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Been going at this for a few weeks trying to get under the slab for a secret bunker. Whats the best way to go about supporting the house while I dig under it?

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House is two storey might be a bit heavy for 2 bits of 4

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Shuttup you goddamn faggot Chile

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2019 still using jewgle

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There's a google reverse image search button right on this website. Try using it before someone trolls you again.

Sorry I had to ruin you dig flood troll thread, kid.

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Google reverse search is useless, but yandex works great.

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It the spirit of the thread, I have your answer right here OP

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I don't get the point of these "look guys im doing it wrong" threads. If getting people to think you're retarded is the goal, then congratulations.

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These OPs are the equivalent of selfie sluts shitting up social media with their duck faces

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>i know all the tricks of 4chan!
>nice try troll!
>how dare you try to have fun on MY subreddi- i mean board!

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>google reverse image search button
wtf? where? ur kidding right m8?

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Are you going just right underneath the slab or will you dig a ways? Anyways, I’d buy or rent a concrete saw and chop a 3’x3’ hole in the bed room or garage and dig down from there. Out of the way of prying eyes. For supports? 2x4 and eventually a concrete floor with CBM walls.

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>massive hole in his yard
>announces it on the internet

this one didnt make me laugh/10

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this is such an old meme i still love it
>only oldfags will get it

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the best material to support your house is a soft but compressible amalgam, such as soil.

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