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/diy/ I want to build a murphy because I'm moving into a studio apartment soon. However, I won't be able to mount it to the walls so I need help on how to build one that's free-standing.

Any advice?

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Fucking Magnets

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idk how they work, but I don't think they'll help me to get a murphy bed that is highly stable when in the closed position.

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pee in a bunch of garbage bags and make a water bed

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You can buy hardware kits for these.
Rockler sells them. Im sure google knows more.

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Yeah I'm aware of the kits, but I'm specifically looking to make sure it's self-standing and won't tip over when the bed is stowed away. Those kits still rely on wall-mounting

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If you cant mount to wall mount to floor.

If you cant mount to floor just weight the base .

If you cant weight the base make it so it is 1/4 inch short of touching the ceiling then hammer wedges between ceiling and bed

If you cant do that make it so it flips up past vertical and leans back into the wall

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Or, consider a futon.
Couch by day, bed by night.

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futon cushions are always shit-tier. they're neither good sofas nor good mattresses.

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Have you thought about mounting it to the wall?

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Sleep on the floor. It takes like a week to get used to.

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Based on your constraints and wants maybe try a loft bed.
>pic related

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yeah just admit you're never going to use your bed for sex

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I've shagged a girl in the top bunk of a bunk bed. We damn near shook it apart. It's doable, but highly inadvisable. I doubt the bunk bed would have survived another round.

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All I see is it snapping shut like a mouse trap

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Why can't Americans drill into walls in their rentals?

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It's written into many rental contracts that you must return the unit to the "same condition" it was in before you started living there or your security deposit is forfeit. Some landlords are very jewish and will use this clause to keep hundreds of dollars of your security deposit over shit like putting in a couple of small drywall anchors to hang some pictures.

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yeah but all you have to do is spackle/mud the holes and paint over em. Worst worst case you end up painting the whole room, which is not 700 dollars worth of work.

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As far as I know you have to actually damage the property in the UK to lose your deposit. Deposits are held in a Deposit Protection Scheme so the landlord can't just decide to withhold it for ... reasons.

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Some landlords are better than others, the worst are large, corporation owned apartment units. I lost my $500 deposit and had to pay an extra $400 because of shit like paying $50 for every burned out lightbulb that wasn't replaced, $75 per window for not cleaning the inside AND outside of the windows (I lived on the 2nd floor and had no ladder to reach the outside of the windows), $200 for a "professional carpet cleaning" even though I had borrowed a friend's carpet cleaning machine and spent like 5 hours cleaning all the carpet in the apartment 3 times... I was 19 years old at the time and didn't really read the rental agreement when I signed it because I didn't know any better.

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Most people aren't that handy though, and god forbid you end up getting some paint drops on the carpet and they charge you for replacing the carpet in the entire room then.

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Wow, that sounds terrible. $50 per light bulb? That's clearly profiteering, there's no way they could justify that charge. Was there no way to challenge the charges other than litigation?

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They gave me an itemized list of "the damages" and demanded that I pay them the extra $400-ish amount that my $500 deposit didn't cover. If I wanted to dispute that then they said that I could take it up with their legal department... My roommate and I were both in the process of moving to different cities and didn't feel like messing with their bullshit so we each paid our $200 and were done with them.

The $50 per light bulb was bullshit though because they got us for 2 bulbs in the kitchen which had a track light with like 8 of those little 20w halogen plug-in bulbs that go out all the fucking time. You can buy those things for like $4 a piece and replace them with a step-stool in 10 seconds flat.

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>Most people aren't that handy though

Most people are lazy, ignorant, lack foresight, and/or are outright stupid, but come the fuck on here. You would have to be legitimately mentally handicapped to be unable to cram some stuff into a small hole and run a paintbrush over it. Putting down a dropcloth is a similar level of difficulty.

I've never heard of anyone hesitating to hang something on a wall in a rental/apartment for that reason. Doing something like running ethernet through a wall, sure, but not small holes for drywall anchors or screws into studs.

OP, there's flat-out no way to do this safely without adding a HUGE amount of weight (probably around half a ton at least) to the bottom. Just mount it to the wall. Fix the holes after. As just mentioned, it's not a big deal.

