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Currently looking at getting a harbor freight earthquake electric impact 1/2 in. (63852) for side work, I have air at my dealership but not at home.
Anyone have experience with them?

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Forgive me for saying this, but AvE thinks it's a great impact and he did a good teardown and test of it. I think he actually got it to do 850 foot pounds and was shocked.

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Wasn't that the pneumatic impact wrench not the electric one?

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I saw that too. Rather surprised since pretty much everything at HF is a cheaply built throwaway product. But then it does cost $240, it's not like it's a $75 ryobi dumpster fire.

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>Harbor Freight poverty tools

just buy a proper Milwaukee, the Earthquake tools have terrible fit and finish in comparison and will loose a lot of power over time as the materials and tolerances fail.


you can get an impact with a 5.0 battery for $249 and go buy a charger off of craigslist or a pawn shop for cheap.

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He did both.


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It will probably last you a year, two if you're easy on it.

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I picked up a 24v Kobalt electric impact just like that one. It pulled the crankshaft bolt out of my engine in 10 seconds. It blasts through lug nuts for tire rotation. $250.
Been using it for a couple years now, absolutely love it

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+1 on this. Came here to tell that to OP.

Everybody knows that I love crap, but I hesitate to spend over $50 on anything from HF, especially electronics.

They only have a 90-day warranty on anything like the Earthquake. It’s a good tool, but you can spend $10 more on the Milwaukee which is a better tool and has a 5yr warranty (3yr on batteries). Comes with the free 5.0Ah battery which you can use with the M18 line that consists of more than 2 tools like Earthquake 18V, and you can find M18 chargers on Amazon or eBay for super cheap, I think brand new on Amazon was around $25.

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The Kobalt 24V has been on sale for $160 with a big battery and charger lately since they’re kinda getting rid of those tools and replacing it with Craftsman. I was looking at that until the Ridgid Octane went on sale.

The Milwaukee Fuel, the Earthquake, and the big DeWalt XR are in a different league though.

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if you dont need gobs of power a mid-torque impact like this is a great all around tool and much less weight to haul around.


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Bepis pls...

That’s what I bought Friday.

Only thing with impact wrenches and automotive, I still want the big Milwaukee. That Ridgid is awesome because it packs a ton of power for its size and will zip off lugnuts no problem, but one day I might run into a fucked axle nut where nothing else than the high torque Milwaukee or DeWalt or Earthquake will do it.

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Look for used tools before you send more money to China.

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I've used the version with a chuck, fast as all hell and torqued harder than dog shit dewalt cordless drills. Would recommend.

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I picked up that same Ridgid impact wrench last Christmas to go with the hammer drill and impact driver that was on sale at Home Depot, it was a toss-up between getting all those tools or getting just the Milwaukee wrench and I decided Ridgid was 'good enough.' Been using it for a few months now and I'm in love with it, it tears through suspension parts rusted by twenty years of New York winters with no problems, and if I find anything it can't move, that's where PB Blaster comes in 'cause I'd much rather use generous rust-breaker and lower power than go balls-out with a big gun and risk snapping a bolt.

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>'cause I'd much rather use generous rust-breaker and lower power than go balls-out with a big gun and risk snapping a bolt.


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This tbqhwy >>1610279

I wasn’t all that interested in it, I was waiting and hoping that they would release an “Octane” version with some balls. Then I got an email with the “NEW OCTANE IMPACT WRENCH!” and was real excited thinking they released a biggun, then I did some research and found out the Octane is the X5 but they had the impact ready before the batteries so they sold just changed the labels on the newest ones. If you look at the bottom of the X5 impact wrench, you will see the couple extra battery contacts on the side that the non-octane tools are missing. Pic related.

Supposedly the Octane batteries bump it up from 450ft-lbs to 620ft-lbs (it’s prob like 200 breakaway with the little 2.0) which gave me a reason to retire the heavy ass Porter Cable corded gun. Also I wanted to try the 3.0 Octane battery with other tools to see if it was a little less bulky than the regular 4.0, but you don’t get the LSA on individual batteries. So that kit wasn’t a bad deal, now I have a 2nd charger and 4 batteries all covered by the LSA and I can try that 6.0 in the Octane sawzall. I almost bought the basic drill with 2x 1.5Ah packs when it was on sale for $90 just for the batteries with the LSA and a backup charger.

