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Hello /diy/

I've been asked to know if there's a cheap yet secure way to charge 200 smartphones at the same time.
I'm a little concerned about the potential fire hazard.

I was planning
> x20 Anker PowerPorts connected to x5 Multi outlet extension cords
> Those extension cords connected to a single one, then, to the power outlet in the wall.

I was planning to build it inside a windowed metallic cabinet

Does this sounds safe enough? What should I take in consideration? I'm not an electrician.

Here we use 220v/60hZ

Thank you, anon.

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5w each, assuming they aren't quick charging phones.

that's 1000w. You're gonna want a fan in there and an exhaust.

The 1000w total isn't anything special

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200 chinesieum wirless chargers and a big box with a fan.


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I think I'd make the walls from wire mesh, or anything with very large openings, for maximum airflow. Perforated steel sheets could work, too. And add fans to it, you can use large (good quality) computer fans if you want it to be quiet.
If you have normal 1A/5W charging, it's 1000W, but if they're each charging at 3A, you're at 3000W, which is getting very near that 15A standard breaker you'd have on a 220V wall socket.

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Four to eight pc power supplies
Breakout plugs
200 3A fuses
200 fuse holders
Assortment of wires and correct gauges
200 USB plugs
Ton of heat shrink
200 6in USB cables
Some fans

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Which charger model exactly are you planning on using?

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Big fuck off 1kw server power supply, tap 5v rail then rat's nest of cabling and usb ports.

Optional fuses and resistor networks to set charging current on data pins.

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if you aren't homosexual, all of your charging ports would be wireless charging and all of the phones you're charging would support it

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wait, is that networking and phone equipment... in a bathroom...?
what the fucking fuck?

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you don't have toilet in your server room?!

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ADA requirements mean bathrooms are retardedly big wastes of space.

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Yeah fuck the disabled

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They are easy to catch and usually don't but up much of a fight.

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t. reddit

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I feel like you'd be in violation of ADA requirements by using that space to store equipment. It's there for a reason even if you are personally too ignorant to understand why.

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