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Has anyone here ever refined oil at home? Or developed a small refinery for personal use?

it would seem pretty useful for preppers and when SHTF

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Closest I've heard about is the guys that get serious about biodiesel ow ethanol or methane production.

Fun hobby for amateur chemist. Please mind your garage is a rather large fuel air bomb in the right conditions now and could destroy your neighborhood, so please be careful and dont ruin it for everyone by fucking up

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>it would seem pretty useful for preppers and when SHTF
...Where the fuck are you going to get crude oil from?
Just gonna dig a well in your backyard?

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The Exxon Valdez will be conveniently fully stocked and set adrift nearby.

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IF you have crude oil, it’s essentially a still. You heat the crude, and condense the evaporate.
It’ll be hard to control the quality of the collected materials- everything from benzene to gasoline’s to heating oil.

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This hypothetical assumes that you have access to a well or somewhere with stock of crude

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Crude oil used to be available from mineral seeps near the surface. The phrase "snake oil" refers to the oil collected and bottled from Lake Seneca, then sold as a medicinal in the 19th century.

Problem is, most of those sources are long since depleted.

All these sources are problematic. Ethanol/methanol require a ton of vegetable sugars, and are corrosive to fuel lines unless you take precautions. Wood gas requires the availability of wood in quantity, which is fine except that some disaster scenarios may leave you with no wood for years to come. Ditto for even animal power: livestock requires feed.

Eventually you can cook up an ethanol based system, but how do you survive from now until then? Stockpiles? PV/wind/hydro?

I'd at least have a human-powered backup. Pic related is a screw-cutting metal lathe, pedal-powered, from the late 19th century. I'm surprised there isn't a modern equivalent.

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>(Continued, sort of)

All that said, OP has it right to be thinking of this. You can't stockpile your way to eternity. A good grounding in chemistry and supplies to allow for processing of all kinds of chemicals in bulk is a vital and totally ignored part of most shtf plans. There's a plan for soap and booze, but little more than that.

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I saw some company selling an at home system to refine organic materials into biodiesel. It was around $3000 for the basic model. I prefer spending my money on guns to steal stuff if SHTF.

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14 grams of KOH per liter of used vegetable oil for biodiesel.

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Plastic pyrolisys is one very easy source.

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They're is, it's called a lathe. Just happens to run on electricity now

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Just learn to build a wood gas vehicle, its actually very simple. Pic very related

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>methane production
Do the BRAP Barns really exist?

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Someone hasn't seen Mad Max 3!
But yeah, I've read about them too; they use an inflatable balloon that fills up, which is also understandably incredibly dangerous, so it can be illegal in some places.

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Does the fire generate the 1.21 jiggawatt needed for time travel?

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Distillation to get kerosene, but your product will be high in sulfur, and the the residual oil will fuck up most of your equipment. Hydrogen sulfide is a risk as well.

Bio diesel is likely your better option.

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I mean a human powered modern equivalent.

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No, the only no nuclear source of electricity that can generate that sort of power is a lightning bolt. And you never know when or where one will strike.

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I have always been interested in woodgas. How do you prevent tar and other contaminats from fucking up the engine?

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It's supposed to go through a condenser stage where all the junk gets scoured.

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Not him but i am sitting at work and i can see 6 pumpjacks. A 2 mile walk and all i have to do is open a valve for more natural gas than any 3 homes could possibly consume. Shitloads of old houses here have 800 gallon propane tanks tied to them.

Hell, my dads neighbor has a windmill running an oil well. We pulled it when i was a kid. It's like 300 feet deep. Doesn't even hit the saltwater table. Legally just drains into a creek. Short term you'd be fine just drinking it straight out of the lead line if you let it settle out and seperate water/oil first.

Yall wantinting to jerry rig an entire industrial facility designed by a crew of engineers in your garage without a GED even fucking kill me.

Find a natural gas well or raid any large manufacturing facility. Throw a ball valve on somewhere in the gas lines or just find one you can tap into. There's enough pressure and ambient gas you could run a small community. Natural gas generator would give you electricity and run an electric water pump from a well or 5.


Citicucks become 4th world shithole at day 2 of a natural disaster. Us "Cleatuses" laugh our ass off and just glad for a couple days off work while we drink beer and help each other re-roof our houses.

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Just turn litterally any motor you find laying around into a steam engine and throw a protective box over it or put the drivetrain far enough from people that it doesn't blow you up. Make a ramp to drop fuel down or use a gas/liquid and pipe it.


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I cordially invite the entirety of you autists to my town. Once we get some sort of descent long range fuel and sufficient protective gear we will go lay claim on a couple of full storage tanks the size of 4 city blocks and 40 feet high each.

I can teach even the dumbest of to tool around in equipment and be usefull.

No need to cut firewood when you can just grab trees and throw them in with a hoe or push up a 2 acre signal fire.

Need a well dug? K.

