look like Philips and none are interchangeable and somehow they're never proper philips anyway.

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I know you can't give me a number but is it going to be more than $1,000 for instance?

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Low: $150
High: $300
they'll whine about matching the paint...

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Thanks anon. I appreciate it for real man.

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My roommates are loud. My bedroom has a small entry way area from the door into the room itself and inwas thinking of hanging a soundproof blanket there on a curtain rod. This looks best at the part where the entry way opens up into the room, so my question is will that work? Or does the soundproofing have to be up against the door and wall for it to properly work?

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hello /diy/, I'm restoring an old letterpress and I'm wondering what kind of paint is best to use on the cast iron.

The machine requires consistent oiling and ink will inevitably get everywhere so the paint needs to be robust enough to stand up to oil exposure and frequent cleaning.

any suggestions?

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I need something to cap off the end of a metal rod/bar that is under my desk chair. I just don't know if that "something" exists. This is just a plain straight rod/bar that is .7cm diameter. I tried experimenting with tape and it didn't work, the moment I lean back or get up it eventually falls out of place. I can't weld glue is because it controls the height of the chair and needs to be free moving.

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I don't know if I should post here or not by I literally have no idea where else I should ask so any help will be appreciated.

My Switch console died after being thrown by a retard (no, not me).
I took it apart and the motherboard seems okay and the battery still has voltage, also the console is still charging (checked with a multimeter).
But it doesn't turn on, no indication on the display whatsoever that it's charging and no sound coming from it either.
Anyone have any idea what's wrong with it? I tried Google and YouTube fix it guides but that was no help.
My next idea is to buy a replacement screen and see if that one lights up or not cause I have no idea how to check if it's broken or not.

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Find the water service cap and turn it off there. Then further up the line open as many output valves that you can. Make sure the water heaters are fucking turned off or you'll burn the element out instantly

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It will sag like everyone else said. Use a 4x4 you cheap ass

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Hammerite, Smoothrite or any epoxy based paint.

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yep i see them every day, theyre used in pretty well everything from hay balers to runway brooms.

wiper washer pumps use this 99% of the time

luckily for you 2 spade connectors do the same thing

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this is 1/8 not 1/4 shitlord look how fine the threads are. 1/4 is coarse

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with bearings just search by dimensions

dont measure them yourself though, find part #, google, then copy pasta dimensions

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zip tie

only on the rod itself, one on each side of its support so it cant slide either way

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I want to stop this rust without caring too much about what the end result looks like (old car). Is there a spray or liquid I can apply to convert and stop the rust that is commonly available and that I can buy from a store?

I live in Ontario, Canada and google told me something called Corroseal was decent but I can't source it locally. Any other more commonly available brands good? Any recommendations?

ie I'm hoping its a rust converter + primer AIO. My plan would be:
>Sand/grind the affected area
>Clean it with some lightly soapy water + clay bar to try and get any weird contaminants out
>Apply rust fixer + primer coat as required and let it cure
>Paint over it with touch up paint and a few layers of clear coat on top

Just need some help finding the rust primer thing.

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I pulled this battery out of a jumper pack in my grandpa's car today. How close to meltdown is it? And is putting it in a burn barrel and poking a safe way to dispose?

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Ok, I shot it with a pellet gun and it just smoked a bit. Pretty anticlimactic, really.

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Safety regs have made them a lot less exciting than they used to be.

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What's a good filler for foundation concrete? Someone (not me) shot the floor.

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Just bought my first house, found this in the garden, any idea what it is? Best way to remove?

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What's up with the frame of my shed? The wood isn't soft but is that black stuff the beginning of rot? Can I mitigate it by applying some penetrating waterproofer?

Try to find a rust converter. Make sure it'll chemically change the rust, some are basically just primers (Rustoleum rust reformer). You could use Evaporust gel, but really that doesn't look so bad you can't just use an abrasive pad.

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Why air dusters don't use CO2?

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>Rustoleum rust reformer
Is this a converter or a primer?

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So, um, let's say I have 3 full grown racoons and about 8 pups carcasses that just ended up on my property(because in my city putting an end to an infestation is illegal abd so is putting them in the woods). Double wrapped indicidually they'll fill up almost a half of my 55 gallon trash can and I know they're going to start stinking. Is there a better way to dispose of them aside from viking funeral or strategically placing them around a play ground? I got about 70lbs of racoon corpses, plz respond.

