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What can i do with this, picked it up for $10.

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Pump water while submerged.
See it to some fucking retard with no use for it for $10.

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Next idea. That one was boring.

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Could i put it in a kayak with a power source and water intake at the front of kayak and pump it out the back?

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buy a cart.

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You'd move faster by pumping the water into the kayak.

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Use it to suck the intelligence out of people's heads like you did with this thread.

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Why do you think I got it so cheap? I bought it off your mom after she’d finished using it to prolapse her own colon

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I dont understand how this would work. I would sink.

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> transfer clean water from a rainwater cistern, reservoir, shaft or garden well to where you want it.

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It's capacity is 6000L per hour. 1kg per L.
6000kg/hour / 3600 seconds/hour. 1.66kg per second.
In a situation with no friction, a 80kg person and a 20kg kayak you'd move one meter in 3 seconds. However, there is friction and a kayak works by pushing the water out of its way. So you'll just be bullied by current and you won't move anywhere.

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Einhell is shit, bought it once never again

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Use it to find out how much water you can pump into your rectum before you die

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Theres a cheap one in my plastic cat fountain. You could also use it to watercool your macbook

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Isn’t that the true test of a great product? You only had to buy it once!

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>calling anon fucking retard
>phone-posting faggot
never change /diy/

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