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Hey /diy/,

I want to construct a staff for cosplay that looks like this picture. I am confident that I can figure out how to paint and sand a stick, that part isn't that difficult. The staff is essentially full-body length, which for me is around 6 feet, which normally wouldn't be a problem, however, because I have to be able to pack it into my luggage when I take it with me, I need to construct it so that it can be separated into 2 or 3 sections that fit in my suitcase, and then reassembled upon arrival, while still being secure/sturdy enough to walk around with upon reassembly.

What would be the best way to accomplish this? I haven't done any woodworking since high school, so my knowledge and experience is pretty limited, but I do have access to tools and a proper workbench.

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Break it over your knee, reassemble with duct tape and wood glue, cover up tape by wrapping a cloth around those sections.

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Buy a 200mm threaded rod. Drill 100mm holes in both pieces, rotate until tight and aligned. Somthing like 8mm diameter might work. Should be cheap too, shop around, some people wildly overcharge for threaded rod.

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The rules are pretty clear about no /diy/ dildos, anon

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This, except use gorilla glue

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>Acquire stick
>Saw into as many pieces as you need
>Drill holes just large enough to fit two 8mm nuts into the cut surfaces
>Glue said nuts within the stick with threaded rod inside them (to align the threads)
pretty much what >>1610625 siad, but add the nuts for sturdiness and longevity
Also get a feel for the drilling and aligning with some bot important pieces of wood.

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But then the magic will leak out.

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Thanks, will try and do this. Appreciate the help guys

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If you make that out of wood it will not be con safe, it will put out someone's eye in a crowd.

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"core values" strike again

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> I am confident that I can figure out how to paint and sand a stick, that part isn't that difficult

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I would make it, then cut it into three pieces and use press fit rivet nuts so that the pieces could screw together.

Like a screw on furniture leg, ya dig?

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This. Same principle as a snooker cue.

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Since you're a retarded weeb, I'll elaborate

Once you cut your wizard staff up, you'll drill out holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the riv nut and press them in with a mallet or something. The hard part will be centering the hole on each part.

I'd buy a piece of all thread, cut the lengths you need with a grinder and round the tip so it actually screws in, then drill out and expoxy in place.

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Leveling those would be a nightmare.

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outside the box option: forget making the stick come apart for travel, just find a big fucking stick near your destination and discard it after.

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Maybe do something worthwhile with your life and don't do cosplay? Ever think of that?

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use lag screws, put them in to the thread, cut off the top, and drill female holes into the other sections. make sure they're GOOD and tight holes for the neck of the screws.

for some extra stick, you could use gum (NOT bubblegum)

it makes a good, non permanent hold on wood, it'll add a little extra security in case the ambient humidity and temperature fuck with your staff. just a dab'll do ya. make sure you chew it up really really well before hand.

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