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It doesnt compress as much as other refrigerants. You can get co2 dusters
They use those pellet gun cartridges

It's kinda cheap mechanism though and freezes easy

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I dunno but I am now monitoring this thread.

Good friends/family in the area? Just split up the racoons

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It seems like you just missed the season. They probably justified it to protect breeding pairs or something. Because we dont have enough raccoons.

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Uh, keep digging until you can get it out?

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Because CO2 doesn't liquefy (with the associated change in density) until at least 800PSI or so at room temperature, and higher when it's hot. Naturally, the can would have to be much bigger, heavier, and more expensive in order to contain that kind of pressure safely.

Hence, various hydrocarbon derivatives that have much more reasonable vapor pressures.

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In order to make something unspeakably degenerate, I need a pressure relief valve of these specifications:
>very small
>opens with fairly low pressure
>has a closing pressure lower than the opening pressure

Unfortunately, seemingly anything that meets the third requirement lacks the first two requirements.

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If it’s bulging that bad, it’s probably almost dead so there isn’t much more than the smoke. I think you will get more heat and flames from a new one. They don’t explode though, just a hot fire.

>> No.1613137


usually a pressure relief closes automatically once pressures drop below cracking pressure. so the closing pressure would definitely be lower than the opening pressure? or no

why not use the pressure relief out of one of those small blue disposable propane cans. they can be unscrewed like a normal valve stem core. then just cut/stretch spring until desired pressure

curious as to what you're making

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Enema device shaped like a doggy cock that connects to the showerhead and uses alternating pressure to swell up the knot and then spurt out warm water.
The valve is required for that behaviour.

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Can anybody recommend any good sources to learn transposing equations? Studying to be an electrician and man I am bad at maths.

>> No.1613153

To clarify I struggle when fractions are involved. Particularly I don't know what to do when moving the numerator

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It's basically a primer, avoid.

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Fluidic amplifier, o1 goes to knot bladder. Knot bladder should squeeze and shutoff the control flow so it will then flow to o2

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Wrong board. Take to /ck/

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Dude, just go drop them in the woods and they will get eaten up

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And yes you said it was "illegal", but so is burning or dumping them elsewhere. Just be discrete about it. Nobody gives a fuck about racoons, they are garbage animals

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So you know PEMDAS maybe? Well it's a half-truth and I think it's not explained well by teachers.

Addition and subtraction are the same operation. I find it easier to think of it as addition. When you think you are subtracting, you are actually adding a negative number.

Multiplication and division are also exactly the same operation. If you have a+a that's 2*a

Exponentiation and rooting are also the same operation. If you have a*a that's a^2

Did you know theres an operation for repeated exponentiation? Tetration

Parenthesis are just organizers to make things simple to write

You can multiply by 3 or 5 and divide by 2 or 4 and get somewhere in your equation. You can also multiply by any n/n fraction, but that's only useful when adding and subtracting.

Look at the side with x. That's an unknown 4*x/5. Or 4x/5 or 4/5*x they are all the same.--Note that 4/(5x) would not be the same that would be 4/5/x.

So 4/5x and if we divide by 4 and multiply by 5 that would turn into 4/4*5/5*x or 1*1*x which can be written as just x. That's nice, that isolates x so I can get x=something.

Let's go back to the equation and do both sides so they remain equal to each other.
2/3=4/5*x multiply both sides by (5/4)

Trap for young players is to not multiply the entire equation by whatever you are using to simplify. So if you had 1 + 2/3=4/5*a you would still multiplay by 5/4 but. Ow you have
5/4*1 + 5/6 = x
Sometimes you could leave it at that or plug it into a calculator for a decimal answer.

But simplifying more
5/2/2 + 5/2/3 = x

We need those to have identical divisions to add them together. We can pull 1s out of nowhere because they are always there. And what is 2/2? 1.
5/2/3 needs another 2. You can write it as 5*2/2/2/3 without changing its value at all so you can do that without applying it to the rest of the equation.

>> No.1613317

So now
5/2/2 + 5*2/2/2/3
Left side still needs a /3 and we can only get there by multiplying by 3/3.

