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To tape or not to tape. That is the question.

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to what, paint it?

not to tape.

get a good brush. learn how it works, like when it's close to the crown but just lightly dragging on it.

perfect lines and you will wake up at 2 am thinking I PAINTED THOSE FUCKING PERFECT LINES.

lol kayla

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Do you paint the wall or the molding first?

I don't like to tape but sometimes u gotta.

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housepainters paint the wall first. but they know how to paint trim easily.

the hardest part for me to learn (housepainters never teach you anything) was to very gently scrape my brush on my workpot (aka cut bucket) on the side that would be towards the wall.

kayla ban incoming

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Latex or oil for trim? I used oil before but what a pain. You think its the necessary.

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Just tape it I'm not getting this. Are you out of tape? Better safe than sorry

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I've never liked taping. It takes forever to put up and if you go slightly sloppy it always bleeds under no matter what new formulated perfect line tape you use. Best thing I ever did as far as painting goes was buying a $20 3/4" brush and learning to be good with it.

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nigger, if you have to ask, your not a pro.i know i could cut than in faster then I could tape it off.

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Do you suck? Then tape.

Do you paint? Then paint.

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WRONG its easier to cut the wall into the trim than vice versa
When youre good you dont have to mask shit

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looks fine now break out a 3" Purde and cut it in then roll that bitch
I'd already be done with it

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New trim prime, sand and spray on sawhorses, hand caulk and touch up
Installed trim use latex, fuck oil its mostly used on commercial.

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New trim prime, sand and spray on sawhorses, install, caulk and touch up
Installed trim use latex, fuck oil its mostly used on commercial

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WRONG once you mash run a putty knife over tape and it wont bleed, especially frog tape the shit works

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>WRONG once you mask not taping run a putty knife over tape and it wont bleed, especially frog tape the shit works

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Yep. This is an accurate statement. I am not a pro.

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Tradesman here.

A good painter doesn't need tape. Get good with your brush. Know how much paint your brush is holding. Make slow smooth marks with the edges of the brush. Find your line and hold it.

A few hours practice and you'll get really good.

I never use tape and I've painted probably 1000 hours.

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When doing an edge always wipe both sides of the brush onto something before brushing. This wicks away the excess paint.

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tap the brush on the sides of the pot only swipe the paint on the side of the brush that'll be against the edge youre cutting. Brush a few strokes on the wall first to get the roll off of it. Cutting in is an art. Dont use cheap paint or cheap brushes

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been painting over 30 years

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The word 'I' is capitalized you fucking mongoloid

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Anon, he's a fucking house painter, what do you expect?

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I would expect all the garage beers to be missing after he leaves.

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First coat on the molding today, I'll get coat numero dose on tommorow, then Friday I'll hit the walls and cut into the trim. No tape fingers crossed.

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Agreed. Another reason not to use tape is the paint can find it's way behind it no matter how carefully you tape.

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Coat two faggots

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its called masking not taping
THATS how I know youre all dipshits

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