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So my mirror fell off. Whats the best way to stick this bitch back on there? Super cold out because im in wisconsin btw

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Razor blade to get the old stuff off, then get the glue made for it.

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Buy some rearview mirror epoxy, follow the instructions very carefully, clean your surfaces very well, mix for at least 5 minutes, etc. Do all of this with the car running because the epoxy will take forever to cure at low temperatures.

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Go to auto parts store
Buy rear view mirror adhesive
Glue it back on

Plenty of videos on youtube showing how to use it if you can’t follow instructions.

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Loosten the screw to take the small metal piece out, and glue just it on. Wait for it to cure before re-attaching the mirror

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> i don't know how to google things: the thread

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And find a heated garage...

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Not gonna lie I just assumed there wasnt a specific adhesive for rear view mirrors. Good deal

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Well it’s called epoxy, but they put it in a small tube and fancy single category use package for stupid people who gladly overpay for it...

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>for stupid people who gladly overpay for it
It's like 10 bucks for something you might do once in maybe a decade. If that's a problem for you then you are poor and your opinion doesn't matter.

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And do this way.

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Just drill a hole through the glass and mirror mount. Probably an m4 screw and nut maybe by 30mm it will never fall of again

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Every time I do these I autistically measure the dead center of the windshield and draw an outline exactly where I want to epoxy the metal bracket with a dry erase marker. Then I glue it on a few degrees crooked.

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>Do all of this with the car running
Preferably while in the garage so the outside air will be warmer. Be sure garage door is closed.

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seconding this. Nothing sticks good in the cold. Blast your heat for a while until the windshield is nice and warm, then stick it on and keep it warm while it dries.

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Stainless razor blades won’t scratch glass like carbon steel. But I would use goof off. Everyone who said rear view mirror adhesive is correct.

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>drilling into a windshield
That's how you turn a problem that involves a cheap epoxy into a problem that may involve a new windshield. Don't get me wrong, I get how to use a pilot hole and prevent cracking, but the risk to reward of doing that as opposed to just gluing the damn thing back on is not worth it.

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Pretty sure he was joking dude

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And I'm pretty sure I made you into an uncle, but your sister wasn't complaining.

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I gotta throw it out there. I know "prep work and blah blah," but I have had better luck with that mighty putty BS than I have had with the proper stuff.

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JB weld that bitch.

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