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Seriously, what's up with this. Are old houses just shit out of luck?

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Replace the dimmer

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dimming is dumb anyway
do you want light in the room or not? what's the point of half light? gay

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How else can I brood on occasion

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You can put extra bright lights in so you can see better cleaning, doing little projects etc but dim them down to a more normal room brightness most of the time. Also nice to dim the lights while watching tv or playing games

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its the voltage mate. rheostat basically, designed for much larger voltages.

I burned out 5 capacitive touch sensor lights this week on LEDs, work fine with incandescent (if i didn't fry them first)

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Some bulbs do work, I had the same problem had different bulbs and kept the one that worked.

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Don't use LEDs in your house. The blue light hazard is significant, and they are electrically noisy (not as much as CFLs though)

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Some LED bulbs do work with dimmers but they're more expensive. Ones that don't work with dimmers have "DO NOT USE WITH DIMMERS" clearly written on them somewhere.

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Turn off the luminous jew and light some candles

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There are warm leds, m8

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>its the voltage mate. rheostat basically, designed for much larger voltages.

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very simple you make the big light in the middle of the room bright enough to see in all the corners then you put in table or standing lamps with fancy shades and lower light warmer lamps to taste.
if you want to get hardcore about it you install special low current sockets in the wall near where the lamps will be and change your lightswitch to turn the big lamp and the small lamps on separately.

if you mean brood then lighs off. or ideally find a nice warm cupboard to hide in. if you mean breeding then you don't want a dimmer either unless you want a fucking argument about the correct amount of dimmness.
just turn the lights off, light from tv is enough to see where your cheesy snacks are and if your hands are clean enough to touch controllers.

dimmers are not rheostats a rheostat is an adjustable transformer while a dimmer usually clips the end off of the AC waveform with a diac or triac or some shit i cant remember but its not a voltage transformer.

>blue light hazard
? work on the same principle as cfl, except cfl uses uv to fluoresce the phosphor which is much more bad for you? so the choice between led and cfl you pick what? uv and noisy (and slow to warm up) over led? give me a break.

maybe he meant current? are leds too low current to work with old dimmers or something?

maybe its because of the capacitive voltage dropper in the led lamp, certainly it happens that e.g. hallway lights where there is more than one switch there can be enough current coupled between the strappers that a low power led lamp can parasitically draw a tiny current and when the capacitor inside has charged the led will briefly light, making the lamp flash briefly and dimly every few seconds or so, there are plenty of cases of that happening.

probably if you had a resistive element supplying the led there wouldn't be a problem.

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