Oh, and I really want to see somebody test that new Bauer corded one against an Earthquake or M18 Fuel. It has the real high breakaway number but the specs on the website say 450ft-lbs of actual torque. It looks very similar to my old Porter Cable, size and shape and all and the PC was also rated at 450 but this Ridgid Octane was busting lugnuts off faster.

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>tfw still kinda want a 1.5Ah pack for the impact driver and drill
That 3Ah is still 5 cells I think, but they aren’t 18650s. It weighs about the same as the 10 cell 4.0, and it’s far larger than regular 5 cell packs, even dwarfs Kobalt with 6 cells.

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>It's a skookum choochum, shop beer worthy, foreskin removerator that's good enough for the girls I go out with, partner
>Remember to donate some Canukian ruples and keep your stick on the ice.

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I have the harbor junk earth quake 1/2" gun.
It's not all that. I have a F250, with 33"x12.50"s. I still have to hand torque the lugs on every rotation.
I don't know if it's my compressor, or the gun is just garbage.
Here os a pic of the gun, I'll post a pic of my commie next.

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Here is the compressor I use. Whether it's full or not. It won't break the tire shop torque free.

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If you're gonna go cheap, go CHEAP. Get the $50 corded impact, it works fine.

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That compressor setup isn’t gonna do it if you want anything close to max output. The rated torque figures assumes a shop air system with a big compressor that can keep a constant 100psi+ with good fittings and hoses.

I think the Porter Cable corded is the best bang for the buck, or possibly the new Bauer. $80 for the PC, check out the Amazon reviews on it.

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Does harbor freight usually do memorial day sales?

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Yeah, I got a coupon with a 25% for memorial day when I bought some clams the other day.

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Is it just like the usual 20% off 1 item coupon they put out every week? I'm wanting to buy a wood lathe, was kinda hoping they may have store wide sales or some shit so I can grab one and a warranty for less than $200.

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I think so? I'll look when I get back home. It's in the receipt and coupon drawer in the shop.

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How long have yall had yours? I'm being pulling the direction of the Ridgid case everything I've seen alot of people love theirs. Mainly what I'm doing with it is taking off lugs to do brake jobs and other stuff ( I'm a auto tech but charge way less than the dealership)

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I just got a coupon in the mail today for 25% off one item (excluding any of the good stuff) on Memorial Day. They will probably send out emails the Thursday before, that’s how it always works.

I just got my impact last Friday. And I got my 18V drill, impact driver, and sawzall for xmas. The 12V set was the first thing I got from them and I love those things, the 12v impact driver is awesome under the hood and on interior stuff, I rarely even use screwdrivers anymore unless it’s precision stuff. Those 12V tools have as much power as last gen NiCd 18V. Also the Gen5X brushless 1/4” impact driver is rated at like 170ft-lbs which is stupid powerful. It actually removed lugnuts on my car torqued to 100ft-lbs. and the new Octane 1/4” hex impact driver is rated at 2400in-lbs which is 200ft-lbs and has a bunch of cool settings so you don’t rape every wood screw you touch.

First thoughts on the impact wrench: Auto- When you’re driving bolts on in auto, it will hit the brakes as soon as it starts to hammer so you don’t overtighten stuff. And in reverse, it hammers as fast as it can but when the nut breaks loose, it hits the breaks so you don’t spin it off and send it flying across the room. Only tried it on lugnuts so far but it gets them off in like 2 clicks, faster than that huge Porter Cable I had. Also the gun is amazingly small considering the power. Pic related shows it next to an 18V DeWalt hammer drill. And the lighting situation on the Ridgid impacts is cool, better than down by the battery.

