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Union Ironworker currently working on the worlds largest residential building. AMA

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Pic related Last week we passed the empire state building

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has anyone fallen off?

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No, however we did have a security guard crushed to death by a window last summer

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crushed by a window? as in a single window pane pain fuck plain paen pane?

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op here, forgot to mention that i'm gay. not sure if that matters

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Yup. on a huge residential like this there's 15/18 foot ceilings so the windows are massive and can weigh upwards of a ton

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and how thick is the glass? how tall is the building? how far up do these windows go on the building

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the building is going to stand 1550', the Glass is about 8" thick. It's the worlds biggest cantilever structure as well so I believe there are 3 180' spans that are just reinforced steel and concrete and no homes, so no windows. shit is pretty nuts. takes about 20 minutes to just get to the top in the morning on the hoist elevator

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Op here, just fyi I suck cock as a side job if you're near my jobsite

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I dont slap the cock out of your mouth and tell you how to do your job buddy

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link us to a picture of what the exterior is supposed to look like?

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Do a backflip.

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op here, i prefer dudes if that's relevant.

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Have you pissed over the edge?

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Don't feed the trolls, m8.
What's it pay? How long you been in this line of work? Moar pics? Mebbe shoot a video and webm it for us if you're able.

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Launch a bunch of paper airplanes and see how far they fly

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how much does it pay?

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why aren't we building deeper underground instead?

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This, try to hit the OWTC.

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I get about 96 an hour I've been in the trade for 8 years.

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Absolutely. you get fired if they catch you but why put a bathroom 10 floors below and expect me to walk/climb. sometimes I shit against columns like a bear and wipe my ass with blueprints

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ay pero que sucio el obrero!

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You've been in that other thread, haven't you?

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Costs too much.

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Why does a modern building need iron workers?

We use steel now retard.

Go back to 1895.

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return to reddit

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Of course we use steel fucko

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>fired from a union job
Good joke.

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As a kid I grew up fantasizing about new york, but as the age went by and being less of a fan of multiculturalism it kinda faded away, looking at your pic it brought me those youth feels back. How is the city in reality?

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Whats the scale like? And how hard was it to get in? Any tips for someone looking to get into that trade

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That you Based Holeanon?

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So why the fuck do you need ironworkers?

Riveting some cast iron plates?
Then jump off the top and fuck off.

Let the steel fabricators do their jobs and get out the way.

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>them digits tho
do you like heights?
are you safety minded on the job?
are you afraid of heights?

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Protip: Steel is mostly made of Iron
Ironic, I know. but that's the way it is

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Have any secret agents been in yet to assess 'demolition'

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Will the chimks and Arabs buy all the property before any yanks get a look in?

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How much does the cement weigh compared to normal heavy aggregate street cement?

I’ve heard certain companies have made ultra-lightweight, fast setting hybrid stuff for buildings like this.

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Most of the human body is Oxygen.

Therefore we are Oxygen

>burger logic


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SE here,
Normal weight concrete 150 pcf (density)
Light weight concrete 100-125 pcf
Ultra light weight ~80 pcf

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Were you afraid of heights before you took this job or it never bothered you beforehand?

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Pfft , no you don’t.
Why do you union guys always have to exaggerate, if you’re going to stretch the truth at least be realistic , yes I realize when you work 60 hour weeks you can make that but it’s not a standard 40/week salary not including your furlough time.

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SE here.

For those of you who aren't retards:

Normal Weight Concrete: 24kN/m3

Normal Weight Reinforced Concrete: 25kN/m3

Light weight Concrete: from 8kN/m3 up to 20kN/m3 to EN 206:2016
Add varying amounts of reinforcement depending on the amount of tension.
Between 1-1.5kN/m3

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Whenever I find myself at a high place where it would be easy to just throw myself off, I have to concentrate really hard to not throw myself off. I find this somewhat unsettling as I don't have suicidal tendencies when I'm on the ground.

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How much is one of those glass panels? Where can I get one?

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What's the best brand for angle grinders?

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it's not a lie. i manage prevailing wage jobs in the city and LI some times. You can look up PW wages on NY DOL site. shit's insane. I have ex cons getting into fist fights over who gets to go on the jobs.

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Similar here. I worry so much about trying not to fall or lose my balance that I find myself losing my balance. Fuck heights.

Don't know how you do it OP.

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your retarded if you just think iron workers are for iron

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You wouldn't happen to be native Mohawk from North County NY/Cornwall? I recall reading something decades ago that said most NYC Ironworkers were from the Akwesasne reserve...

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no i'm not a filthy casino nigger. i'm a white man. I don't do ironwork either. I'm in the environmental field

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actually its mostly water ya dingus

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I would like to come work. I have 14 years experience with a current weld cert, I work in oil and gas and I bust ass the money is good (80k last year) but not on par with you guys. How to get on? I have certs and tools a truck and no felonies. Willing to travel.

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> filthy casino nigger
Lol...I live close to Akwesasne, natives are pretty good...

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my sister industry is asbestos abatement. it's largely monopolized by haitians and puerto ricans. they get into gang wars when they step out of their territories.

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Sounds to me like your living the fucking dream anon...I'm out when you mentioned asbestos-I'll stick with my fine wood dust particulate is a potential causing agent lol...

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how bout 'cancer' for 300 Bob...

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Water is mostly oxygen.

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How old are you, and how long have you been an ironworker?

Have you looked into switching to Operating Engineer?

What's your least-favorite trade to work with/over/behind?

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He is right that includes benefits but not vacation hours or pension is i remember the pay schedule right. Civil Engineer in nyc.

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Most of the human body is oxygen covalently bonded to other atoms, producing molecules with various physical and chemical properties. Steel is mostly metallic iron, which is the main contributor to steel's properties.

Relevant to the line of discussion, modern practices of steel construction descend from older practices using iron. In the countries that led the Industrial Revolution, organizations and terminology were established before the switch to steel, and they remain accurate enough to keep..

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what is the best way to dig a hole about 350-550 feet deep for my wife's kids experiment?
I spoke to hold digging contractors, they said it is impossible to get their machine in so was thinking of using hand tools. Need it to be about 2 ft wide and 350-550 feet deep for my wifes kids experiments. He is measuring explosions for science

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Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

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Have you noticed any center column spaces for the CIA to put explosives into?


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>In the countries that led the Industrial Revolution, organizations and terminology were established before the switch to steel, and they remain accurate enough to keep..
Why do we say "steel worker" in Britain then?

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The abandonment of the Empire retroactively unmade the effects of several past instances of leadership.

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In the US, "Steelworker" generally refers to a person who works in a steel mill, or other steelmaking process.

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do you guys stop working for wind?

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No its not

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Not OP, but cranes have wind limits that vary by type, rated capacity, load, etc. Welding is affected by wind, too, but AWS D1.1 is generally ignored in the field, unless there's a Special Inspector.

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Nearly every other day at this point. Hoists stop running at 35mph, crane will push till about 45 but it's tight with the DOB up our asses so we do a fuckload of half days

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