So now we got
5*3/3/2/2 + 5*2/2/2/3

/3/2/2 is exactly the same as /2/2/3 so we are good
(5*3+5*2)/2/2/3 = x

We could factor a 5 out but it doesnt really simplify anything.
15+10 =25 /2/2/3 = /12
25/12 = x

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Is lead antibacterial?
I just managed to cut myself pretty deeply with leaded solder, and I absolutely don't want to use alcohole to clean this.

>> No.1613628

What will happen if I mix alcohol (IPA 99.95%) and bleach?

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Thread the end with a 7mm die and apply a matching nut with some blue loctite

>> No.1613835

Many thanks for all that effort anon, I really appreciate the depth of that explanation!

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What's the best way to go about buying 28 square metres of silicone sheet?
It's in that awkward size range where it's too small for bulk orders, but too much for a sensible price when buying as small squares.

>> No.1613937

I have some strips of 1/8" thick cold-rolled 6061 aluminum that I want to shape. Can I make do with hammers or should I go buy a propane torch and anneal it? If I anneal it, would shoving it in a kitchen oven for a few hours be fine to harden it again or is there some other method?

>> No.1613944

not a taper, but I'd ballpark that at maybe 25 minutes for the initial repair (installing the patch plus the first coat of mud) then five minutes each for the second and third coats. In total you're looking at less than $20 in materials and less than an hour of labor. Exact prices would depend on what drywallers charge in your area.

>> No.1613945

Buy a tiny pair of vice grips from a dollar store/ harbor freight, clamp them on the end.

>> No.1613993

Does this mean that I can use R600a refrigerant or cooking butane (which cost nearly identical in my shithole, while airdusters are expensive as fuck) as air duster?

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How do I fix this? Link to an article is fine. I don’t even know what to call the problem to google it.

>> No.1614191

>I don’t even know what to call the problem to google it.
"loose veneer"
"patching veneer"
'how to repair loose veneer on furniture'

>> No.1614333

Is r-152a expensive too?

Spraying a lot of butane around is nerve wracking. Its heavier than air and can pool on the ground if you don't have strong ventilation

>> No.1614363

ur vaneer is fucking fucked mate. big time

>> No.1614493

Anyone here made and sold items on Etsy? Of any level of complexity. How was your experience?

>> No.1614505

Thanks. Googling solutions now.

>> No.1614616

>I want to stop this rust without caring too much about what the end result looks like
Angle grinder with cup wire brush it off, prime the section then just use cans of matched paint with clear coat.

>> No.1614624

With those drywall patch repair kits that involve a mesh square applied over the hole how much space do you need the mesh to overextend past the hole by?

Lots of places online say those are suitable for holes up to 6 inches but you want an inch or 2 on either side of the hole. However the biggest patch I've seen is only 6 inches.

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>Use a 4x4 you cheap ass
That defeats the purpose of making it look nicer by exposing less of the beam surface area.
I just did what >>1612182 said to do. Rails are up now. Gotta remove all the clay laying on my lawn, end cut seal the rails then on to the pickets.

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File: 2.22 MB, 3264x1836, fence short side.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Picture got rotated.

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This is the hole I'm hoping to get away with using one of those kits for. Does it seem realistic to achieve or do I need to suck it up and go through the more extensive repair method?

>> No.1614631

Wew, that’s better!

>> No.1614632

Holy fuck it was up for 15 seconds. I tried rotating it but it's not working.

>> No.1614708

Phone shits and lazy programs only change the orientation exif tag. Guess what gets stripped when 4chan posts an image?

>> No.1614774

what happens when you plug both ends of one of these >>1613786 into the same socket?

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But can you melt old solder with a lighter? Or atleast soften it?
For some reason I suspect that from years of leaving my TV on for hours has loosened the RF cable connector.
>Pic related.
You can kinda see it's not connected fully so it might be giving me really bad signal.
All I did was bump the RF cable and it's been acting funny since. Pretty sure the cables fine so I think it's the TV connector. What do you think?

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>do I need to suck it up and go through the more extensive repair method?
If the 'plug' is reasonably solid and takes some pressure to move in, you don't even need the kit.
mix enough plaster of paris to fill the dent 1/3 - 1/2 half way.
don't try to fill it all at once!
plaster dries pretty quickly so you should be able to apply a second layer in a few hours.
don't fill to the top on the second layer either
after the second layer dries, use a sharp knife to bevel the edge of the hole - you're trying to remove any paper edge that could 'stick up'
the red line is where to trim the paper
you may be able to take a shortcut on the blue line if the paper is still level above it
if the plaster is within 1/8" of level with the wall, finish filling with drywall 'mud'
this fill needs to dry overnight
once dry, sand smooth and flat with the wall and finish with a 'skim coat' of thinned drywall mud.
once it's dry you can try to get the same texture if there is any
from the pic, it looks like the paint was applied directly to the drywall with no texture coat
once it looks good, paint to match.