They stepped up their game quite a bit, but if I were a mechanic by trade, I would go with Milwaukee. Not that the tools are that much better, but because of their lineup. Ridgid still doesn’t offer the seized axle nut busting high torque impact like Milwaukee. Milwaukee also has the only worthwhile 12v lineup of any company, the stubby M12 Fuel impacts are awesome, and the M12 ratchets are supposed to be a gamechanger under the hood.

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This website is your friend.


Sign up for the emails and texts on HF’s website and they will send you a 20% off coupon with that. And like every other weekend they have some sort of sale which is typically the same crap, but half the time they give you a 20% coupon in the email for that weekend. And check the mail, at least once a month I get a flyer with a 20% off coupon plus a bunch of others and those are good for a couple months before they expire.

Basically you can always find a 20% off coupon to use, but make sure you check the exclusions because you can’t use them on lots of the good stuff.

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Milwaukee has it too.
try to keep up, grandpa

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Yeeee mang.

I didn’t even realize they were bluetooth until I got them home, I just bought them for the extra power. It’s way less of a meme than I first thought. It shows the battery history like last charge, first charge, # of charge cycles, hours of use. It shows battery charge in %, a health grade, estimates the charge time to full when it’s on the charger, temperature. Then there’s the nog-proofing so it has different options to lock the battery including scheduling what time it will work and won’t, shut off with a swipe, proximity thing where it will lock when it goes out of bluetooth range, tap to ID the battery and make it beep and ring, map showing where it was last seen by bluetooth...

Milwaukee’s OneKey is similar, but I believe the M18 OneKey has the same features on the tools in addition to the battery and that’s awesome to turn your sawzall into a paperweight when Jamal gets his hands on it. Ridgid only has it on the batteries (for now).

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My thing is that I'm not doing axles or anything, just brakes and simple stuff on side for extra cash to get even better tools, I'm looking at kobalt and DeWalt as well but the Ridgid looks like a sweet deal

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The Kobalt 1/2” gun went on sale real cheap, but I think that’s sort of a clearance price because Lowe’s has been replacing all of that stuff with Craftsman.

If you want a mid torque, I don’t think you will find many complaints about the Ridgid. It’s only $10 more than the Kobalt with the sale right now and includes two big batteries. If I were starting from scratch though and had a little more money to spend, I would wait for a Milwaukee sale and maybe you can get the M18 mid-torque model as a free tool. But that’s not about the quality, the Ridgid Octane 1/2” might actually be more powerful than the mid-torque M18 models. Pic related is an awesome kit for mechanics, high torque 1/2” plus the Fuel 3/8”, unfortunately it’s like $500 and no LSA, but Milwaukee has 5yrs on tools and 3yrs on batteries while everybody else does 3yrs on tools.

And DeWalt is solid, but if you’re willing to spend the money on Yellow, you would be better off with Red because of the mechanic tool offerings.

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Also might be worth mentioning that pic related isn’t a bad deal at all if you don’t really have any power tools. That 1/4” hex driver with a socket adapter will be great for lots of stuff that is too small for the 1/2”. Those brushless impact drivers are tiny but they pack quite a punch.

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If I had cash I would, but id Ike to Ave just the driver as well. I'd probably be ordering it on eBay because the kit I posted has 2 batteries

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Just get the Milwaukee and dont regret buying trash
I wouldnt buy any cordless harbor freight tools simply for the fact they use shitty Chinese lithium cells which are low capacity and have short lifespans, regardless of the quality of the tool itself.
Plus they dont have an expansive line of tools that share batteries.

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>tells people not to buy trash
>doesn't own snap-on wrenches and sockets

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>thinking snap-on is better because it costs more
>paying a guy with a truck to bring it to you
>buying on credit because truck guy wants to keep jewing you
>end up paying five prices for same quality tool

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Says the guy who literally just broke a so called impact extension by hand.

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Sockets dont really matter much, they are easy to get right, picking the right price point is the important part.
These hand tools arent mine anyways, I only buy American made hand tools 90% of the time.
I like sunex and tekton for sockets, decent quality and good price.

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Also that Bauer HF pack for $20 had Samsung cells in it.

