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>calls himself a carpenter
>doesn't even own a corner clamr that holds joints at 90 angel

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Also retarded tools thread

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I built my own jig, beat that

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I buy my 90 degree angles

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How do you weld wood?

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What is JB Weld?
*Drops Mic*
*Picks mic up*
*Shit, I broke it.*
*Takes it to shop and takes it apart*
*Sits on bench for 6 weeks before I just toss it.*

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with a very expensive machine. carpent this:

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The only purpose of such a clamp is to use terrible joinery practices that result in weak joints. If you cut your joints rproper they will square and hold themselves together. Truely a retarded tool.

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>carpenter owns quick square
>carpenter has wood glue
>carpenter has two hands
>only has to hold together the joint for a minute.

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thats for noobs.. real pros dont need such clamps because their joints are so good they will fit together perfectly and glue up nice

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>joints at 90 degree angel

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It's for picture framing you silly nogs

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>90 angel

thinks he's the smart one...

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My sides are orbiting the moon, anon.

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