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If you look at my pic you can see they just applied a big glob of it on
Is that really solder or could it be something else?
Cause I applied a flame directly to it for about a minute and it didn't even soften up. It just went black.

>> No.1614838

that looks like an RCA plug on the end of the cable
the bulkhead connector appears to be a special type with F connector on the outside and RCA socket on the inside
RCA connectors are friction fit - the blob of solder is just to make sure it doesn't get disconnected accidentally

>> No.1614842

why is the RF connector a female shell?

>> No.1614844

>Friction fit
Yeah. If you zoom in you can see its not fitted properly at all. That's why I thought I could loosen the solder and reconnect/fit it properly.
For some reason I think from prolonged use the solder has been softening and then gravity decided to slowly pull it down and loosen it.
>why is the RF connector a female shell?
You'll have to ask sinotec engineering about that.

>> No.1614852

i want to make a homemade water distiller from some pipes and old kettle
what materials are safe to use so i will not get a poisoning ?
i know that stainless steel is and of course glass jar for end product
what else ? is rubbber/silicone safe ?

>> No.1614853

It's more likely the center pin of the RCA connector has corrosion or the center pin of the RF connector is broken off. Did you look?

>> No.1614855

>For some reason I think from prolonged use the solder has been softening and then gravity decided to slowly pull it down and loosen it.
That's not how solder works.
It 'freezes' (becomes a solid) at not much below it's melting point.
It would have to heat to at or near the melting point again to 'soften'.

>> No.1614870

>It's more likely the center pin of the RCA connector has corrosion or the center pin of the RF connector is broken off. Did you look?
I tried looking inside with a light and all. It's alil awkward but from my eyes it looks like the point is too far back. Looks like there is a copper wire just like on the coaxial that's suppose to plug in.
I can see it but I can't tell if it's broke. But it does look like it's too far back to be even making contact with anything.
I'm getting picture on the TV it's just got lines and fuzzes out intermittently. Not to mention the hum that's coming from it. Also the moment the picture has to show dark colours the screen really fucks out and turns white. Seems whatever signal for black really fucks with it.
Sorry. I just thought because I remember the PS3 having an issue where the soldering came loose after awhile that caused the infamous red/yellow light of death. Just like the Xbox.

>> No.1614884
File: 24 KB, 637x403, 657107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dad has a old trolley jack that leaks fluid and it pretty beat up but it was his dad's so holds a lot of sentimental value.
With his permission I'd like to restore it as a little project for me to give myself until I graduate in a few weeks.
My plan is the following
>paint stripper
>sand and/or wire wheel
>paint a few coats
Now i imagine there's a few gaskets and seals that will need to be replaced. O rings are going to be easy to replace but what do I do for gaskets? Would I be able to buy a sheet of rubber from eBay then take a stanley knife to it to create a new gasket?
We have another jack that we could use but it would be a shame if it becomes unusable because I did something wrong

>> No.1614893

>If I anneal it, would shoving it in a kitchen oven for a few hours be fine to harden it again or is there some other method?
lololol no, you need nearly 1000F to heat treat aluminum.

>> No.1614899

Yeah the “plug” is fairly solid. It’s a little weaker on the bottom section where it expands to the left a bit. Is there a best way to apply the plaster when you’re trying to partially fill in a small space? Does a brush work or do you still use the same wide spreading thing you see in most repair videos?

>> No.1614903

>Does a brush work or do you still use the same wide spreading thing you see in most repair videos?
for that size hole a tongue depressor or a 1" putty knife or anything similar
the first layer being rough is not a bad thing - gives the second fill something to hold to
the second coat is similar but make sure none of the peaks get above the level of the hole
You don't need the wide blade until you get to the final two coats - the mud fill and the skim coat.
It's much easier if the wide blade is wide enough to reach all the way across the hole.
That way the un-damaged wall guides the depth.

>> No.1614920

Yeah, you must be retarded.
Only problems with the TB230S are the carbs gumming up from shitty/old gas.

