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Found them at my grandpa's house, and I think they are for forging but I can't imagine what to use the 4 short ones for

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try here:

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The sides of a ratchet strap

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OwO, what's this?

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i also dont know but i also own a bunch of these. mine are way way rustier than pic related tho

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Those are primitive can openers that haven't fully evolved yet.

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industrial dutch love spoons

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Coke spoons, big ones.

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Yeah, no

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Yeah, finding out what they are would be gay. It's cooler to just have 13 year olds make jokes.

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Couldn't sleep and spend a good bunch of time goofing around looking at pictures on google. I was thinking something to do with horse manicure but, definitely not. I did find a picture of an unidentified tool that I finally shitcanned the day before. It was some shoemakers doohickey. I got nothing for you but kinda ruled out leather, wood carving, shoes, and horses. I think.

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Tell us what your grandpa did for work and hobbyism?

Was he involved in trains? Medicine? Machinist?

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lead bullet mold?

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That's what I was thinking, they look like they fit together pretty good.

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The thought crossed me but I've seen enough of them to not think so

Slotted holes for some adjustability. Maybe for attaching to a ball end of some shaft/rod. Something must engage with thingy in the middle the oddball one has scratch like it was frequently swung while attached to some shit and adjusted. Beats the crap out of me but fun stuff.

Can anyone age range it?
Not op by the way. Just taking a shit.

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Well, the great grandpa was a Smith and the grandpa was a construction workrer

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This is for making nails. maybe others are shaping mandrels

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those are foreskin scoops used mainly by the jews

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