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I mean this style that goes under cars.
The way it works is, it logs its location via GPS, every <insert time interval here> and stores that data on a hard drive.
After you retrieve the device and plug the hard drive in the computer you get the list of all locations logged.
The entire device is in a plastic box, that connects to the undersize of a car via strong magnet.
Can you make one yourself?

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Yes, a Raspberry Pi Zero with a GPS hat on it. Depending on the hat, you may have to get direct sight to the sky, and you'll have to provide a power source

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Making a gps tracker when you have line of sight to the sky is easy. Im wondering about the kind that doesnt need that.

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You can buy countless gps units that output serial data. You do not need a raspi or sbc to interface with it, a microcontroller can write to sd card without usb required, also GREATLY reduce power consumption.
Under a car is the ideal place for gps, other than on the roof. Maybe just don't put it right in the middle and try to keep away from exhaust or anything moving.
But signal is better reflected from the road than inside the cabin generally...

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Can you give some links? Im totally new to this.

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Its just going to degrade in accuracy but it will fix mostly, the neo6mv2 I have works inside a building, just with terrible (~40m) accuracy. If you literally would like to have that thing under a car, well, it will fix.

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This isn't to go on a girls car, who you aren't married to, is it?

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Stop stalking people, jamal

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Im a student of electrical engineering intrested in spy toys and millitary tech.
I will probably sell it after im done making it.

Im white, you spazing pickle brain.

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> Im a student of electrical engineering

Then do your own project

Pic related, it's OP

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also GREATLY increase $$$

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>ublox gps module

Yes it's possible, it's also possible to buy the same thing from Aliexpress

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Why would you not be able to make a chip store numbers
Why are you fucking retarded

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Just use a cheap phone

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You're Jamal where it counts: on the inside
Do your own fucking homework.

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lmao are you retarded?

>let me build a GPS receiver
>and a cellular transceiver
together in the same unit and running on battery power
fucking neck yourself.

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I know this is /diy/ and all but these things are all over amazon and cheap af

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>student of electrical engineering
>asking if it's possible to make a gps to log data


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Im mostly asking how, not if.

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>please spoon feed me
You've been told how several times.

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>Can you make one yourself?

Yes. Yes, I can.

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put a GPS shield on one of those arduino controllers and write a few lines of code


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Guys please do my project for me

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That's electronic.

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>Can you make one yourself?


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Get in line or get an original thought there's 100s of those on eBay.

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Lol op you dipshit, this isn't a board to talk about doing things yourself

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OP, you are obviously severely retarded and do not posses the capacity to construct the device in question.

Otherwise it's trivial and there are many similar hobby projects online, especially for APRS.

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