>> No.1614938

i need a small, dirt cheap water pump for a fuckaround project. i don't need much flow but i do need decent head. the random chinkshit i see has plenty of flow but only maybe 2m of head whereas i might need something like 5m. any tips for search terms to find the right pump? are there sites with representative (ie still cheapish, not mcmaster) catalogs that i can search that aren't trash like ali, ebay, or amazon?

>> No.1614967

Are the cuck switch memes really true? Make retard buy you another or if it is legitimate retard his parents

>> No.1614969

look for hairline cracks in the solder joints around heavy components and connectors. you can put the motherboard in your oven to reflow the joints but i've never done that and it's easy to melt the attached plastic connectors so that should be your last resort.

>> No.1615013

You're the dick knot valve anon arent you? You should use saline buffered water

>> No.1615016

Dont do this it ruins youroven and doesnt work.

If you get it hot enough to reflow the solder half the board is going to fall off, and dense bga chips will misalign and never work again. You would also need to cover it in flux.

>> No.1615021

i'll bear that advice in mind next time i want to shove something in my ass, but what i want is a remote controlled hose to spray the faggot squirrels that keeps showing up at my bird feeder. i just need a gallon jug, a pump to put in it, a remote relay module, and a tube feeding into a nozzle that i can point at the bird feeder. it's right outside my balcony so i could just press the button whenever i see the little shits. i guess i could just shoot them but i don't own an air gun.

>> No.1615134


they make squirrel traps

like mouse traps but for squirrels

>> No.1615153
File: 13 KB, 1030x558, plan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Planning to build a simple a/c from ice box and 2 pc fans. What I need to know is there a switch where I can turn the other fan on and off. Here's an illustration too

>> No.1615156
File: 4 KB, 408x478, switch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a simple additional switch and wire it like this?

Or do you want all with a single switch? You can do that with a centre off switch.

>> No.1615161

>Or do you want all with a single switch?
Sounds good, but how would I wire that? I'm a complete novice. Also, what's that piece bottom right?

>> No.1615162

>bottom right

>> No.1615163

>Sounds good, but how would I wire that?
Solder it or use a Wago connector, or a terminal block and just shove multiple wires in.
>Also, what's that piece bottom left?
Just a minus to indicate it's one of the power lines.

>> No.1615164

alright thanks dude

>> No.1615178

>have to get it done by someone who is licensed and bonded
Oh boy, I sure do love obeying rules that will inconvenience me greatly in the future, and it looks like you do too, Anon. Good job bud. Remember, breaking rules is bad, even if they're unenforceable.

>> No.1615179

There is no way to "convert" the rust back into original metal. It's best to take the rust off (A brass brush works fine for this, a scrubbing pad, whatever) and then in the case of a car treat it just how you would if you were repainting it.

Most things that advertise themselves similar to that "rust fixer" are just things that disallow moisture from getting to whatever surface was rusting in the first place, usually by coating them with something like plastic or sometimes a layer of copper.

(caveat: Technically you can convert rust but 99.999 percent of the time that's not what people mean at all when talking about cars, nor is it what products mean when they advertise that they convert rust. In layman's terms, it's not a thing.)

>> No.1615182

>sand/wire wheel
Remember, less is more. Don't be a retard and grind off metal when you really mean to be grinding off rust.

>> No.1615198

that's something that would be in the back of my head but I would completely forget when doing it, thanks
does everything else sound alright?

>> No.1615264
File: 51 KB, 614x703, 1524503805516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've filled a stripped screw hole with a toothpick and a mixture of wood filler and wood glue. Is that enough? How strong with the screw hole be afterwards?

>> No.1615287

Kek. I did the same with my scooter battery, when it became puffed.
I still blame chink BMS which failed.

>> No.1615338

I sawed some model hobby wood yesterday without a mask and now I have congestion/allergies/sneezing. I have 4 more hours of work to do with this sinus clusterfuck until I cam get home and rinse it all out with saline. in the meantime, what chemical can I breathe in that can completely unfuck my sinuses? Im willing to lose some brain cells in order to stop sneezing

>> No.1615342
File: 26 KB, 474x305, th (1)1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Getting an erection from a vintage Finnish painting ad. Perkele.