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Also I saved this pic because boy goes around talking about how he only uses the best with a $12 torque wrench.

You really do need a fucked brain to be a furfag.

The new Ridgid 7” grinder is an animal tho.

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>Samsung cells from China
You are aware that fake 18650s are more common than real ones at this point right?

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That's the icon torque wrench lol, that was nearly 100 dollars
It's not mine either, I'm literally at work kek
I only being my power tools with me to work since they like to use air and I hate air

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100 dollar icon
Quit smoking that crack, meth is way better for you at this point

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Holy shit that's sexy, dp'ed and everything!

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>only 7 inch
>takes 2 batteries
>my Milwaukee is a 9 inch and only needs one battery
That thing must weigh a ton, and only spins a fucking 7 inch wheel lmao

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File: 95 KB, 550x296, 3078_ITEM_ICON_1_2__DRIVE_PROFESSIONAL_CLICK-TYPE_TORQUE_WRENCH_1553740390.3992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You fucked up pic related
>You fucked up again, I got a gearwrench (KD) that goes from 20 ft lbs to 250 ft lbs for 60 brand new

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I didnt buy it, my boss did, I dont know if he used a coupon or not.
I can ask him if you'd like?

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Fire him

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Epic reply
>it's nearly 100 dollars
99.99, essentially 100, hell even 90 is only 10% less than 100 which is still nearly 100.
Why are you reaching so hard?
It's actually pretty cringe bro
Have sex.

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Someone sounds triggered.
Go back to /pol/ cuck

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>thinks I'm triggered
Pot kettle black?
I'm in my garage listening to gay furry music restoring my old American vintage vises, I'm comfy as can be

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You’re delusional in so many ways friendo

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Weak reply, try again

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Your delusional in so many weighs

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that Ridgid grinder can run off of one battery, the second one is only to extend its run-time.

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Oh look ma, the namefags are having a catfight. Big fucking surprise, huh.

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Your stepdad isn’t happy about the engine block on his kitchen counter. And your mother is kept awake every night wondering where she went wrong and how her son became a tweaker who likes to get fucked by guys in fox costumes. She cries because she is too old to have another son who might be able to give her grandchildren one day.

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None of this is accurate, try again/reply again

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Take the air pill, anon. Get a compressor for home.

>> No.1611959

>air tools

might as well buy a scythe to mow his lawn right grandpa?

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You need to drop some money on a compressor setup if you want anywhere near that kind of power from an impact. You can spend $250 on a little 6gal compressor and Earthquake air gun but it’s not going to come anywhere close to its rated torque with babby 1/4” hoses and fittings.

Air compressor is still good to have but you need to to go big if you want the tools to keep up with modern brushless battery powered tools. And you’re still missing out on the portability unless you drop $3000+ on a gas powered compressor.

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This. If you don't already have air, don't bother with it.

>> No.1612051

I bought one a few years ago to redo the entire front end on Chevy s10. Worked great. Picked it up again a few months ago to replace the tie rod ends on my wife's car and it worked.

>> No.1612146

Still worth having a little hot dog or pancake for airing up tires.

>> No.1612150

>the only tool I care about are impact wrenches!

Also stop acting like air impact wrenches are weak or something. Air is the pinnacle of the workshop. Versatile as fuck.

>> No.1612152

>of the workshop
That says it all, they’re totally useless outside of the workshop. If you can spring for a 60gal compressor that runs on 240v in the corner of your garage, go for it. But that doesn’t do shit when you need to sand something at a neighbor’s house or change a trailer tire on the side of the road.

And I was including other air tools here. There’s only a couple things you can really run on a smaller compressor where it makes sense and you get real power, mostly staplers and nailers. All the other air tools will ask for way too much and anything that you can roll on wheels and runs off 120V will struggle to keep up.

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Op here. My issue is I live in an apartment and my complex would have a bitch fit it a had a loud compressor like that, that's why I'm looking at electric stuff.
When I have a house you bet your ass I'm getting a HUGE compressor but as for now I need it quiet and low key.

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