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What is the best way to dig a deep, narrow hole without spending a lot of money?

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Post hole digger

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Find a hole someone else digged and abandoned

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try lifting a few of these, till you find a hole you fancy. For fucking free

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Get the auger like i fucking told you to.

Are you thick?

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there's some kind of shovel that serves that exact same purpose, though I'm not sure if that's gonna suffice
we call it "vizcachera" here. not sure what's it's name in english

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Depends on the depth. And how narrow. Provide more information.

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How deep are we talking?

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They work great till you hit gravel

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My goal is a depth of about 500 feet, with a diameter less than two feet. I can't afford to hire a company that drills water wells, and need to do it with hand tools.

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Deep enough to fill with 75kg of pork

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you need to dig a hole
five HUNDRED FEET deep
and you want to use a hand tool?

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I might have to settle for less, like 300 feet, if it's clearly impossible.

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Not gonna happen ever

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I agree, but I'm not ready to give up yet. I have dug a test hole that was about 2 feet in diameter and I got down at least a foot and a half, but it was pretty slow due to rocks and tree roots, so I decided to ask /diy/ for help.

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The deeper you go the more rocks you're going to encounter, till the point you're basically just digging through rocks. Depending on where you live, it'd get to be impossible to dig by hand, especially that narrow. Wells and such are dug by machine for a reason, and old timey wells would be dug by animal powered machines/drills, or by hand but be much wider, so you could get multiple people working on it.

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My wells water line is 30 feet below the ground and the well was drilled 105 feet. Costed 7,000 and will pay for itself in 4 years. I paid it in full, but you should be able to set up a payment plant that would be comparable to your current water bill.

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>but be much wider,

That's really the limiting factor. The hole can't be much larger than about 2 feet because I live in a row house and the separation is that small.

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in florida we hit waterlevel almost immidately so wells are easy

also why we don't have basements

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You're retarded

Do you actully know how deep 500 ft is?

Its 34 stories aprox

This is 500 Feet tall.

There should be an IQ requirement for this board

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>average water well is minimum 100 feet deep
>takes a truck and drill bit like this
>thinks hes going to do it by hand

This is reaching levels of autism that shouldn't be possible

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I'm not stupid, and I know a tall building needs support, but the hole will use the ground. Or are you just fucking with me.

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na you're fucking with me. you really think my point is THE FUCKING SUPPORTS!?

HAHAHA get a load of this guy!?

You wanna shovel through bedrock with a shovel Be my guest. Please film it and put it on youtube. This is beyond ridiculous.

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>It's another 'I want to do something epic like people with lots of land do but I live in the shitty and have no land at all' episode.

Does your mother approve of you building a secret well?

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Wells also don’t go 500 fucking feet. It’s literally impossible without drilling especially that narrow

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Odd looking. We use these in the states. They can dig a hole as small as 6" in diameter about 3 feet deep effectively. After that, the more depth can be a problem, unless the hole is wider.

In the right type of soil you can dig ab out 200 feet deep using the Baptist well drilling method. It uses a DIY drill head with pipe and tons of water. It is all hand power drilling. It is great for places like Africa where there's no rocks or bedrock. It is shit for say the USA in most parts. The holes for that method are only about 2 inches in diameter at most.

A second method uses a pipe and a high pressure water pump. It too can be stopped by rocks or bedrock.

500' x a little less than 2 feet in diameter is going to be an extremely expensive hole to dig regardless of the method used. That's something like 60 tons of soil. Where I live, good well water is hit at 60-200 feet and people commonly manually dig their own water wells even through bedrock. Those are still 6" or smaller in diameter.

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I guess if you'd make it like 2m wide you could do it if you have a winch to get out the dug up dirt and rocks. Maybe a bucket with 2 ropes, one on the handle and one on the bottom so you can empty it without climbing all the way to the top. There'd need to be a slide at the top to dump the dirt on so it falls away from the well. Also don't spill rocks because they'll fall down and kill you. Also watch out for cave ins. Who am I kidding, you're never going to actually try and if you were, you'd never survive or give up long before reaching any meaningful depth. But keep us posted.

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>Drilling a well in African using tons of water

Huh? Where does the water come from before you've drilled the well?

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I don't know if the water will be an issue, but it could. The hole is for my son's project; he's in a magnet school for gifted science and maths students and his team is going to measure the natural frequency of the earth by placing a sensor several hundred feet in the ground and detonating a small explosion there, and measuring the time between echoes.

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They usually truck it in. Those are wells drilled for an entire village to use so the expense is worth it to them. The pit of water just drains back into the well as you jack the rig up and down so not much water is really needed.

Not going to happen. Try 100 feet, not 300 or 500. Use software to do everything for the blast information.

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Just rent one of these

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Can you un-Australian that for me?

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thanks for the laugh, you crazy faggot.

i'm gonna hazard a guess and say that you're the anon that was talking about building his own rust-laser the other day? because you sound about as stupid.

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Indeed, i got a laugh too.

