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I picked up this cool old book but it appears to have been in a house fire or something. No flame damage but it is covered in soot. Does anyone have any tips on cleaning this thing up?

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1957 BH&G edition. It would cost you more money to restore than it's worth if it's not 1st Edition.

Replace it for $5 (5th Edition)


t. Bibliophile

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It is not about money. I'd like to learn about fixing it up and have something not terribly valuable to practice on.

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It looks like tobacco smoke accumulated over the years on something sitting on a shop shelf loosely closed, not soot. A 1:10 solution of ammonia to distilled water lightly swabbed on (enough to touch the stain but not soak into the paper) and then pulled off with a dry clean cotton cloth *might* work on tobacco on glossy paper of that era.

I wouldn't count on any success with means available to the average person for that level of nicotine staining.

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It is not tobacco smoke. I grew up with smokers. It doesn't have the uniform tar coating or smell associated with smokers. That shit is sticky and smells god awful. When my grandmother died, of lung cancer, we threw most everything she owned away because of the tar. This has a much less intense and different smell and the stains aren't sticky at all.

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Dry ice dusting

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I'll look into it. Thank you.

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Just flip to the soot cleaning section, anon.

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