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So, bit of a specific question, but, I'm kind of new to woodworking, and presently, I'm working on a project for my Wood Manufacturing class, and I need to find a cheap, easy to stain wood, that will hold up as furniture (building an end table). Willing to sacrifice quality for significant price drop. Any ideas? Pic unrelated.

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The type of joinery you are planing on will determine what sort of wood will word and last, also knowing where you are in the world would help, hard to say what is cheap without knowing were you are.

Pine is not all that easy to stain, likes to go splotchy, but it is cheap. If op is in the US/Canada fir is almost as cheap, takes to joinery considerably better and is much easier to stain.

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>Pine is not all that easy to stain, likes to go splotchy, but it is cheap.

if one is going to completely screw up a beginner project, one should do it with something cheap

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Fir stains much better and barely costs more. If you dig through the mixed construction lumber for those nice pieces of fir, it costs the same as pine, but considering OPs question I doubt he can pick through the mixed pine/fir/spruce construction lumber to find those nice pieces of fir.

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>Pine is not all that easy to stain, likes to go splotchy,

Pine is perfectly easy to stain non-splotchy if you apply conditioner first.

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And now it costs more than the fir and you have an extra step.

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