Pic related (a hand auger) can get you 15-25meters if you're lucky with the soil quality and you're strong. If you really need 500ft, the only way to get that is with a drill rig. Hire the pros, they'll be done in a day.

Check with local regulation, in most areas you aren't permitted to penetrate the aquifer willy nilly. Doing so opens an untold amount of publicly used water to contamination.

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Post hole, digger

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OP drinks crude

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I see where this is going. You wanna throw a dead body in there. That's nice. Why don't you just give it to dogs?

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Yes, yes. A pork body. I just don't want it to stink up the property or damage the area around too much.

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is this a ylyl thread? I didn't know we had those on this board

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Diesel, salt, and m80 firecrackers. The diesel will slowly burn up the rocks after the firecracker blows them into smaller burnable pieces. For a 500 ft hole I estimate you'll need about 16 firecrackers and 50-ish pounds of diesel.

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Enjoy drinking shit water from all those septic soakaways.

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>Costed 7,000 and will pay for itself in 4 years.

You spend $146 USD a month on water? Do you live in the desert or something?

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I just imported some equipment from ausland. I was thinking of getting rid of the ground anchors because they eat into my payload but I do get a lot of attention and I guess publicity from people when they notice my genuine AUDM equipment. Wat do m8eys?

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>60 tons of soil.

>>Y-yes mummy!
>What the hell is going on with all this soil?
>>Its for a science project oh muh gawsh!!
>It's four fucking dump trucks worth of soil. What the fuck are you doing?!
>>BUHT MAAAWAAHM. I was thirsty.

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OK, so you're an idiot.

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Well at least your son turned out smarter than you did. Anyone who thinks they can dig a 24" hole hundreds of feet deep using hand tools is an absolute moron.

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OP read up on the curse of oak island. 8 people have died on an island in east coast Canada trying to dig a hole a couple hundred feet into the ground. What you want to do is insurmountable and you’d likely die in a hole in the attempt. Your best bet is to start hire guys or buy your own ancient used drill rig and 500 feet of rod.

Also what area do you live? Where I live a good well is only 80 feet because we have lots of limestone bench at around 33 feet. You should get some local geological info if you just want a water well.

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I don’t think that truck would even be able to reach 500, I think you’d need at least a tandem if not a semi mobile rig

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>measure the natural frequency of the earth by placing a sensor several hundred feet in the ground and detonating a small explosion there, and measuring the time between echoes.
Unless that "small explosion" is a nuke, the echo won't be audible AFTER ITS SECOND PASS THROUGH THE PLANET. If they seriously want to try this, tell them to listen for an earthquake and try to sift the echos from the background noise. If they seriously want to analyze seismic echos, forget digging the hole and setting up your own sensor. Instead, look up actual seismograph data from the date of a major earthquake that will actually stand out globally.

Also, you may want to keep this from them to let them figure it out themselves, but the Earth is acoustically heterogeneous. It doesn't have a single natural frequency since echo time is path dependent. If they're really good with their analysis, they should be able to calculate how big the core is.

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Try clay kicking at around a 40 degree angle downward and framing your tunnel as you go down.
Your framing should be 10’ 2x4s at each corners with a box every 3’. You should also put plywood above your head the whole way until your ceiling is very solid.
When you hit bedrock you’ll have to rent or buy a hammer with like a 1” pointed bit ideally tungsten or some kind of carbide.
When you hit water you’ll have to start cutting a small drift or horizontal dig going 45 degrees right or left alternating from your center line to work like pump drain traps for a submersible pump.
Your going to need one or two set of hands at surface to pull up your muck as you dig and be able to haul you out if it collapses.
I don’t know how big you are but if I was doing this I would be digging a hole about 3 to 4 feet wide and and at least 2 feet long so I can pass up a bucket on a rope to send out muck.
It’s not impossible but you’ll have to hand dig it there’s no way to drill that deep by hand, the rod required would weigh thousands of pounds

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>My goal is a depth of about 500 feet
>Need to do it with hand tools.

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I fully support you, my man. People always say it can't be done.

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You can do it with pipe and a pipe slammer for a shit rigged well

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Rod nothing.

You need a drilling rig next to a pond for drilling mud. And drill steel.

You fucking manlets will never be able to throe chain. Give it up or hire a rig. And its like 10 to 50 bucks a foot

It'll be more for you unless you find a water well driller

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Gonna take this obvious bait and suggest an actual idea:
Make a really heavy circle of iron with rubber on the rim, put a tube on it and rig up 20 vacuum cleaners to the other end. Point metal/rubber ring at ground and get suckin.
Obvious problem is getting the contraption airtight and finding a place to put all the dirt and rocks.

Tl;dr clean your room, clean yourself a hole

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>getting the contraption airtight
Anon, if there's no airflow how are the vacuums gonna suck?
>you suck and your idea sucks but not how you want it to

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"How do vacuum cleaners work"
-the absolute state of /diy/

Also, seriously, that's what you have a problem with in that whole scheme?

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It'll take you a year with half a meter every day
get to it

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