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How does one get started with heavy machinery? It seems if want to start affordable/cheap, you need to start used, which entails repairing machines. Not only does this require prior knowledge, but also tools, etc. Is there basically no hope starting from scratch?

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>Not only does this require prior knowledge, but also tools,
If you don't have tools, don't buy machinery. - it will break -
Prior knowledge? The internet has information on how to fix most anything.
Learn as you go.
You'll have to maintain even new equipment.

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I wonder if my favorite Italian-American youtuber is still hanging out with that autist gf.

Learning to fix machines is most about patience to figure out shit.

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>If you don't have tools, don't buy machinery. - it will break -
This is a bit of a catch-22, or chicken-or-egg problem. How do you justify the investment for tools prior to needing them? And if you're purchasing on a per-need basis, it's basically a hobby, because you won't be getting anything done while figuring everything out.
Here you need a license to work commercially. But nobody is hiring without experience. So you can work as a contractor. But then, again, you need your own machines and tools and everything, and you can't tow large trailers without a special drivers license. So it's basically years of investment in time alone, much more cost, to get started. The barrier for entry is too high unless you grew up around machinery.

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There is. You just gotta work for someone else first and learn on their dime if you aint got the scratch to go all in

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Who is this special ed mutherfucker? You dont have to max out reach and pole at shit. Dig that bucket in and pull like its your dick.

This kind of shit fucking triggers me

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...every man needs tools anon. There's no fucking point in buying a used $10,000 skid loader if you cant reolace a blown hydraulic line...

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You just do it. What you can’t fix yourself you learn from watching your mechanic fix

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Only big business can afford to buy new machinery. Besides that everything breaks even new things. You will be replacing zerc fittings and hydraulic lines, its part of owning machinery. Nevermind the things you will break USING the machine, splicing wires, drain lines etc.
Not to be rude but you sound out of your league. Even small machinery like your pic relateds will require a real truck and trailer, ~10,000lb GVW, that excavator is probably 7000lbs. And that truck and trailer will break and require fixing.

A "I can do it" attitude is all you need. If you don't have one already, I'd really not suggest diving into a $15k piece of machinery as your experiment.

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Which entails massive cash, paying someone else who earns more than you do to fix the machines you bought. Having said that, if you had a two man business plan with someone who was a half decent mechanic, and cut him in half the profit in exchange for keeping it all up and running. Then you're both putting something in and both getting paid if you can make enough money with the machinery, and you're not liable for man hour bills you can't pay.

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>I have to pay people to do shit I can’t.
No fucking shit.

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>Who is this special ed mutherfucker?

Pure cringe. Check out the cut here (pic related) @5:00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o8leVT3XvQ

And here's a burn victim waiting to happen @0:40: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jv9HMrusFA

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Stop bullying him you meanie

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The world isn't fair. Heavy machinery is much more expensive to get into than making silicone dildos and there's no way around that.
If you want to get time on heavy equipment, pay for machine operator training and get a job. Or be friends with someone who'll let you fuck around on it.
Or make the case to a business lender and get a loan.
Or rent the equipment yourself.
Fuckin' figure it out. My cousin didn't grow up around equipment, he grew up as a delinquent and by his 30s owned a landscaping company with equipment like an excavator and dump truck.

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Nothing wrong with either. Can't tell about OP's webm if something else would have worked better.

Doesn't really matter how you cut the tree if you have an excavator pushing it.

On the second, he wasn't going to burn himself.

Sounds like you don't know much.

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I've been a hoe operator for 18 years. Rewatching it he looked young. He may have been on babys first job.

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True. Silicone is expensive but not as expensive as a $600,000 CAT 988 H.

Kind of hoping with the markup on sex toys i can buy some junk ass equipment to rent out. My buddy is a highly trained and highly paid mechanic. Promised him half the profits to maintain shit.

I know people are dumb and fuck shit up. But, anons do you know how fucking handy it would be to own a heavy equipment rental company??? You coukd do anything!

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Omfg. I just posted about my mechanic bro and sonehow missed this and a couple other posts. Maybe my idea wasn't shit

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jes get on an staet driving you will figure out the controls in no time, just takes a lot of trial and error

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>It seems if want to start affordable/cheap, you need to start used, which entails repairing machines.

Pretty much. MOST people get into it either because there's people in their family with the skills/experience/workshop to support them starting out, or they've spend enough time working for a company with provided gear/workshop that they can branch out on their own.

In the absence of either of those it's a harder path to take. If you have mechanical interests/experience on a smaller scale you can scale it up e.g. quads/lawnmower/bike fixing experience and tools, moving on to regular pickup trucks, moving up to something like a small skid-steer and trailer. Along the way you acquire the workshop location, jacks, and more specialized gear you need to handle hydraulics etc.

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Know somebody who will give you a job in heavy machinery

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you can start a few heavy machinery vehicles t using the oil dipstick hehe, just steal one

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finance lol

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work for someone else, learn as much as you can while you save to afford your own shit.

I'm not sure what kind of response you're looking for anon, but there's no situation in which you can get heavy machinery for free

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heavy duty mech reporting in

the amount of things that can and will go wrong is staggering

you need a shop with a crane if you have any serious iron, or call the big guys like us to fix it

the idea of having a piece of iron truck trailer and box of tools is going to end in you waste deep in muskeg trying to nigeria rig a broken rail back together for a recovery with an icecream pale full of tools and a wife on the verge of divorce

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what in the ever loving actual fuck did i just read

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Should be mechanics around. If there aren't then it's not a place OP is ready for. I've learned some mechanicing here and there along the way. When you break down help the mechanic (ask them first if they even want help) and learn on the go.
>But nobody is hiring without experience.
Not true. Heavy equipment has a lot of old guys in the field and they'll need to be replaced when they retire. Don't give up hope and on the job just do what you're told and run the machie how the owner/foreman tells you.

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planning out his dig so shitty that he gets stuck in the 1st place triggers me.

Ever notice how anyone who says they are a great operator actually really sucks at it, cant dig a level or straight trench and then puts themselves in a spot to get stuck?

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>How does one get started with heavy machinery
1st. be a drunk of 30 yrs
2nd loose driving privileges
3rd marry a fat chik
4th. owe child support on at least 3 women
5th. drive a f-150 with the corners rounded off
6th. put CAT sticker on back window and CAT license plate on truck since you dont have legit tags
7th have a 37 IQ
8th carry a yellow igloo beer cooler disguised as a water jug
9th dont bathe for weeks on end
10th refuse to run a scraper or compacter because that is beneath your skill level

hope this helps

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says a fag who never ran anything but her mouth

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I dont have a lot of experience in excavators/backhoes, but I got started by working for a construction company when I was 18 that had me driving bobcat, forklifts, telehandlers, loaders, rock trucks, 5-tons, etc. Now I mostly just work out of swingstages/genie lifts, but I have tickets for basically everything up to a crane and operate telehandlers/small cranes occasionally.

Its not that great desu, for work around your house you'll be able to do basically anything with a bobcat + attachments, and unless you have a very specific need for it, there's no real reason to get into operating machinery. It generally makes a lot more sense to just pay someone else to do it. Although for what its worth most crane operators I work with and around are making a minimum of $48/hour, and guys running excavators are making over $35. Even the rock truck drivers are all making over $30

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