>> No.1615387

>a toothpick and a mixture of wood filler and wood glue. Is that enough?
More than necessary.
make a square tapered peg that will 'just start' into the hole
drive square peg into round hole (dip in wood glue if you must)
knock peg to the side to break it off
re-install screw (can be off-center if you're trying to adjust something)

>> No.1615451

I'm trying to do a stupid idea, and surprisingly I have stupid questions

I have 3 harbor freight AC angle grinders that I'm trying to get spinning all at the same speed, I threw together an outlet that they plug into, but they tend to spin at different speeds.
To me, electricity is magical fluid under pressure, but could they be spinning at different speeds because of some frequency interference? What should I look up to figure out how to run these off one outlet at the same speed?

>> No.1615470

your angle grinders have 'universal motors' they think the AC is DC so the frequency is not a factor to them

the variations in speed are due to minor differences in each grinder - wear, gears, lube, etc.

>> No.1615505

The technical term is "short circuit" and it will blow your breaker or the wire will blow up and burn your house down.

>> No.1615546

I was tempted to respond to your ignorance but decided against it.
You're too ignorant to understand why you're wrong even when it's explained clearly.

>> No.1615559

Depends on wiring.
If it is done properly - nuffin. If it is done by me - 50/50 chance of kaboom

>> No.1615583

nvm, I figured it out.

>> No.1615584


black wire to gold screw
white wire to silver screw
green wire to green screw

>> No.1615585
File: 464 KB, 2448x3264, ZX7jv06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to make an adapter for a Soviet Tankist helmet, but I'm finding difficulty with the wiring.
The two plugs far apart from each other are for the speakers, while the closer ones are for the laryngophone. I'm going to use an EC5 that is slightly crimped for a snug fit, and I'll solder wires to them as this guy has already made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWxKplY0vu8

However, when looking at a TRS connector, it apparently requires a "ground" wire as well, which is not included: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZcifo0XQA0
How is it possible to get away without a "ground" connection? I thought it was a necessary component. What are the dangers in lacking it?

>> No.1615587

black wire to green screw?

>> No.1615592

>How is it possible to get away without a "ground" connection? I thought it was a necessary component. What are the dangers in lacking it?
If the ground wire is not conducting current, it's just there as a shield to protect very low level signals (like from a microphone) from interference from external sources.

If the microphone wires are twisted or use other protection, the shield may not be needed.

>> No.1615594

any recommended LED flourescent replacements that just switch in? I'd rather not need to rip out ballast, and I'd rather the LEDs be flicker free. Looking for something that comes in t5, 1 and 2 foot lengths, but most stuff I've found is 4 feet, ballast-incompatible, or just a big ol' brick with loose wires coming out of one end

>> No.1615596

>black wire to green screw?

>> No.1615629

black to green
white to gold
green to silver

>> No.1615631

as long as it's the same on both ends, it's fine

>> No.1615805
File: 92 KB, 778x527, 3m particulate filter p3 p100 2091 2135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't find any information on this for some reason: what's the difference between these two filters. I've seen the pink p100 for sale everywhere online and featured in videos, but they don't seem to be sold in my country (Switzerland). Is there a difference between the 2091 filter and the 2135 filter? Is it just because the company has to abide by different standards depending on whether they're in the US or the EU? Does one filter more than the other?

>> No.1615809

Call 3m

>> No.1615811

>Is it just because the company has to abide by different standards depending on whether they're in the US or the EU? Does one filter more than the other?
The p100 filters are available on German Amazon so it's not some Europe thing.

>> No.1615956
File: 53 KB, 528x720, 60807535_423544218426217_1479341643327864832_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the hose connecting cold water to my clothes washer is leaking here between the plastic bit and the metal casing around the hose
How would I fix this?

>> No.1615968
File: 7 KB, 269x187, putin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I get gutters delivered to my house for cheap? I need a 30 foot gutter, I'm ok with a seem in the middle, or maybe more, but the less seems the better. I live in a rural area, but there are a couple hardware stores in this small town (one being a franchise, True Value). Not sure whether to call local gutter companies and just have them drop it off, or if I can order through True Value and have them ship it out or something.

Just posting in case there's an obvious /diy/ solution that I'm missing like the idiot I am.

>> No.1615983

Call up a gutter company and tell them u want a 30 ft piece delivered. It will come on a truck or trailer.

>> No.1615992

Buy a new hose. It's delaminated, you can tell because its puffy.

>> No.1615994

Does anyone know what security screws have a completely round flat head with nothing a screwdriver could hold on to?