The only real problem we would have is not having to fight for food. But i also can teach us how to toss up and industrial worm farm and just power through until the fish farm is up and running.

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Pic related is the pyrolysis reactor/ soon to be gasifier that I'm working on. I'm doing wood and oil shale (different from shale oil) copyrolysis and gasification in my uni lab. I didn't build the reactor myself but a simple reactor can be constructed with about 500€ and maybe a week if you haven't done it before but have decent DIY skills and someone to help with simple tasks. For pyrolysis you would need an inert (i.e.nitrogen) environment that could reach somewhere around 800C. You'd have to lead the oil gases through a condenser and collect them. And the fuel would probably wreck the motor. Gasification would be a better way because you can just put the gasifier on your car and fit a new motor. But you have to clean the gasifier very often. There are tons of materials about cars running on wood on the internet. The Germans really developed these technologies in the 30s to the oil embargo.

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Yup. Build pallet load of legal ar-15. SHTF. Rebuild and "forget" to instal a pin.

>help i accidentally full auto...

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If I was going to that much effort, I'd look more into pyrolysis of regular plant matter into light crude oil like what's described here:

It seems like it might be a bit tricky to diy, but you could then take garden and vegetable waste and turn it into an oil product, from which I'd hope you could extract not only diesel, but also other valuable chemicals like benzene and toluene.

While probably tricky to get right as a diyer, the inputs are fairly basic, flexible, and readily accessible. Wood would be relatively valuable in a lot of places, even near me which has a lot of natural forest, but it's not real dense. Even offal and fats mentioned in that wiki article would be better used for other things.

Nitrogen is another thing. I'm not really sure if it's necessary in the system I'm thinking, but nitrogen would be almost as important to get as fuel oils if you had to start civilisation from scratch. I've been planning on attempting to extract nitrogen from air and turning it into nitric acid at home as a kind of introductory chemistry experiment. Nitrates would be the biggest end goal, but I guess it may be feasible to then extract back out nitrogen gas, separate out oxygen and other stuff, then run it into a tank through a compressor.

>GROW your food!
>KILL your enemies!
>EXTRACT nitrogen TODAY!

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Producing gaseous fuel by either thermal or biological conversion would be more realistic as a DIY project. Producing diesel of decent quality from variable inputs would be very difficult because it would be necessary to constantly adjust the process depending on the qualities of your raw inputs. Even the guys who steal crude oil in African and S. American countries have trouble refining the fuel into decent quality. It would be really cool if you actually tried, but gasification or fermentation would probably be better ways to start producing your own transport fuel.

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>litterally any motor you find laying around

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This. There will be plenty of waste oil around if you really need fuel. There's also plenty of diesel generators that will be salvageable. I don't know what the eff you would ever need a car for, except to move long distance once in a while. And it's easy to find a diesel car. At that point, you're better of with horses, burros, and mules IMHO. It's a lot easier to find fuel for beasts than for engines.

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You'd still want diesel for tractors and combines and shit like that though. Also a car would be good for scrapping and collecting resources. Plus, most people know fuck all about animal husbandry.

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I'm trying to figure out how to refine drip gas. I have free natural gas and access to the holding tanks for all the condensate and salt water. Only solution so far I see is lower the compression or add ethanol.

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What would you need to make this run on steam? a boiler and 2 stroke converted to steam running an alternator to a battery bank and inverter?

They do it in places like Africa and Syria to pirate the crude oil. I think they used to refine their own gas in the US a long time ago but stopped because what you would be getting is low or no octane and lots of heptane. You could burn that in a 2 stroke or lawn mower but modern cars it wouldnt meet the octane ratings. No clue where the diesel cracks off but that would probably burn in a modern diesel. I think you'd kiss things like propane and bhutane good bye unless you piped it and lit it off your plant to produce steam unless you where an expert at ghetto rigging a closed system with refrigerants. Jet fuel seems volatile but who knows. Maybe it's cold outside. Best bet is probably diesel, kerosene, crude gasoline and then your oils like sewing machine oil and motor oil in what you'd be able to produce. In it's crudest form it's distilling technology. The ones I think the Syrians where using is as crude


What we're seeing here is a pot still pumped into pipes into a pond to act as the condenser. at 3:44 you can see where the product exits the condensor.

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jet fuel is just a lighter gas to save weight for use where weight matters

how would you convert a 2 stroke to steam lol

and a 2 stroke requires octane same as a 4 stroke

higher compression = higher octane requirement

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>What would you need to make this run on steam? a boiler and 2 stroke converted to steam running an alternator to a battery bank and inverter?

A steam turbine is more like a waterwheel or a windmill, than a two stroke engine. It just spins around, instead of converting that linear motion into rotational motion, which is what the piston does.

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I would love to know more. Mostly interested in the temps they get what Petro chemical. A little ethanol could solve that octane issue.

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Rapeseed oil can be used in older diesel engines straight up. It was even Diesel's idea behind the engine.


Simple wood gasifier

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