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I'm doing a stick n' poke tattoo I was wondering if it's safe to use speedball super pygmented acrylic ink?(Pic not related)

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Safe enough for someone that thinks this is a good idea, sure.

>> No.1552957

Why not just buy actual tattoo ink??

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nigga acrylic is plastic, don't

>> No.1552962

I mean sure, why not. It's not like you're a loss to the gene pool anyway.

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I don’t think it will cause any toxicity problems as long as the subject is not allergic. However, The ink will most likely fade or require retouching. Use India ink for best results on the cheep.

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lead paint would last a lifetime

>> No.1553350

get some good ol' lead paint,
your brain capacity wouldn't suffer
will be best tatoo
amazing colors etc
do it
trust me

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India ink

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