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In future it's always worth doing a small claims thing, In the US it costs at most around $200 and you usually would get that back although it depends on area. So long as it isn't a totally frivolous thing obv, but that isn't. Where you might trip up on property is if it comes under delapidation, that only affects larger, longer term and usually commercial properties tho.

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eh, maybe

Like I said, I was moving to another city hundreds of miles away, it just wouldn't have been worth it to travel back and go through the hassle of small claims court over a few hundred dollars.

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That's fair, often people settle without you having to turn up.

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This times a million

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>Not replacing burned out light bulbs when you move out
Stop being a lazy careless nigger

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>That's clearly profiteering
That's the American way.

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>not taking all the lightbulbs with you
Hey, why don't you let your landlord go to town on your boipussy while you're at it being shafted everywhere else?

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We bought normal light bulbs and regularly changed those out as they died but we never picked up any of those little 2 prong halogens for the track lights because there was another large fluorescent fixture right next to it in the kitchen and the 2/8 missing bulbs on the track lighting wasn't even noticeable.

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I had a 1200 dollar security deposit witheld for a bunch of shit I didn't do. So I did a few grand worth of dammage to the AC. Dishwasher fridge and some doors. Fuck them.

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While at uni some friends of friends were told they wouldn't be seeing their deposit back by their landlord and promptly spent the last month or so totally trashing the place.

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This is awesome. The next time I change rentals I'm looking for the lowest deposit I can find, then from day one I'm going to destroy everything in the place. Landlords will eventually learn that security deposits are wrong and they will stop requiring them.

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You idiots do realize that landlords can sue you for any damages that end up costing more to repair than your security deposit covers right?

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I wish you told me that before I burned my old home down.

This would never have happened if it was brick building.

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Give the base of the case long feet outward?

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and give the far end of the swing out part little legs under or, no fuck that, make the frame slant fuck this Im drawing it.

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Yeah, but they won't bother it the value is low enough.

I once got a default judgment in small claims court on a technicality because nobody from my corporate landlord bothered to respond to the notices or show up. Got my $750 back and avoided another $1000 they wanted to charge me because the notice I received was postmarked too long after my move out date.

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I have a Folbed and I'm happy with it, I'm very happy with it.
It's simple to make except for giant custom springs that keeps the bed in vertical position when it's closed, but you could just build some lock on top so it doesn't open on its own.

I could take some pics for you etc. but I won't be back home untill next week.

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Not qualified to answer but would it stay level against the wall better if you sanded down the bottom on the right angle? like leaning a chair against a wall etc.

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yeah, youre right. if she want to do the sex she can bring a yoga mat.

After 25 you realize having nice clean sheets and an orderly room beats some lusty sex where your forced to go do laundry, spend another 20 minutes changing bed, cleaning floors and frames.

Maybe im just wierd but seeing handprints from dried vaginal secretions and semen on bed frames, desks and hardwood floors the next day is just unsettling. Honestly, i prefer a 10 minute localized missionary, followed by shower, brushed teeth then sleep.

My room is a retreat where i go to be at peace or focus on stuff that matters.

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Make a mechanism where when the bed folds out have legs with heavy duty free rolling casters to compensate for the lever.

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Sleep on the floor. You get used to it and your bones align naturally.

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I pound my gf in a mattress with no frame or boxspring, it's a matt on a floor
sex is amazing and I just through the sheets in the washer, no muss no fuss
my only desire is to be freed of my carnal sins, but alas, I am slave to big asian booty

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>won't tip over when the bed is stowed
All you need for that is a locking mechanism that can handle the weight of the bed frame, box spring, and mattress. I'd personally consider keeping the mattress in the proper position in the bed frame to be the hard part of this project.

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That last thing would be a bit precarious when raising and lowering the bed. Without any kind of weighting/anchoring the frame is going to want to rock a bit when you raise the bed. Maybe doing something to widen the base a bit would help, but that would kind of defeat the purpose.

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>sleep and pound on a memory foam mattress for awhile
>years pass
>get frisky, do it on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur

No, but really it was much better having the firm floor than the soft foam.

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