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So i want to hack those things to be able to refill them with coffee.
I know the whole idea of owning a tassimo machine is to use the pods and get an instant coffee, but paying like 10$ every time to buy the whole package is a waste of money. You basically pay all these money for the pod and plastic not the few grams of coffee thats in them.

I want to drill on the side and put a rubber plug so i can wash and refill those things for several times. Anyone has done that before is yes
how you plugged the hole back

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>buys proprietary machine that uses proprietary cups
>bitched when he has to purchase the proprietary cups to use it

its like.. why the fuck did you buy it then? thats like buying a laser printer then complaining when the toner replacement costs more than the printer did. if you wanted the machine for THAT coffee then you meed to shell out the money for the cups. otherwise get a regular coffee maker and buy regular coffee to brew and stop being a fucking jew

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the filters won't last past a single use and are glued in so you can't replace them. taking it apart also means removing the seal so you'd have to figure out a way to reseal the thing or enjoy drinking coffee grounds and having water all over your counter. if there was a way to make them reusable someone would have done it by now

better off just buying a keurig. they have dozens of different refillable pods.

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Why would you bother with this? Coffee is for weak ass bitches.

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Open bob

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Obviously, these won't work in a Tassimo.

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this is a troll thread and everyone posting in it is retarded.
whatever op is going to put into the pods, put it in a cup, add hot water.
put the machine in the trash.
fucking hell.

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Just use a kettle or a tea pot you lazy ass faggot

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Should have gotten a keurig with a reusable K cup.

Or, the even better option, a programmable coffee machine you set up the night before.

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i bought a french press an never looked back

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>using single-use anything like this for any reason

FFS OP get or make pic related, take good care of it and it'll last you your whole life, and in return it makes delicious coffee for you, precisely as strong as you like it, every single time, no fancy complex machinery required, no electricity required even so long as you have a way to heat water. Wash it out when you're done and it's ready to go for the next time.
>Keurig-type bullshit
LOL you got to be shitting me

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>imagine being this retarded as to not buy a 10 dollar coffee machine that you can refill as much as you want

op is gay

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you could easily engineer a working replacement thats 3D printed. Of course, OP is an idiot so he wont, but its more then possible.

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>buy shit that literally says "nabob" on it
>still be jew

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Got some one for Christmas and 3 boxes t-disk shit and haven't even opened the package and Ill never will, will save it as an emergency gift or something.

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