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I have an arcade stick here, and there's this metal panel where the buttons push into, etc. I could try to replace it with a plexiglass or similar panel, but that's expensive, and there's not much room to fit it on there.

How would I go about applying a printed design that's durable enough to adhere to the metal and not get rubbed off by people's palms? Hopefully something that won't break the bank.

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>but that's expensive
You don't need a 1/2" thick panel of it. 1/16" is plenty if the metal is acting as a backing plate.

Mcmaste-Carr part# 8574K51
24" x 24" x 1/16" polycarbonate sheet

Or you can see if your nearest Lowes or Home Depot sells some. It will have white or brown protective film on it with a variety of brands on it. Just make sure not to get Acrylic which is quite a bit more difficult to work with.

Lexan as thin as this can be cut really easily even with shears. But for a cleaner edge you will want to use a jigsaw, tablesaw, or band saw. Drilling it is easier than drilling the backing plate that came with your joybox. Just use the joybox plate as a template and the larger holes can be done with a spade drill bit on a drillpress.

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Vinyl sticker
Just keep the metal. Why go through all the extra money and work for inferior plexi

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How do I go about making a vinyl sticker? Are there companies online that print them?
Thanks, I mean I'm tempted to do that, but I dont have the tools to cut the sheet, nor do I know anyone who would lend them to me..

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If tou have a makerspace nearby they probably have a laser engraver, then just dump paint in and wipe off the paint that didn't get into the grooves.

If you have a print shop nearby (or large office supply store) they often have a vinyl printer, more expensive than a tiny sheet of lexan, but you wouldn't have to mess with drilling and cutting lexan to fit.

Also good'ol self stink inkjet sheets and bury in 6000 coats of clear coat, but here you usualy have to buy a box (about $20)

If you are good with a brush just use nailpolish (or other enamel paint) and a can of spray clear.

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For any vinyl graphics check local signage shop (Fast Signs)
for easiest option.

what to exactly ask for
"I need a printed vinyl graphic "tell dimensions plus a little for bleed"
Laminated, with application mask also applied.

Get a quote from multiple locations as whatever the cheapest option will work perfectly fine for what you're using it for

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for installing on the graphic this is a decent video

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Hello DIY,

I called several sign shops and got two quotes. One was for a "2mil cast film 2mil overlaminate"
Another for a "4500 3m print media" suitable for outdoors.

I'm wondering if either sounds good for this project. Price is around $18 it seems.

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Having something that abrasion is expected is key, something that has a layer on top of it / is laminated will keep it from rubbing off. (Also, there are types of car wax that harden and don't feel sticky, terrible for cars but great for this type of stuff once you're otherwise setup)

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"Suitable for outdoors" means the laminate has a uv protective its not anymore more durable in the stops sunlight from fading the image. if it is remaining indoors it shouldn't matter. Also UV laminate tends to slightly shift colors. $18 seems reasonable as well

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