I ended up cutting a slit in with a dremel to unscrew them but I'm curious what tool could unscrew them properly.

>> No.1616000

Can you charge empty mini split air conditioner without vacuum pump? In third worlds you can get refrigerant without license.

>> No.1616122

>me looking on butane cooking gas canister and bicycle...
Can I get butane powered engines somewhere, which will output at least 500W (0.7 HP?), or somehow modify moped motor to work with butane?

>> No.1616125

Is there a nut on the back?

>> No.1616128

I want to set up four 120mm fans in a line and use as a thin window fan for evacuating steam/smoke out of my kitchen. I'd like this setup to be relatively as strong as a small 120v fan. I see 120v 120mm fans on ebay, do I just wire these in series? PC fans are cheaper and I assume weaker, would using PC fans not approach the strength I want? Thanks, all help is appreciated

>> No.1616130
File: 19 KB, 291x300, Tork-Bolt-flat-hD-Button-HD-291x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some sort of break away shit?

>> No.1616131

House wiring is always parallel

>> No.1616132


>> No.1616135

No, it's self tapping.

No, doesn't have any features like that.
Looks like a normal screw except lacking a screw drive.

>> No.1616137

Not always. I had two light bulbs connected in series in my bathroom, and shit lasted more than 15 years.
Normal bulbs, of course.
I don't understand, you need weak but quiet fan, or powerful but compact?

>> No.1616138

Not enough powah.

>> No.1616142
File: 1.73 MB, 3086x2775, E85FA28A-2FBA-4ED1-A4E2-4CF2A1CFF79F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1616144
File: 205 KB, 516x362, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 8.04.56 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want four 120mm fans that, together, are comparable in strength to a regular 120v window fan. Quietness is nice, but not as important as the size of the fans and the ability to move air out of a room quickly. I'm curious about using PC case fans instead of 120v 120mm fans because of cost, but if PC fans will not be as strong as I'm describing, then I'll skip them

>> No.1616145

also, if PC fans are an option, would they require an additional electrical component to be able to plug them into the wall? I imagine they're very low amp

>> No.1616148

Were buried too deep and tight to get anything around it.

>> No.1616149

I think you’re lying.

>> No.1616150

I think you're an idiot.

>> No.1616155

Pics or it’s a lie

>> No.1616158

Buy a marples varnish scraper instead. Same labour, better results. Better lungs

>> No.1616161
File: 111 KB, 781x458, screw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a hassle to make photos of small reflecting things with my piece of shit camera - so fuck you for that.

As I said I've already cut slots in them, I don't have an undamaged one.

>> No.1616162

That’s a regular minus screw you idiot

>> No.1616169

Damn, dog.

>> No.1616170
File: 96 KB, 493x502, screwu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the cut.

>> No.1616176

I kinda feel like you're lying, too..

it's not a carriage bolt... how was it driven in?

>> No.1616178

>would they require an additional electrical component to be able to plug them into the wall?
Yes, a 12V power supply.

>> No.1616181

>I kinda feel like you're lying, too..
Why in the hell would I make random screws up to ask about in sqt?
>how was it driven in?
That's what I'm asking!

>> No.1616186

Maybe some weirdos used friction as bolthead?
Weird. My best guess is still some sort of knock-away head, but maybe someone polished it after breaking....

>> No.1616187

It's from an old cheap power strip, I doubt they went through any such unnecessary efforts.

>> No.1616190

My best guess is anon is telling tall tales

>> No.1616206

Hm, I have actually seen these. I have no fucking idea how they do it.
No. IKEA euro power strips had similar shit.

>> No.1616220

>It's from an old cheap power strip,
If it's going into plastic, just press in.
As long as it's not brittle plastic it will work at least once.

>> No.1616225

It's one of those break off ones. When it reaches torque, the top breaks off.

Boss ordered ground rod clamps like that for awhile

>> No.1616251

>be me
>enjoy mini split heating my room
>hear loud woosh and some compressor noise
>get scared AF
>check outdoor unit, steam is coming from it, as well as indoor lines are cold.
>hear same woosh again and same compressor noise
>check outdoor unit, no steam, pipes are hot again.
Did AC enter defrost mode? How the fuck it knows when to defrost, considering that I have non-inverter mini split and it doesn't know "condenser" temperature? Is it bad for AC?

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