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My Dad has two old drive in speakers. He asked me if there's anyway to hook them up to an iPod/iPhone. I'm sure there is I just don't know how. He's moving into an old folks home next month, he needs to use a wheelchair because he can barely walk, I really want to do this for him. What is the best way to do this??

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Get one of those small bluetooth speakers and gut it. Use a blank and put the usb charger port in the bottom where the cord goes.

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What does the button do?

+ Headphone jack for input, + 5vdc wall wart or a power bank (USB)

Can be easily done for like 30 bucks.

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>What does the button do?
not OP, but those are volume knobs on the units I've played with.

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Thank you for posting this. That nob is the volume. So I hook up a headphone jack to that little piece and hook some kinda power to the other side???

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So I see THIS is often bought with it

Would it be easy to make this a Bluetooth receiver?? Also, he has two. Do you think it'd be okay to hook em both up at once or would it sound weird?

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If you have 2 speakers and you're set on them, you're better off finding a set of 2 wireless pairing Bluetooth speakers, gutting them, and putting the speakers in the new case. They won't have the antique quality anymore though, which is why I suggested the amp board.

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Also, yes, that would work, but then you have to worry about buttons and all that with Bluetooth. And can grandpa even figure out how to pair it?

Regardless, you would just hook up the output of that Bluetooth board to the amp, split your 5VDC incoming between the 2 boards and it would work.

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