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I need to know how to dismantle a master padlock. It's not showing anywhere on google so far..no ads no specs no nothing. What I have is a 50mm brass "version" of the 141d, but it's not 141d bec. I have a 50mm variant. The closest I found is an aluminum body 40mm. And I found no dismantle video of it.
Why I want to dismantle it? I want to rekey it with a more...sinister core.

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Are you trying to bust it or actually take it apart?

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Tbh I would just take a flat head and a hammer to it thay usually does the trick

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Look up lockpicking lawyer on YouTube he has a lot of videos on dismantling different locks on there you should find some videos on dismantling master locks

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You can't without destroying it. If you wanna rekey get an American Lock or MasterLock ProSeries.

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Master does make rekeyable locks(the proseries) but they generally suck unless you change the core/cylinder.

American and General padlock brands are rekeyable and Don't suck.

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take the shroud off and look for the pins
just drill them all out until something happens

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Often there is a screw down the shackle hole.

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The important questions

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$20 dremel and a cutting disc.

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Give it back, Tyrone

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American is now owned by Masterlock and they have been slowly cheaping out everything. The pins are not as sharp anymore, the cores dont have a 6th hole anymore, no anti-bypass wafers, soft metal for the retainer post, zinc body.
As the old stock is slowly being sold out the lack of quality is coming in.

Ive switched to using Yale (Assa Abloy) for padlocks and Schlage (Ingersol Rand) for doors.
Kwickset and Masterlocks are only slightly better than zip ties.

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On skinny long side of lock where the pins face is where they were inserted. Followed by a brass plug pressed in on top of the spring and top n bottom pins. Start sanding on that side. Faint circles will appear. Drill tap and pull plugs. One is the core retainer pin.

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Master locks are shit and easy to pick, hell just get two wreanch and you can breack thier best lock in less then 20 seconds

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Go buy a high quality ABUS if you want to rekey it.

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