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What am I doing wrong with my clothes? Brand new t-shirts look like this after a few months. I never iron them just hang them and leave them to dry. I only wash on 40 C.

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Get a wife

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What sort of water do you have? Maybe its hard water.

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Do you use any fabric softener? Maybe try washing them with colder water as well. Looks like the shirt is made from a couple of different materials and one of them is shrinking more than the other.

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It most certainly is hard. Shouldn't laundry detergent have something in it to soften hard water?

It is 100% cotton, supposedly. But now that I checked the label that is stitched into it, it says wash on 30 C. Goddamn.

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You dose the detergent according to water hardness. There's probably a chart on the back or in your washing machine manual.

>now that I checked the label that is stitched into it, it says wash on 30 C. Goddamn.
What the fuck what did you wash it on? Why would you wash it on anything but 30°C?

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not op
i wash everything at 40
i dont even bother reading the labels
as long as i gets the shit stains out of my undies i don't care.

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you have to shake it really hard (sacudir in spanish) before hanging them.

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You hang up your t shirts?

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You are taking your shirt off incorrectly, stretching the collar out

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You've got a big fucking head.

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Put the shirt on over your head
You dont step into it like the dresses youre use to wearing

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>hang them and leave them to dry
This is your problem. I'm betting you put it on a hanger. That will stretch out the neck of any t-shirt, polo, or knit. If you have to hang it upside down with clothespins.

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>you put it on a hanger
No, I dry them on pic related.

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$5 says you put your arm through the neckhole to put on your deodorant/antiperspirant.

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looks like you are stretching it out bro
if ALL your shirts look like this after a few months and its ONLY the neckhole that looks like that u gotta be doing something to stretch it. maybe its the way u put it on or the way u take it off, but id guess that if something in the wash was doing it it would happen to the arm holes too at the very least

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No, I don't.

It's most visible on the necks, but I noticed these waves or whatever on this hoodie along the zipper as well. Not sure if it's visible enough, it's 1 AM.

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You sweat a lot. That's what ruin my shirts like that.

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Water is too hot, try cold wash

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Zippers get wavy because cotton shrinks but metal doesn't.

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>just hang them and leave them to dry

you just answered your own question

try hanging them by just laying them overtop of your clothesline

whatever youre hanging them with (coathangers?) is stretching the necks. wet shirt = heavy and will stretch out whatever part of the shirt is taking all the weight as it dries

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>I only wash on 40 C.
well there's your problem, wash on 30.
also don't stretch out the necks
also buy decent clothes. like a fucking shit with buttons.

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That shit is stretched out big head mof

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Not allowed buttons in my line of work

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Try using heavy water.

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Do you mean I'm not using a long enough washing program?

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Do you sleep in them? Maybe don't. I have a big head and f things up pretty quickly but do a bit better if i make an effort not to fall asleep on the couch or something. Im thinking that they don't make em like they used to.

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Who in their right mind would ever do that?

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